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ECOSOC Youth Forum

Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well. Today I’m here with another article. The students who have an interest in conferences have a golden opportunity to join the ECOSOC youth forum 2023. The 2023 Annual Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Youth Forum will be organized for three days. Their main objective is to “Speed up the retrieval from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and the full operation of the 2030 Program for Sustainable Development at all levels”.

ECOSOC Youth Forum 2023
ECOSOC Youth Forum 2023

The president of ECOSOC will gather the forum with the help of the department of economic and social affairs, the Office of the Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth (OSGEY), the United Nations Inter-Agency Network on Youth Development (IANYD), the Major Group for Children and Youth (MGCY) and the International Coordination Meeting of Youth Organizations (ICMYO). They have organized the conference, especially for the youth.

The 2023 ECOSOC Youth Forum also has 6 district breakout sessions, as given below: (in accord with the UN regional groups): Africa, Arab states, Asia and the Pacific, Europe, North America, and other states, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

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Objectives Of ECOSOC Youth Forum 2023: 

The main objective of the youth forum 2023 is as follows:

  • Mobilize: the youth forum will organize a platform where they gather members from 190 countries and they will talk about the recovery and rebuilding efforts from COVID-19 they will collect actions, initiatives, and leadership efforts that will get recognition and they will celebrate and ascend up for attaining the SDGs during the time of action as everyone is dying due to coronavirus.
  • The students can participate in the conferences and they have a chance to start their meaningful dialogues with the UN member states and UN articles on life-changing ways for comprehending sustainable development.
  • Share knowledge, and skills and they have a chance to learn about the rights and the betterment of youth by endorsing the enhanced operation of the 2030 Agenda they will get a meaningful collaboration and meeting of young people in policy making and employment.
  • The young passionate students who join the conference will share their ideas and their problems and in the meeting, they will get the solution to their problems.
  • The conference will make a place where all the young people will gather and they will discuss the 2023 SDG summit and then review the 2023 agenda.
  • They will make a report on the implementation of the UN youth strategy 2030. The young people on a single platform will make they’re collaborating on the topic and they will discuss the impacts and issues in their country and share information on the plans.

Participation In ECOSOC Youth Forum 2023

Members of the Youth Forum will include: –

  • High-level Government legislatures, including Ministers of Youth and other Ministries who are in charge of the organization of the operation of the 2030 Agenda and the Youth Strategy at the national level;
    • High-level legislatures of national youth institutions and councils of National Youth Councils;
    • Official country youth representatives; – Legislatures of regional and multilateral organizations;
    • Youth-led and youth-focused individuals, organizations, and groups from all regions, in specific those on behalf of downgraded and helpless young people
  • Youth administrations and legislatures operational at the popular, national, regional, and international levels.

Format Of ECOSOC Youth Forum 2023:

The ECOSOC organize a conference for three days. The participants can join the meeting as in-person and virtual participants.

The meeting has high-level opening and closing sessions and they will represent youth organizations, and high-level and keynote speakers.

The conference allows young and talented participants to share their ideas on stage. They will share deliver short presentations in between sessions sharing personal stories and solutions on people, the planet, peace, prosperity, and partnerships.

Conference Will starts from:

The ECOSOC Youth Forum 2023 will start on the 25th, 26th, and 27th of April 2023. A day before the conference a session for the youth on the forum will be held on the 23rd/24th of April 2023.


The applicants who are interested in the conference have to submit their application before the last date. The department has announced the date which is 16th April 2023. This deadline is for the students who want to participate virtually in the conference.

So this is all about the conference if you have an interest in such kinds of conferences and you want the experience of the UN-organized conference that is available for the participants in online mode and you can join it from your home then you have to participate in the announced conference,

If you need any information and have an issue you can message them on the given accounts and



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