Erasmus Mundus Internships 2023-24

Fully Funded Internship Program

Erasmus Mundus Internships 2023 Summary;

  • Host Organization: Erasmus Mundus
  • Eligible Countries: International Students
  • Program Location: Various Countries
  • Program Coverage: Fully Funded Internship
  • Program Type: Funded Internships
  • Application Deadline: Varies

Erasmus Mundus Internship 2023 Coverage;

  • This Internship program covers the full tuition fees for the participants.
  • Participants are provided with the expenses of traveling and other related figures.
  • Candidates will receive 70% of the Scholarship from the selected University and Erasmus Mundus Internship will provide 30% of the scholarship amount after the program.
  • The recipients of Erasmus Mundus Internship 2023 will get complete health insurance.
  • European Health insurance is provided to the candidates for their medical expenses.
  • Candidates will receive a chance to complete different language courses that can help them learn the medium of instruction more easily.
  • You will get a chance to check in on productive conferences that can boost your educational experience.
  • The Erasmus Mundus Internship 2023 recipient will also receive school education coaching and complete vocational training.
  • If you are not satisfied with the selected university you can change your host country as well.
  • Erasmus Mundus Internship 2023 will also shine your English language proficiency skills.

Erasmus Mundus Internship 2023 Location;

Erasmus Mundus Internship program 2023 is now open in a number of countries. Students can now apply for any of the host countries according to their professional and personal interests. We have prepared  a list down here and you can select any of the following countries;

  1. The European Union
  2. Norway
  3. Iceland
  4. Serbia
  5. Spain
  6. Turkey
  7. Republic of North Macedonia
  8. Liechtenstein and more.

Notified Duration of Internship Program;

The Erasmus Mundus Internship program 2023 will be for at least two months. And the internship duration can go up to 1 complete year.  However, students can choose their working hours according to their interests and personal priority.

Available Programs at Erasmus Mundus Internship 2023;

We have prepared a list below that contains all the programs that are offered under Erasmus Mundus scholarships 2023-24. Listed below are the programs that are offered under the Erasmus Mundus Internship programs in 2023-24. You can select any of them below:

  1. International Relations and Learning & Teaching
  2. Internship in Antalya Metropolitan Municipality
  3. Communication and Design Fellowship
  4. Training in App full-stack development
  5. Training in Artificial intelligence development
  6. Science Diplomacy Fellowship
  7. Digital Marketing and Content (Portuguese Market)
  8. Online Marketing Internships (July and August)
  9. Sales and Marketing Internships (July and August)
  10. Catalyst 2030 Fellowship – Eastern Europe Coordinator
  11. Business Development Support
  12. Online advertising Internship in Barcelona
  13. Social media Internship in Barcelona.
Erasmus Mundus Internships 2023
Erasmus Mundus Internships 2023

Eligibility Requirements;

Applicants must know that there are some factors that Officials will consider while selecting the Internship Recipient. The general factors for Erasmus Mundus Internship 2023 are given as:

  • The applicant must be graduated from a higher educational institution.
  • Candidates must have a degree in disciplines that are approved by the Consortium Admission Academy.
  • Aspirants who graduated in information science, media, applied linguistics, or other related subjects that are approved by Consortium Admission Academy are preferred.
  • There is no requirement for IELTS and GRE Tests.
  • An English language Proficiency certificate is required.
  • IELTS is also accepted for Erasmus Mundus Internship 2023.

Documents Required:

All applicants are required will need to submit the following documents for the Erasmus Mundus Internship program 2023:

  1. Formal Language Proficiency Tests
  2. Attested Academic transcripts
  3. A valid and valuable copy of your ID.
  4. Reliable Application form
  5. Attested Inspirational Letter
  6. Valuable certificates

Complete Application process for Erasmus Mundus Internship 2023:

All participants are obliged to contact the candidates’ University’s Scholarship office to apply for the Erasmus Mundus Internship program. All applicants will find all the details related to the program there.

NOTE: You must contact the authority of institutions or universities several months prior coz the application process is lengthy.

Just Follow the given steps below;

 Select the program you are finding as interested in and want to apply for the internship. Fill out the application form with all the correct credentials. Just send the application form to the consistent University through your organization. Then, edit it and make sure you have connected all the required documents to your registration form.

Resolution Or Inference:

Thank You For Visiting Our Post. The whole article was about the Erasmus Mundus internship program for all international students. All participants have discussed all the details related to the internship program in this article. All interested and skilled aspirants who are searching for an internship convenience at Erasmus are allowed to go through this article and quickly apply for this golden opportunity.


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