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Ehsaas Assets Transfer Scheme 2023| Apply Now

Ehsaas Assets Transfer Scheme 2023

Ehsaas Assets Transfer Scheme 2023_ Hi everyone! I hope you are doing well. Today I’m here with another blog. The young people who want to start their business and they don’t have enough sources to start must have to read the article. The government of Pakistan has taken an initiative for young people who want to start their businesses. Ehsaas Assets Transfer Scheme 2023 is announced by the government of Pakistan for all the young and passionate students who are from poor families and do have not many sources.

Ehsaas Assets Transfer Scheme 2023
Ehsaas Assets Transfer Scheme 2023

The PTI government in their time period has launched a different types of programs for young people. As you know they are the assets of any nation and they their skills and capabilities help the country to grow. The economy of the country depends upon the young people of the country.

People want to start their businesses but they do have not many sources and they start working on low wages that take the family below the poverty line. The PTI government has launched a program as “Ehsaas Assets Transfer Scheme 2023 to help families who are from low-profile backgrounds they will get loans from the scheme and start their businesses. The people have to provide a business plan to the government then they are able to get the money otherwise their application will not be accepted.

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Ehsaas Assets Transfer Scheme 2023 Details:

From the previous many years, there is a lot of unemployment in the country and the ratio is increasing day by day that’s why the economy of the country is decreasing on the daily basis. The government’s main aim of the scheme is to provide the amount to all those families who are living hand to mouth and need financial assistance. They can apply for loans from different banks but they have to pay a heavy interest on the loan amount. The candidates will get complete support from the scheme and they can easily pay the loan after generating enough money from the business.

The government provides time to all the people who start their businesses. The government didn’t demand interest in the given amount.

Dr. Sania Nishtar who is the special assistant has announced the Ehsaas asset transfer program 2023 under the Ehsaas program. This is one of the most important and prominent initiatives that any government has started to help families who are below the poverty line.

The 60,000 needy people will get a loan each month from the government of Pakistan. The people from all the provinces such as Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan, and KPK are eligible to apply for the loan. In this program, the people will get livestock (chickens and goats), sewing machines, agriculture tools, local crafts, supplies, shops, and cash to empower through business.

Ehsaas Assets Transfer Scheme 2023 Eligibility Criteria

The applicants who have to apply for the scheme must have:

  • Unemployed/Jobless Person
  • The candidates who want to start their own business
  • The candidates who are unable to pay their loan.

To apply for the loan visit the official website from the link given below:

Check Online

So this is all about the Ehsaas Assets Transfer Scheme 2023. If you want to start your own business and you need financial support then you have to apply for the scheme. This will help you to grow your business better.

Share the article with others so they can also apply for the scheme.


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