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Academic CV for scholarship application 2023

Academic CV for scholarship

Academic CV for scholarship application 2023 is a document that provides complete detail about the applicant. As it contains the personal information of the applicant and detail about the education and achievement of the applicant. The applicant needs the CV when they apply for the scholarship.

In this article, we will provide you with details about the academic CV for the scholarship. You can make an updated CV by following the procedure given below in this article. When you are making a CV you have to fill in complete information correctly about yourself.

Follow the article below:

What is a Scholarship CV?

You must have knowledge of what a CV is in office terms. A CV contains all of your information and education the company sometimes selects the applicant on the basis of the applicant’s qualifications written on the CV. The CV is an identity document for office jobs and for the scholarship but there is a slight difference between a scholarship and a job CV. Make a scholarship CV given below.

When some universities announce scholarships their main aim is to reduce the educational expenses of the candidates who are intelligent and hardworking and have a passion to do something. That’s why they announce scholarships for interested candidates. The applicants fill out the application for a scholarship that explains the education grades, extra activities, diploma or short course of the applicants, and much more. So it’s important for you to have an updated CV when you are applying and all the information is correct.


Academic Resume (CV) Written for Scholarship Application:

You have to make a professional and attractive CV that explains your passion as a student. A CV must have your research, hobbies, skills, awards, previous experience, and short courses that you have completed as a side degree with your professional degree. You must have extra diplomas regarding your particular field and experiences are also in the same field.

You may not make your first CV as perfect as sometimes you don’t have experience much or any research to add to your CV.

How to Write a Skilled CV for Scholarship Application?

Assembling of your achievements:

While making a professional CV in the first step you have to add your accomplishments, be it your scholastic qualification, educational rewards, admirations, extra-curricular events, coaching involvement, any evening job that you did, and much more.

Skim through the assortment:

In the second step, you have to add your achievement. Try to make it concise and clear and relevant to your scholarship. Don’t add incorrect information as it pays a negative impact on your CV and you may not be selected for the scholarship.

Analyzation in descending order:

Your CV must contain the recent achievements on the top of your CV and then other information. The applicants have to check the data correctly in order and then they have to submit their CVs.

Add your personal information:

The most important step is to enter your personal information. Personal information such as your private views concerning politics and sports, your sex, matrimonial status, and religion will not be mentioned in your CV as it makes your CV contradictory and they will reject you. You have to add your name, Gmail, and this type of other information.

Re-analyze your CV:

Before saving your CV you have to check your data and other information almost two times and make a correction to your grammatical mistakes as it pays a negative impact on your CV.

What to take in at the beginning of the CV?

  • Add your name in capital letters at the beginning of the CV.
  • Then, enter your current email address and phone number.
  • After this, add a residential address.
  • Onward is nationality. If you owe a dual nationality, then write about your both nationalities.
  • The fifth is the date of birth.

What to Take in at the End of the CV:

After completing your CV you have to add your education and courses in the end of your CV.

  • Indicate your educational performance.
  • Mention the languages you have knowledge over.
  • What are your extra-curricular events?
  • What your interests are?
  • Mention your job experience.
  • Also, write about your computer skills
  • Enter your school marks and achievements also.

In the end, write the reason why you are applying for the scholarship and what type of benefits you want from the institutes. Also wrote about your aim and perspective in a professional mode.

Scholarship CV Writing Format


The applicants have to choose the font carefully as it also impacts their CV. The applicants have to choose a neutral Font. You may choose the following fronts Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri. If you want to bold the words then Georgia, Garamond, and Cambria are best. The font size 12 is perfect for writing a CV. Don’t waver to smear Bold, Underline, and Italic arranging instructions where required.

Definitive and sincere:

You must have to add your information correctly as they will recheck it from your documents. So don’t take a risk by adding the wrong information to your CV.


You must make your CV clear and explain all of your aim and perspective clearly.  Don’t make statements that are not understandable to the people.

Escape the Me-factor:

Don’t provide much information about yourself. Add particular information as to how much is needed. You are a person who wants a scholarship and so don’t be mean as they think negatively about you and you didn’t get the scholarship.

So this is all about the academic CV for a scholarship. Make a perfect CV for yourself and now you can apply for the scholarship.

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