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Belgium Government Scholarship Opening 2024 | Submit Application

Belgium Government Scholarship Opening 2024

Belgium Government Scholarship Opening 2024 – Hey Everyone! Hope you are all doing well. Welcome back to another article. So, are you ready to study in Belgium? Then, read the article carefully and grasp all the details related to the scholarships offered by the Government of Belgium in the top-ranked universities of Belgium.

By reading this article, encourage yourself to apply for these Belgium Government Scholarships. If you are interested to continue your higher education for the one-year advanced Bachelor’s, Master’s degree programs or 2-6 months continuation educational program, then apply for these Belgium Government Scholarships.

These scholarships are offered for all international candidates and for the academic year 2024. Wallonia-Brussels Federation in Belgium offers these degree programs that are ranked high in the top institutes of Belgium. From these scholarships, you will get a chance to enhance your skills and abilities, and also you will get a good professional career in the future.

These scholarships demand no registration or application fee. And, these scholarships are fully funded and provide all the expenses related to education, all international candidates are permitted to apply for the scholarship. Read the whole article thoroughly and get all the details.

Belgium Government Scholarship Opening 2024 Details

  • Host Country: Belgium
  • Institution: Higher Education Institution of Wallonia-Brussels Federation
  • Program title: ARES Scholarships
  • Type: Fully Funded
  • Category: Scholarships
  • No of Scholarships: 200
  • Levels offered: Bachelor, Master, Short Courses
  • Eligible countries: Specific Countries

Profits of Belgium Government Scholarship

The profits of the Belgium Government Scholarship are different for all the degree programs. Apply for the scholarship and get all the benefits of the scholarship.

Master’s or Bachelor’s Scholarships. 

  • Grant of almost one round-trip permit per year.
  • Living grant for up to one year.
  • Unintended mission coverage
  • Registration fees
  • Tuition fees
  • And your insurance fees are directly paid by the ARES program to the university.

Continuing Education Scholarships. 

  • International travel allowance of one round-trip ticket per year.
  • Living grant for the duration of the whole course
  • Insurance fees
  • Tuition fees
  • And unintended mission costs for the time of the whole course.

Offered Programs

After the completion of the Graduate and Undergraduate Degree Programs, along with the degree, you will get a certificate for the continuation of educational programs there. ARES Belgium Government Scholarships offered the following continuation programs in various institutions of Belgium;


  1. Bachelier-De-Specialisation-En-Business-Data-Analysis


  1. Master-de-specialisation-en-droits-humains
  2. Specialized-Master-In-International-And-Development-Economics
  3. Master-de-specialisation-en-gestion-integree-des-risques-sanitaires
  4. Master-De-Specialisation-En-Transport-Et-Logistique
  5. Specialized-Master-In-Microfinance
  6. Master-De-Specialisation-En-Sciences-De-La-Sante-Publique-Analyse-Et-Evaluation-Des-Politiques-Programmes-Et-Systemes-De-Sante-Internationale
  7. Specialized-Master-In-Public-Health-Methodology
  8. Master de-specialisation en gestion des risques-et-des catastrophes a-l-ere-de-l anthropocene
  9. Master-De-Specialisation-En-Nexus-Eau-Energie-Alimentation
  10. Master-De-Specialisation-En-Design-D-Innovation-Sociale

Continuing Education Programs:

  1. Formation-En-Science-Des-Donnees-Pour-La-Sante-Mondiale
  2. Pedagogie-Universitaire-Numerique
  3. Certificat-Interuniversitaire-Et-Interdisciplinaire-En-Justices-Transitionnelles
  4. Comprendre-Et-Gerer-Les-Dimensions-Humaines-Des-Projets-De-Changement-En-Developpement-Durable
  5. Formations-Continues-En-Assurance-Qualite-Filiere-1-Et-Controle-En-Qualite-Filiere-2-Des-Medicaments-Et-Produits-De-Sante
  6. Formation-En-Systeme-D-Information-Geographique-Libre

Eligible Countries.

The following eligible countries are allowed to submit their application for Belgium Government Scholarships 2024;

  • Zimbabwe
  • Tunisia
  • South Africa
  • Senegal
  • Rwanda
  • Republic of Guinea
  • Peru
  • Philippines
  • Nigeria
  • Nepal
  • Mozambique
  • Madagascar
  • Morocco
  • Ecuador
  • Burundi
  • Benin
  • Burkina Faso
  • Bolivia
  • Vietnam
  • Uganda
  • Tanzania
  • Ethiopia
  • Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Cambodia
  • Cuba
  • Kenya
  • Indonesia
  • Haiti
  • Cameron

Eligibility Credentials

To apply for Belgium Government Scholarships 2024, you must have to fulfill the following terms and conditions to become eligible for these scholarships;

  • If you are a citizen of the above-mentioned countries then you are allowed to submit your application for Belgium Government Scholarships 2024.
  • Only if you have a Diploma or undergraduate degree or graduate degree equivalent then, you are permitted to submit your application for Belgium Government Scholarship 2024.
  • You must have a degree of almost 20 years in academic studies, to apply for continuation programs.
  • To apply for the scholarships, you must have 2 years of experience in your relevant field.
  • You must have to complete your ap[plication form in the language that is used in the training.
  • At one time you are only eligible to apply for only one continuing program.

Process to Apply

To apply for the Belgium Government Scholarships 2024, you must have to follow the following steps to submit your application;

  • STEP 1 – Generate an account on the GIRAF platform from the official website.
  • STEP 2 –fill in all the required slots to complete the application form.
  • STEP 3 – ARES will verify your account in almost a few hours or days; create only an account for one application, and you will get a confirmation email to confirm your account on your given email address.
  • STEP 4 –log into your account, and get the application particulars on your account from the tab ‘competitive call.’
  • STEP 5 –you can manage or save your accesses there.
  • STEP 6 –fill out and submit the application details carefully because, after submitting you have no chance to change your application
  • To apply visit the official website; Belgium Government Scholarship Official Link


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