Argentina Work Visa Process 2023 | Application Procedure (Explained)

Argentina Work Visa Process 2023

Argentina work visa process 2023 and application procedure is explained. Argentina becomes more famous after the FIFA world cup 2022. As Argentina won the final and the people get attracted to the country. Argentina has a different diverse culture and has a beautiful place to visit. If you are interested in starting your profession you have to apply for a visa. The complete procedure is given in this article. Read the article and apply now for a visa.

There are a lot of things that attract young people to travel to the country. To apply for a job you have to apply for a working visa for Argentina. The work visa will allow you to start your work in Argentina and provide more benefits when you are working in the country.

So in this article, we will compile a complete list of questions that most people are confused about them. How you get the work visa and much more. To get the work visa you have to apply for a job when you get a job letter then you are eligible to apply for the work visa and residence visa that provide you permission to stay in the country legally.

The complete information about Argentina is given below. Read the article and fill out your work visa application.

Complete information about Argentina Work Visa Process 2023

  • Country: Argentina
  • Area: South America
  • Type: Job/Residency
  • Qualified countries: Open to all.

Categories of Argentina Work Visa 2023

The following types of visas are available to the candidates;

  • Temporary Residence Visa
  • Long-term work visa
  • Student Visa
  • Retirement Visa
  • Digital Nomad Visa
  • Transitory Residence Visa
  • Argentina Work Visa
  • Permanent Residence Visa

1. Temporary Residence Visa

In this visa, the applicants are eligible to stay in the country for more than one year and after the expiry of the visa, they have a chance the renewal the visa. This visa is further divided into different categories some are as follows:

  • Labor contract Residence – the companies hire workers from all over the world and they provide an extension in the visa after expiry.
  • Intra-company Transfer Residence –applicants who want to transfer from other companies within the country then they can apply for this visa.
  • MERCOSUR Temporary Residence –if you belong to the MERCOSUR countries then you have to apply for a visa if you want to work in Argentina.
  • Investors – if you want to start your business in Argentina then you have to apply for an investor’s visa.

2. Long-term work visa

If you want to stay in Argentina for a long period of time then you need a long-term work visa.

3. Student visa. 

If you are a student and want to continue your education then you have to apply for a student visa. This visa is available to you until the completion of your education.

4. Permanent Residence Visa.

The Permanent Residence visa is given to candidates who are in Argentina for a long period of time and they travel to Argentina for business purposes.

5. Retirement Visa. 

The Retirement Visa is given to those candidates who are retiring from their job and they want to live in the country. The candidates who are eligible for the visa will get the visa.

6. Argentina Work Visa. 

The Argentina Work Visa is given to those candidates who have a job offer from different companies and came to the country for work purposes. In this, the company will submit their work visa application and are responsible for the visa permit.

7. Transitory Residence Visa.

This type of visa is given to those people who came to the country for traveling purposes and have to return after 90 days. There is no extension on the visa. The Transitory Residence Visa is divided into many types, including;

  • Technical Residence – if you have special work in the country then this visa is given to you.
  • Business Visa is given to the candidates who came to the country for the meetings and some of the companies call them for work for some period of time.

8. Digital Nomad Visa. 

The Digital Nomad Visa is recently launched by the government of Argentina for applicants who work in online firms. In these, YouTube, freelancers, and other online working people can apply for visas if they want.

The Digital Nomad Visa’s main objective is to provide visas to those who are in the country to show the people what different countries have and their cultures. This visa is available for more than 3 years.

Required Documents for Argentina Work Visa

  • A legal travel document
  • Evidence of income
  • Agreement document from your employer
  • Copies of diplomas/certificates.
  • Passport
  • Clear criminal records
  • The embassy will ask you for more documents.

Cost of Argentina Work Visa 2023

The applicants who are applying for the visa have to submit the following fee;

  • Visa fee: €150 – €200
  • Transit Visa fee: €40
  • Entering the country: US $100.

How to Apply for Argentina Work Visa?

To apply for the Argentina work visa you have to follow the following steps:

  • You have to contact the Argentina embassy.
  • Complete your profile and submit all of your documents.
  • You will call for an interview.

For applying you have to click on the link given below:

Official Link


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