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Belgium Work Visa Process 2023 | Application Procedure (Explained)

Belgium work visa process 2023. Belgium allows international applicants to start a job in their country with a work visa.  So if you are looking for a job in Belgium all you need is a work visa or employment visa. Read the article below so you know about the announced job opportunities in Belgium and eligibility criteria to apply for the work and much more.

Educated people are the asset of any nation. They are the builder of the nation. The nations grow because of them. Education pays them off at any time of life, As Belgium has announced the jobs for the people they all looking for educated people who came to their country and work with them. They can start their work in the country by getting a permit for a work visa.

But, if you are a citizen of EU countries, Iceland, Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein, etc. you don’t need a work visa to work in Belgium. There are different kinds of visas that government provides depending on the job you have selected.  In this article, we will provide you with complete detail about the process to apply for a work visa read the article below to get information.

Belgium Work Visa Process 2023 complete Details

  • Country: Belgium
  • Type: Work Visa
  • Category: Work Visa application process
  • Duration: Depending on the work permit

Who is allowed to Enter Belgium without a work visa?

If you are a resident of the EU or EEA (Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein) and Switzerland, you are eligible to enter Belgium deprived of a work permit or Visa. Moreover, the country allows other country candidates to enter without a work permit but must apply for a permit when they arrived in the country. The list of countries is given below that are allowed to enter a country before applying for the visa license:

  • Japan
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Israel

Except for these countries, other countries need a work permit before entering the country.

Working Holidays Visa

The residents of Australia, Canada, and New Zealand are eligible to arrive in Belgium for outings and tourism tenacities. On the tourism permit, you are eligible to start your work and you didn’t need again work permit if you belong to the mentioned countries. The applicants must follow the following desires of a Holidays Work Visa;

  • You must have sufficient money in your hand when you go on the trip (€2,500)
  • You must have a return ticket to your country when you are on holiday.
  • You must have health insurance benefits for 365 days.
  • You must have a good behavior credential allotted by your local police.

Types of Belgium Work Visa

There are altered work Documents in Belgium and you can select any type of work visa depending on your needs and requirements.

Work Permit A.

This type of work visa is valid for an infinite time. If you want to apply for work permit A all you need is a work permit B for 4 years in the time period of 10 years. Then you are eligible to apply for work permit A.

Work Permit B.

This type of visa is recommended for employers. They need it for jobs. Applicants apply for a permit for 4 years. The residents of the European Union didn’t need the work permit B.

Work permit C

If you are not ready to stay for a long time abroad then you need to apply for a work permit C. as this permit is available only for 1 year.

Requirements or Belgium Work Visa

Before filing for a Belgium work visa you need the following documents;

  • A legal passport
  • Work permit – which allows you to apply for a work visa.
  • Medical certificate stating your good health.
  • Proof of housing.
  • Indication of monetary that indicate that you have enough funds to stay in Belgium.
  • Proof of No criminal record.

Processing Time

The application for visa processes in 3-10 weeks depending upon the type of visa you have selected.

Cost of Belgium Work Visa

The work visa fee for individual person is 180 euros. You had to submit the fee so your application proceeds to the next step.

Interested candidates can apply for a work visa permit by reading the article. The complete information about visas is given in this article.

for more visit the website.

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