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Hi everyone! I hope you are doing well. Today I’m here with another article. In this article, we will discuss the latest announced Coding Bootcamp scholarships 2024. If you want to learn coding and need a degree in this field then you have to apply for Coding Bootcamp Scholarships 2024. In this article, you will find a list of scholarships that are available for students in the computer field. Let’s read the article and apply now for the fully funded scholarships and find the eligibility criteria, the last date for the submission of the application, and much more.

Bootcamp announce cost-effective training for professional in the tech industry. Coding Bootcamps are the shortcuts for students to tech careers. Students after completing the program can start earning and earn up to 70,000. The students can find a clear difference between the students with bachelor’s degrees and boot camp graduates with skills.

Coding Bootcamp Scholarships 2024
Coding Bootcamp Scholarships 2024

The students will find it cheaper than the cost of a four-year college degree, the tuition fee of the boot camps is around 13,000$. That’s why they announce the scholarship programs to help the students who have an interest in the coding field and they are unable to pay the expenses.

Almost 80% of the students who join the boot camps start earning or getting a job within three to six months after completing graduation. So why you are wasting your time? The departments are looking for students who have an interest in coding and want to start their careers in coding. Read the article and apply now.

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Top Coding Bootcamp Scholarships 2024

Coding Dojo Fresh Start Fund Scholarship

  • Eligibility: the students have to join a full-time Coding Dojo Full-Time Bootcamp
  • Amount: Up to $1,500 for those making less than $40,000 per year
  • Deadline: Varies by the enrollment deadline

Code Platoon Scholarships

  • Eligibility: Experts joining a Code Platoon program (requirements vary slightly based on scholarship)
  • Amount: Between $13,000 and $16,000 (varies based on specific scholarship)
  • Deadline: Varies

Turing School Diversity Scholarship

Eligibility: Students who are selected for the Turing School and from a group who are not from the tech such as LGBTQ people, women, racial minorities, people with disabilities, and veterans

Amount: $4,000

Deadline: 5 weeks before classes begin (depends on specific program)

Tech Elevator Represent Tech Scholarship

  • Eligibility: Candidates must be a part of an underrepresented group in the tech industry and they are joined the next announce tech elevator Cohort.
  • Amount: $13,175 (85% of tuition cost)
  • Deadline:7 weeks prior to the start of the individual’s selected program

Galvanize Scholarship

  • Eligibility: S. citizens or permanent residents have to join either the Hack Reactor at Galvanize Software Engineering Immersive (SEI) Program or the Galvanize Data Science Immersive (DSI) Program
  • Amount: Full tuition
  • Deadline: Varies

Horatio Alger Career & Technical Scholarships

  • Eligibility: Students who joined eligible technical programs
  • Amount:$2,500
  • Deadline: Rolling

We Stand Together Scholarship

  • Eligibility: Black or African-American students who joined either the Data Science or Hack Reactor Software Engineering Immersive Bootcamp through Galvanize
  • Amount: Full tuition
  • Deadline: Varies (refer to your specific program’s enrollment deadline)

Code Fellows Diversity Scholarship

  • Eligibility: students who are from backward areas and who have represented some of the tech industry and who join the Code Fellows are eligible to apply for a scholarship.
  • Amount Varies based on financial need
  • Deadline Contact for deadline and application link

Digitalcrafts Builder Scholarship

  • Eligibility: Students from play-down groups in tech, including female, Black, and Latin students who join a Digital crafts program
  • Amount:$1,000 (Part-time program) or $1,500 (Full-time program)
  • Deadline: Depends on the application deadline for your intended program

We Can Code It Low-Income & Diversity Scholarships

  • Eligibility: students from backward areas with low income who join the We Can Code It bootcamp
  • Amount: Up to $2,000
  • Deadline: Depends on specific program enrollment deadline

Zipcode Wilmington Need-Based Scholarship

  • Eligibility: candidates who have joined the Zipcode Wilmington coding program and belong to a family whose income is below the poverty line are eligible to apply.
  • Amount:$6,000
  • Deadline: By the application deadline of the intended program

DeltaV Diversity Tuition Scholarship

  • Eligibility: Students who join the DeltaV course are eligible to apply for a scholarship. All the female candidates and students who have low incomes can apply.
  • Amount: Varies
  • Deadline: Varies (based on specific program)

Brainstation Scholarships

  • Eligibility: Separate scholarships are announced for the female candidates if they are from the underrepresented groups in tech and they are recent graduates from the college can apply for braistation scholarship.
  • Amount: Varies
  • Deadline: Must submit their application and get approval before the start of the program.

Metis Scholarship

  • Eligibility: Students who join the Metis program and are female candidates from the underrepresented community in tech then they can apply.
  • Amount:$2,000 or $3,000
  • Deadline: Depends on the intended program’s application deadline

LEARN Academy Diversity Scholarship

  • Eligibility: Individuals who join the LEARN academy course or bootcamps and belong to underrepresents community are eligible to apply.
  • Amount:$2,000 off tuition
  • Deadline: Depends on the planned program’s application deadline

Flatiron School Access Scholarship

  • Eligibility:  female candidates who are not from the represented group can apply for a Flatiron School course and students need no experience when they have to work. They will be trained.
  • Amount: Between $1,000 and $3,000 (May qualify for an additional grant, up to $50,000)
  • Deadline: None! (Ongoing program)

How to get the coding bootcamp scholarship 2024?

The students who have an interest must have to apply for the scholarship. The next step is for them to accept your scholarship application. For this, you have to follow the following steps.

  • First, they have to visit the website
  • Then you have to submit the application.
  • Fill out your application form completely and make sure it contains all the information that is necessary for a scholarship.
  • Then attach an essay of 250 to 300 words and explain then why you need the scholarship and how the scholarship will be helpful to you.
  • The essay will help you in getting the scholarship.

So this is all about Coding Bootcamp Scholarships 2024. Apply now before the last date and don’t miss out on a great chance that will help you in getting your dreams. Share the article with other computer students so they can also apply for a significant scholarship.


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