Dubai Internships (2023); Apply Now without IELTS Requirements:


Are you looking for a golden opportunity and a wonderful chance to work in UAE?? Do you want to get working experience as an internee in the beautiful state of Dubai?? Don’t worry you are in the right place.

Dubai Internships (2023) is providing a chance to avail for all international students in UAE. Today we added all of the essential and valid information on our website for the new year 2023 for all job seekers who are interested to get a work experience in UAE.

This time, we have some inspections for you to choose your lifetime career. All international students are suggested just Apply for Dubai Internships and get the best offers for their future and career pathway.

The Dubai Internships are fully refunded internship programs. Many multinational and international organizations are now offering the best internship schemes for international candidates.

Our team thinks that This is a wonderful and productive initial for all freshers to be a part of any of the renowned and top-ranking companies in Dubai.

Furthermore, these Internships will make a valuable and noticeable impression on the candidate’s CV and it might help him/her acquire a nominative career.

All candidates are informed that these internship programs are not demanding any grab or certificates related to IELTS from their applicants. this is also an intellectual benefit of this opportunity.

Note: If you are qualified and skilled and want to work in Dubai, then read the whole article for a better understanding of the Dubai Internships programs (2023).

Details Mentioned for Dubai Internships (2023):

  • A country that offers this internship program is Dubai (UAE)
  • The type of Program that this scheme offers is Internships
  • Companies involved in this internship program are Multiple
  • Eligible Countries for this program to work as internee are All International Students

Fundamental Coverages of Dubai Internships (2023):

Different companies around the world offer these internships that will benefit the students and candidates for their whole life. including;

  1. The internship program will let you heighten your skills and qualities under the guidance and instructions of top-ranking professionals from all around the globe.
  2. Candidates will get a valid and appreciable experience of the modern culture of Dubai.
  3. The candidate will get an opportunity to network with multinational companies.
  4. The candidate will get a chance to build Multicultural communication skills and intelligence links.
  5. These Internships will increase your career qualifications and produce your CV exceptional enough to give you a nominative career chance.

Available List of Dubai Internships (2023);

Today we will share the list compiled all great Internships for applicants around the world such as:

#1. Emirates Airlines Internships. 

  • Emirates Airlines is providing a wonderful chance to get an internship program for all international students
  • It is an excellent opportunity to learn and grasp the informative fields like:
  1. operations,
  2. marketing,
  3. and customer services.
  • All international students are openly invited to this internship program
  • The students who are fresh graduates are welcome to apply and claim for the Internship.
  • It is a 6-month-long Internship Program for all interested and skilled applicants.

Apply here: Official link

#2. Flydubai Airlines Internships. 

  • All students are invited openly to apply for Flydubai Airlines Internship programs
  • It helps the students to learn:
  1. how to operate,
  2. how to market,
  3. and customer service (client service)
  • The time duration of this internship program is only 10 weeks.

Apply here: Official  Link

#3. HSBC Internship. 

HSBC is providing the golden opportunity to get a beneficial internship program

It is an opportunity for all international candidates

  • The time duration for this internship program is 3-6 months long
  • The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking cooperation is providing the sponsorship of HBSC internship program for students worldwide 
  • It is an exceptional chance to learn:
  1. cooperate banking,
  2. wealth management,
  3. retail banking,
  4. and much more instead of that
  • All Students are able to get a chance to work on major projects as well under the supervision and instructions of top-ranking trainers and guides

Apply here: Official Link

#4. Standard Chartered Internships.

  • The Standard Chartered Internship is the internship program for all job seekers and freshly graduated students
  • It is a 12-week-long internship program
  • This program will enable the students to work directly in
  1. real-world challenges and
  2. work with your own abilities.

Apply here: Official Link

#5. Al Tayer Motors Internships.

  • One of the Top ranking and dominant car distributors in the UAE is offering Dubai-based internship programs for all students and job seekers who want to get experience as an internee
  • All interested students and skilled candidates who have a serious interest in car manufacturing and selling are openly invited by the authority to apply for this wonderful opportunity.
  • Only international students or applicants are qualified for this internship program.
  • The duration of the internship is 6-months.

#6. Juma Al Majid Group Internship.

It is one of the most popular and nominated companies in Dubai,

  • The company is offering a huge amount of professions and job opportunities
  • This internship program is for all:
  1. skilled professionals; as well as
  2. university students.
  • Applicants can learn about some major fields like:
  1. finance,
  2. media,
  3. marketing,
  4. communication,
  5. human resources,
  6. and much more.

Apply here: Official Link 

#7. Dubai Petroleum Internship. 

  • This program will increase the applicant’s skills, qualifications, creativity, and intelligence in the major fields of:
  1. finance,
  2. marketing, and
  3. engineering
  • All qualified and intelligent students are able to get an excellent chance to work with Dubai Petroleum.
  • It is a factual and formal fortuity for fresh graduates to start their careers initially with an internship program.

Apply here: Official Link

#8. ADNOC Internship.

The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company is well-known for its many works:

  1. oil refining
  2. oil operations
  3. oil production.
  • It is an estimation that it is one of the top-ranking companies in the world.
  • All Native and national students and skilled candidates are allowed to apply for this scheme
  • Applicants have this wonderful opportunity to learn about:
  1. IT,
  2. HR,
  3. project management,
  4. and finances.

Apply here: Official Link

#9. Emerson Automation Internship. 

  • All students who are interested in automation engineering are able to apply for Emerson Automation Internship Program.
  • It is a 4-6 months long program
  • This internship program will heighten the knowledge of students
  • This internship program covers the major fields of internships in 
  1. production,
  2. instrumentation,
  3. maintenance,
  4. and controls.

Apply here: Official Link

#10, KHDA Internship.

  • KHDA offers Internships in the field of education and learning
  • Knowledge and Human Development Authority is providing sponsorship to KHDA Internship programs.
  • This internship maintains the development of human resources in Dubai which is currently growing in the state.

Apply here: Official Link 

#11. AECOM Internship.

AECOM is an American engineering-based consulting firm

It offers Internship opportunities for all Undergraduates candidates and freshers 

This internship program was arranged in the Middle East.

It is an 8-12 week-long program.

Apply here: Official Link

#12. FONTERRA Internship.

  • The Fonterra is actually a fundamental and well-known brand.
  • Now it gives Internship opportunities for all Undergraduates or final-year students
  • The internship will be considered for those applicants who are willing to work at the Dubai office as full-time workers 
  • All applicants are invited openly who want to learn
  1. consumer sales and
  2. marketing.

Apply here: FONTERRA 

Many other Related Dubai Internships (2023):

  • Cleveland Clinic Internship
  • John Hopkins Medicine Internship
  • GlaxoSmithKline Internship
  • NOVARTIS Internship
  • MICROSOFT Internship
  • Dubai Marina Internship
  • MAYO Clinic Internship
  • Nestle Internship
  • CitiBank Internship
  • Pfizer Internship
  • Jumeirah Internship
  • BMW Internship
  • Tesla Internship
  • ETIHAD Airways Internship.

Resolution Or Inference:

Thank you for visiting our post. now in this article, we added all the basic and official valid information regarding the top Internships growing and available in Dubai (UAE) with no IELTS requirements.

All international students who are in the search of beneficial and informative internship opportunities in UAE’s leading and well-known companies are boosted to go through the article till the end and quickly apply for these mentioned opportunities. Also, See More Internship

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