FAO Internship Scheme (2023); Apply Now with no IELTS Requirement:


Are you anxious about the best option for your informative work experience as an intern in any international country?? Do you to get the best educational work experience after your graduation or being an undergraduate student?? Don’t worry.

FAO Internship Scheme (2023) is providing a golden opportunity for all international undergraduate students and freshly graduated candidates to get an exceptional environment and wonderful job intern experience fully paid with a valuable certificate.

All of the students are suggested to go through all valid options available on the media for Internship opportunities and if you are really interested in the most illustrious, impressive, and paid internship program, then please read this post.

Our team has gathered all the fundamental, valid, pithy, and necessary information and official details regarding FAO Internships Scheme (2023). Furthermore, all international and foreign candidates are openly welcome to join the qualified team of the FAO program for an enlightening work experience.

NOTE: FAO is an abbreviation for Food and Agriculture Organization. As the title informs, all candidates are informed that all the information is relevant to Food and Agriculture shared by FAO.

Yes!! If you are an undergraduate or freshly graduated student, you are openly invited by the organization to apply for the FAO Internship scheme (2023).

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: There are no gender restrictions or limitations; both Males and females are eligible to apply for this golden opportunity in FAO internship Scheme (2023).

The FAO Internship Program works and is administered under the supervision of UNICEF. It is sponsored and supported by UNICEF. It is a United Nations agency. Today, FAO is working in more than 130 States; its headquarter is situated in Rome, Italy.

Congratulation!! according to some recent news from reliable sources, You can also be part of the FAO team coz There are no limitations on your educational background all undergraduate or graduate candidates are able adequately to apply in any field of Study.

  • Furthermore, there is no restriction on the deadline for the application and all participants are allowed to apply for the internship at any time of the year without the requirement of IELTS.

As we already mentioned this is a fully funded internship program and All the candidates or interns will be refunded and paid with pay to fulfill their daily living requirements.

This internship program is a 3-11 months internship scheme held around the world in varied countries.

All applicants are not even required to pay the application fee for registration. So if you are also interested to be the part of FAO internship program (2023), then we suggest you for the further information visit the official website as soon as possible and follow through with the article for your own better understanding.


Mentioned Details from FAO Internship Scheme (2023):

  • The Headquarter of this internship program is situated in Rome, Italy
  • The title of the internship program is FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization)
  • The organization that sponsored now this internship program is UNICEF
  • The type for this article is Fully Funded
  • The category of the post is Internship
  • The level of Degree which is allowed for this internship program is Undergraduate/Graduate
  • The duration for this internship program for all interns’ work experience is 3-11 months
  • The deadline to apply for this internship program is Always Open

Coverages Provided by FAO Internship Scheme (2023):

  1. FAO Internship is a paid program
  2. It doesn’t require any compensation for the IELTS
  3. FAO is a fully funded internship program

These benefits are not enough, FAO is also providing some more benefits explained:

  •  monthly stipend of at least $700.
  • cover interns required accommodation, Food, and transportation in the stipend money.
  • medical allowance as well as travel allowances 

Briefly speaking, this beneficial internship scheme is arranged in a way that it is taking over all the costs regarding FAO Internship Program 2023.

Eligibility Criteria for FAO Internship Scheme (2023):

  • All candidates must be natives or citizens of FAO Nation Members. The list is provided in the article below.
  • All Candidates must have valuable and valid undergraduate or graduate degrees or diplomas or certificates 
  • The age limit of aspirants must be between 21-30 years.
  • There is NO requirement of IELTS for the application
  • Prior to applying for this internship program just make sure you have proper immigration or residential status in the country of assignment.
  • You are not eligible If any of your family (brother, sister, mother, father) or any blood relation are employed by FAO under any contract.
  • Shortlisted aspirants by the organizations will be qualified and contacted.

 Documents Required for FAO Internship Scheme (2023):

  • Any valid Proof of candidates’ performance and attendance from their home University.
  • Attested and approved motivation letter.

FAO Member Nations for 2023:

  1. Pakistan
  2. India
  3. Iraq
  4. Saudi Arabia
  5. UK
  6. UAE
  7. Zambia
  8. Australia
  9. Azerbaijan
  10. Bahamas
  11. Albania
  12. Algeria
  13. Armenia
  14. Angola
  15. Antigua and Barbuda
  16. Andorra
  17. Afghanistan
  18. Argentina
  19. Armenia
  20. Australia
  21. Bangladesh
  22. Benin
  23. Bolivia
  24. Bahrain
  25. Bosnia
  26. Brazil
  27. Botswana
  28. Bulgaria
  29. Burundi
  30. Burkina Faso
  31. Belarus
  32. Barbados
  33. Bhutan
  34. Belgium
  35. Belize
  36. Central African Republic
  37. Comoros
  38. Congo
  39. Cook Islands
  40. Guyana
  41. Haiti
  42. Cambodia
  43. Cameron
  44. Canada
  45. Cape Verde
  46. Chad
  47. Chile
  48. China
  49. Colombia
  50. Costa Rica
  51. Croatia
  52. Cuba
  53. Cyprus
  54. Czech Republic
  55. Democratic Republic of the Congo
  56. Germany
  57. Ghana
  58. Greece
  59. Hungry
  60. Denmark
  61. Dominica
  62. Djibouti
  63. Dominican Republic
  64. Ecuador
  65. Finland
  66. France
  67. Gabon
  68. The Gambia
  69. Georgia
  70. Kuwait
  71. Indonesia
  72. Malaysia
  73. Jamaica
  74. Japan
  75. New Zealand
  76. Norway
  77. Egypt
  78. El Salvador
  79. Eritrea
  80. Estonia
  81. Ethiopia
  82. Eswatini
  83. Fiji
  84. Grenada
  85. Guatemala
  86. Israel
  87. Iran
  88. Italy
  89. Korea
  90. Kenya
  91. Lebanon
  92. Kuwait
  93. Kazakhstan
  94. Nepal
  95. Morocco
  96. Zimbabwe
  97. Romania
  98. Peru
  99. Philippines
  100. Serbia
  101. Qatar
  102. Korea
  103. Mexico
  104. Rwanda

 Application Process for FAO Internship Scheme (2023):

Open the official website link of FAO Internships 2023 online. Search the title ‘Internships’ on the left side of the page; tap on it, and you will check different and varied Internships available on the portal. tap on the FAO Internship Program 2023 and enter all requirements in the blanks and fill out the application form for your registration.

Resolution Or Inference:

Thank You for visiting our post. The article was completely about the recent of FAO internship scheme (2023) and the internships are offered in multiple varied locations. It should be remembered that before applying for the internship at FAO, just consciously read out the eligibility criteria first.


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