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Austria Work Visa and Permit Process 2023 | Complete Guide

Austria is one of the most developed countries in the world and offers highly paid jobs to candidates. In this article, we will provide you with detail about Austria Work Visa and Permit Process 2023. Today is your day if you read this article you can get information about the work visa and you can also apply for the visa. The students with skills and degrees will get handsome salaries for all the national and international candidates.

Members of the European Union and other counties are allowed to visit the country and can stay for only 90 days in the country and after the limit, you need a work permit to stay in the country. The candidates can apply for a work permit depending on their jobs. The work permit also depends upon the contract that any organization made with you to start your job.

Read the article carefully as we will mention a lot of different work visa types in this article. After analysis, you can find a perfect job visa for you. If you find yourself eligible for any of the jobs you can apply.

Austria Work Visa and Permit Process 2023 Details

  • Country: Austria
  • Eligible Countries: International Candidates
  • Post Type: Work Visa Process

Red-White-Red Card Work Visa Permit

The applicants who get a job can apply for this type of visa and this visa is granted for two years to the applicants. This visa is considered highly valuable for the candidates and only professionals, skilled, and who start their job in Canada and earn according to the scale are eligible to apply for the visa. The applicants who are willing to apply for the following visa must follow the following conditions.

  • You must be a graduate of the college
  • Apply for that job in which there is a shortage of labor.
  • Highly skilled in your profession.
  • The university degree holders

This work permit contains a picture of you so you don’t need your identity card if you have the work permit and to show it to everyone as your identity proof.

Austria Work Visa Requirements

To apply for the Austria work visa permit you must follow the following requirements issued by the government of Austria.

  • Statement of the Employer – you will be specified by your company according to the Act Governing Employment of Foreign Nationals (AusIBG).
  • Proof of Professional Qualifications – these include employing authentication and orientations.
  • Research Accomplishments – submit the research proposal that you completed at your university.
  • Evidence of Language Expertise – show proof of your English or German language expertise with a transnationally confirmed certificate.
  • Manifest Registration – A clear registration.
  • Evidence of Last year’s Annual Gross Salary – submit your text statement also with these documents.
  • Proof of your earlier designation– shows your last title from your office.
  • Show in which position you left your job from the previous office.
  • Show proof that you are a previous student in Austria.
  • Proof of the accommodation.
  • Employment contract – show proof of your annual salary and your job contract in which certain conditions are mentioned.

How to Apply for Austria Work Visa permit 2023?

Find a job in Austria before applying for a work permit.

Step 1: Secure a job in Austria.

Start a job in Austria so you can submit proof of the red card and red white visa to apply for the work permit.

Step 2: Apply for the Work Permit.

After getting a job you can apply for a work permit. Your agent who is helping in getting the visa will help you to find a work permit for you in the registration office or from higher authorities.

Step 3: Apply for a Work Visa.

On the work permit, you are allowed to work freely in the country. But for freedom in the country, all you need is a D-type visa. The candidates can enter the country by applying for a work permit and after the expiration of the visa, they get a white red white card visa from the country.

STEP 4 – Travel to Austria

After getting the visa you are allowed to move freely in the country.

Where to Apply for Austria Work Visa permit 2023?

To apply for a visa take help from the agency or embassy for the D-type visa.

Processing Time 

  • The applicant had to wait for 8 weeks after applying for the visa.

Validity of Work Visa

  • The visa is valid for at least two years.

Extension of Work visa

The visa will extend for three years after the expiry. You had to apply for renewal of your visa at least three months before the expiry date.

Can you switch employers with the same work visa from Austria?

  • No, you are not eligible to switch your visa with other employers you had to apply for a new visa for a new job.

Can you bring your family members with a work visa?

  • Yes, you can bring your family member to Austria with your work visa. You have to apply for a Red-White-Red card to stay for two years in Austria.

Cost of Work Visa Permit

  • € the fee for your work permit.
  • You will pay €120 when you apply.
  • Additional €20 when you get an acknowledgment and €20 for police documentation data.

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