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Are you looking for the correct place to get an educational work experience as an intern in the most beautiful State of SWITZERLAND?? Do you want to get an informative work opportunity in Geneva?? Don`t worry!! CERN Short-Term Internship Program 2023 is now providing the golden opportunity to get a valuable and factual work experience under the supervision of great leaders and guides.
Students worldwide are openly invited to apply for the CERN Paid Internship program in 2023. This internship program is one of the world’s best programs. All candidates will be able to work at the world`s best research organization with qualified and skilled Professors and researchers.
It is an open notification for all graduate students who are interested and passionate quickly apply for this opportunity. All Undergraduates who are studying in the major fields of technical and administration must take advantage of this Golden opportunity.

The CERN internship Program 2023 is a well-paid internship program, and all the Internees get a handsome salary package along with a monthly allowance of 1,516 Swiss Francs.

NOTE: It is an excellency-based internship program, and there will be no temptation of discrimination in the selection process. All deserving and logically eligible students will get an equal chance of acquiring CERN Internship opportunities.

All the participants who are natives of Geneva and currently living in the Geneva area will get full insurance coverage for:

  1. medical expenses,
  2. private and work accidents,
  3. and any disability produced coz of professional or non-professional accidents and illness.

Furthermore, CERN provides a varied learning platform for students, including;

  1. practical learning opportunities
  2. and student administrative internship programs.

CERN Short-Term Internship Program 2023; Summary:

Table of Contents:

  • Country: Switzerland
  • Age: at least 18
  • Duration: Minimum one month, maximum six months
  • Deadline: Ongoing
  • Host Institute: CERN
  • Program Type: Internship

Program and fields Available of Study:

  • Electronics
  • Ultra-high vacuum.
  • Electricity
  • Radiation protection,
  • Mathematics
  • Computer
  • Instrumentation
  • Scientific communication,
  • Safety and environmental protection,
  • Civil engineering
  • Mechanical engineering,
  • Materials science,
  • Applied Physics

Administrative field and programs:

  • Legal services,
  • Accounting
  • Librarianship
  • Advanced secretarial work,
  • Translation
  • Logistics
  • And human resources.

Eligibility Criteria for CERN internship program 2023:

Prior to applying for the CERN internship program, All applicants are obliged to follow and must consider the following criteria for the program;

  • All applicants must be full-time undergraduate students (post-secondary).
  • All candidates should be of at least 18 years old
  • All the aspirants who are currently studying in Ph.D. programs are not qualified for this internship program 
  • All Undergraduate Candidates’ fields of Study must be one of the following;
  1. mathematics,
  2. computer,
  3. applied physics,
  4. electronics,
  5. electricity,
  6. civil engineering,
  7. mechanical engineering,
  8. materials science,
  9. radiation protection,
  10. instrumentation,
  11. scientific communication,
  12. safety and environmental protection,
  13. ultra-high vacuum.
  • All Applicants’ fields of Study in administration must include subjects;
  1. advanced secretarial work,
  2. translation,
  3. legal services,
  4. accounting,
  5. librarianship,
  6. logistics,
  7. and human resources.
  • All participants must have an excellent grab and knowledge of the following languages:
  1. French
  2. and English.

Documents Required CERN Paid Internship Program 2023:

In order to apply for CERN Paid Internship Program 2023, all participants are required and will be asked to provide the following documents to the authority:

  1. Attested and valuable Reference letter
  2. Reliable CV/Resume (in English or French)
  3. Attested all educational certificates
  4. Strong Evidence of enrolment in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program or administrative/technical diploma

Application Process for CERN Paid Internship Program 2023:

The application process is thoroughly online. All applicants will be asked to provide all their personal information in the right way. They should and have to fill out all the required fields. All participants should submit a CV that also contains their achievements. It should remember for all of you that Once you submit the application and apply for registration you can’t edit it.


Thank You For Visiting Our Post. Today we have shared with you all about the Paid Internship in Switzerland for all foreign students. All the students who are looking for internship opportunity programs in Switzerland must go through this post consciously and quickly apply for this golden opportunity as soon as possible.

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