Affordable places to study abroad 2023

Affordable places

Hi everyone I hope you are doing well. Today I’m here with another article.  In this article, we will give you the most affordable places for students to study if they have to move from their country to another. You can find a list of places that provide education in fewer amounts as compared to other countries and they can study almost free in these countries. Read the article and find the best country for you to study in.

Affordable places to study abroad 2023
Affordable places to study abroad 2023

Affordable places to study abroad 2023 are given in this article. Every country is looking for young and passionate students who came to their country and join the university and the university announces scholarships to help the students financially when they are outside of their homes and they have to work part-time for their education. So now students who are unable to get the scholarship also have a chance to study in such types of countries where there are not many education fees for the students and living expenses are also fewer as compared to some other countries. Students also get study visas for such type countries easily.

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Read the article and find the best country for you if you are interested in studying abroad. These countries also have internationally recognized universities and they also have some notable alumni.

1. Norway

Almost all the Nordic countries announce affordable education to all international students. But Norway is one of the best countries that provide almost free education to all the European Union countries who are not members of the European Union. Norway’s public universities announce free education for the students but some of the universities’ few departments didn’t announce free education. So you have to select such type of programs in the university that announce free education. Norway helps students to get the best life in the country. The country is best because they announce the programs for international students in the English language. The people of the country are also aware of the English language so international students don’t have communication issues in such countries. The students have to pay a maximum amount of NOK 13900 for the whole year for their living.

2. Taiwan

Let’s move towards Asia we have another cheapest country for international students who want to study abroad. Students have an opportunity to apply for the national Taiwan university which is on the 72nd university in the international ranking the students have to pay the tuition fee for the undergraduate program is TW$100,920 (~US$3,300) per year for liberal arts programs, up to TW$124,200 (~US$4,050). The students are eligible to apply for the 120+ courses at different universities that are all in the English language. The students have to pay a small amount for their living in the country TW$88,000 (~US$2,900) per year.

3. Germany

Germany is famous as the land of ideas as Germany announces thousands of scholarships every year for international students and most students who have to study abroad choose Germany as their final destination as the country provides a lot of opportunities to all the young students who came there with the hope of better future.  The students get free education and high quality of life at a low cost. The students can apply for undergraduate and Ph.D. level degrees in any public university in the country and they do have not to pay any tuition fee. The students of master’s degree programs have t pay 20000 euros per year if they have not gotten their undergraduate degree from the university but they have a chance to find a scholarship that will dilute the student’s expenses. Students are eligible to apply for a number of English language courses in the country.

4. France

International students and national students have to pay the same fee when they are studying in any university in France. and for 2019/19 are set at €170 (~US$200) per year for bachelor’s (license) programs, €243 (~US$285) for most master’s programs, and €380 (~US$445) for doctoral programs. The students who want to live in the big cities of the country have to pay extra money as living in the capital cities is highest as compared to other cities. The students of the English language are eligible to get their degree in the English language if they are not fluent speakers of the French language.

5. Mexico

Mexico is one of Latin American most visited places. The students who apply for their higher education in the country are eligible to get involved in the unique culture. The university in the country announces a lot of opportunities and offers for international students. Tuition fees fluctuate, with private universities indicating more, and average around US$6,300 per year for international undergraduate students in the capital, Mexico City. Mexico is among the top 100 cities for students. The students will get their living in the city on a very low budget which is around US $ 9250 in the capital and if you live anywhere else you will have to pay 6500$ approximately. The students who understand the English language have not to worry as most universities offer courses in the English language.

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6. India

Asia has a lot of countries that offer free or cheap education to all international students. In the list, we have India which is one of the largest countries in the world and is at the top in the world population. India is a country where more than 100 languages are spoken and Hindi is the main medium. The students will get into internationally recognized universities here in India and living in India is very low. If you have to travel locally in the country then you have to pay 29 cents for your trip which is very low for students who came from America or such types of countries. The tuition fee changes according to the university and degree program you want to apply for.

So this is all about the affordable places in the world. You can find more about the affordable places in the world for international students if they came to other countries. Select the country according to their semester fee and other expenses.

So if you like the articles do share them with others so other students also take benefits from them. If you have any issues you can tell us in the comment section.


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