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Government Jobs in Canada 2023 | Now Hiring for 100 positions (Entry-level)

Government Jobs in Canada 2023

Government jobs in Canada 2023. The public service commission of Canada has announced 100 positions in different departments at different locations. The government of Canada has allowed all college students to come and join Canada in the public sector. Job is a necessity for everyone those days and if you get a good job it will help you to secure your future.

If you have an authorized visa from Canada then you are eligible to apply for public jobs in the government sector. All national and international candidates are eligible to apply for the jobs. The department announced jobs in the following sector: AS-01, AS-02, CR-04, CR-05, PG-01, and PG-02. It’s a great opportunity for you if you are looking for a job in Canada. You can apply for any job from the official website of the Canadian government and application for a job is available online mode.

In this article, we will try to compile a complete list of jobs available for national and international candidates. The application procedure and eligibility criteria are given below. Read the article and apply for the prestigious job to make your future bright.

Canada is offering handsome salaries to applicants and provides extra benefits to eligible candidates. Students having skills and degrees are eligible for the best jobs in Canada.

Government Jobs in Canada 2023 summary:

  • Country: Canada
  • Organization: Public Service Commission
  • Type: Full-time Job
  • Available posts: 100 positions
  • Salary: $47,415 to $70,668

Government Job Duties and Requirements

The government of Canada has announced 100 positions for eligible candidates and the duties and requirement for each job is mentioned below:

Procurement and Contracting

Federal Procurement and Contracting accomplish marketable connections with one of the world’s best organizations and agencies. Furthermore, the government of Canada is one of the best markets of purchase scientific and military equipment, high-tech equipment, and professional services.

You will be performing the following duties;

  • Authorize and examine the performance of contract integrity and acquiescence.
  • Examine daily and low to medium-complexity corporations’ stipulations, requirements, and application papers.
  • Making attaining plan endorsements and leadership that accomplishes operative purposes depends upon great socioeconomic benefits.
  • Make and provide solicitation papers that include delivery and essential necessities, valuation criteria, and work stipulations and explanations.
  • You also have to contact the contractor or provider and make meetings with him and check the projects.
  • Supplier connection and maintenance depend upon you and to check it on and off.

Material Management

The federal society of Material Management is responsible for acquiring almost $3.5 billion in apparatus and machinery, 28,000 vehicles, and $54 million in the production of other products that are used by people on the daily basis.

You will be responsible for performing the following duties;

  • You had to check the life span of the products and other assets on the regular basis.
  • Navy management and support with the government’s change to zero-discharge vehicles.
  • Idea and evaluate substantial movement necessities.
  • Planned examination and support on material management guidelines, strategies, performances, and commandments.
  • Extra advantage placement
  • Check apparatus status and register level.

Real Property

Estate dealing in Canada is also one of the most paying professions in Canada. They have a portfolio of 20000 properties and with a land of 41 million hectares of land-living and more than 39,000 houses totaling 29 million ground spaces.

You will be responsible for performing the following duties;

  • You had to manage properties.
  • Attainment and discarding dealings.
  • Distribution of development
  • Reporting and Authority
  • Client discussion
  • Agreement management
  • Monetary evaluation and management.

Eligibility Criteria of Government Jobs in Canada

The candidates who are applying for the federal public service commission jobs in Canada had to follow the following eligibility criteria for the announced jobs:

  • Applicant must have a degree or diploma from the university or have a high school degree before the 30th of June of 2023.
  • The applicants who are applying for the job must have a degree in the following categories: Logistics, administration, business, supply chain, finance, law, management, commerce, Materiel Management, Computer Sciences, Engineering, Public Administration, industrial engineering, or Technology (mechanical, Avionics, martial arts, and electronics).

Experience is required for all jobs

  • Applicant must have a diploma in Microsoft office.
  • For making reports they must know about the spreadsheets also.
  • Applicants have the skill of collecting data from different sources.
  • Able to work in a difficult situation and manage a lot of work at one time.

How you can apply for Government Jobs in Canada?

You can apply for government jobs from the official; website. The application will be accepted in soft form and you don’t have to send the application by post or mail.

For more visit the official website where you can find jobs in Canada and much more.



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