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IOM internships 2023|Fully-funded,Apply Now

United Nations Migration

Hi everyone! I hope you are doing well. Today I’m here with another blog. I will find the greatest opportunity for the young fellow if they need experience in their field. So let’s read the article and know about the IOM internships 2023. In this article, we will give you the eligibility criteria, the procedure to apply for the internship, and much more.

IOM internships 2023
IOM internships 2023

The interns who join the program will get the assignments and they have a responsibility according to their academic and professional experience and they have a chance to work under the supervisors.

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IOM Internships 2023 Headquarters (Geneva)

If you want to find all the announced internships at IOM Geneva headquarters then you have to click here and a complete list of available positions will appear on the screen. Internships position starts with INT or OTHE.

The applicants have to register on the website for their upcoming internships and submit their applications here.

IOM Internships 2023 field missions: 

The applicants who want to apply for the internship have to choose the particular office in which they want to start their internship. For the complete list of all the country offices from which you have to select one have to visit the page.

Important Note about IOM internships 2023:

the students are eligible to apply for the internship for the whole year as there is no specific last date announced by the department. You can start your internship by applying. If you get any scholarship or internship it is important for you that you have completed your studies. You have to mention your education and when will you be available to start your internship in the cover letter. The applicants must have a reference letter that they receive from their sponsor or university that illustrates the idea of why they need an internship and how much grant they need.

 who is eligible for IOM Internships 2023?

The applicants who want to apply for the internship have to follow the announced criteria such as:

  • The applicants must join the university and enroll in the final year of their degree. The education of the applicant must be a bachelor’s or equivalent to a bachelor.
  • Applicant must be in the graduate degree program, have education equal to a master,
  • The students who have graduated degrees are eligible to start their internship within one year of graduation.
  • The internship must be funded by a governmental/non-governmental institution and/or academic institution so they can work in a detailed area related to both IOM and the sponsor institution.

The age of the applicant must be between 19 and 36 years age. The interns who join the internship must understand their areas of work and knowledge. And they must understand any of the official languages of the IOM such as English, French, and Spanish.

What is the duration of IOM Internships 2023

IOM internships are designed especially for students and their duration depends upon the student’s availability. The students must have to join for at least two to six months. The students who continue their internship for six months will get a preference.

Do they pay for IOM Internships 2023:  

Most of the interns who join the internship program get an allowance from the office. The allowance is given to the students so they can cover their housing and living expenses and others that they have when they stay in the country. In extraordinary cases, the Director of Human Resources can ignore the MSA for interns who live in the neighborhood.

Health insurance gave at IOM Internships 2023: 

The interns who have joined the office will get professional accidents and illnesses under the Organization’s Compensation Plan (CP) insurance, irrespective of the position of the task.

The candidates who are not from the country where they are working the students have to provide evidence of legal medical assurance coverage, as well as removal and deportation coverage, to cover the full period of the internship.

The interns who have the nationality of the country where they are working also have to submit their evidence of legal medical assurance coverage for the complete period of the internship.

Note: Removal and deportation reportage are not obligatory for citizens of the country who are employed interns.

The applicants have to submit their medical certificates that show that they are in good health and they have vaccination records before they start their internship.

APPLY: For promoted internships at IOM Geneva (Headquarters), you have to click here where you will find the list of all the internships available for international students. Internship posts start with “INT” or OTHE


Available Positions at IOM Internships 2023

Vacancy No.

Office supported

Position Title

Closing Date

INT 2023 04

Podgorica, Montenegro

Intern – Resources Management Unit

05 April 2023

INT 2023 05

Yerevan, Armenia

Intern – Programme Unit

06 April 2023

INT 2023 06

Nouakchott, Mauritania

Intern – Protection

05 April 2023

INT 2023 07

Chad Homebase

Intern – Resources Management

05 April 2023

INT 2023 08

Cairo, Egypt (IOM Country Office)

Intern – Policy, Governance & Liaison Unit (PGLU)

05 April 2023

INT 2023 09

Cairo, Egypt (IOM Regional Office for Middle East and North Africa)

Intern – Liaison and Policy Unit

05 April 2023

INT 2023 10

Kathmandu, Nepal

Intern – Programme

05 April 2023

INT 2023 11

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Intern – Programme Support

05 April 2023

INT 2023 12

Vientiane, Lao People’s Democratic Republic

Intern – Immigration and Border Governance (IBG)

05 April 2023

INT 2023 13

Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea Homebase

Intern – Office of the Chief of Mission

05 April 2023

INT 2023 14

Geneva, Switzerland (Headquarters)

Intern – Integrated Talent Management Unit

05 April 2023

INT 2023 15

Geneva, Switzerland (Headquarters)

Intern – Migration & Sustainable Development Division

05 April 2023

INT 2023 16

Geneva, Switzerland (Headquarters)

Intern – Business Relationship Management (ICT)

05 April 2023

INT 2023 17

Geneva, Switzerland (Headquarters)

Intern – Cash-based Initiatives (CBI)

05 April 2023

INT 2023 18

Geneva, Switzerland (Headquarters)

Intern – Crisis Communications and Advocacy

05 April 2023

INT 2023 19

Geneva, Switzerland (Headquarters) Home Based

Intern – Private Sector Partnerships

05 April 2023

INT 2023 20

Geneva, Switzerland (Headquarters) Home Based

Intern – Environmental Sustainability Unit

06 April 2023

So this is all about IOM internships 2023 in America.

Share your article with others and if you have any issues you can ask in the comment section. Best of luck to all who apply for an internship.


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