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Islamic Development Bank Scholarships 2024| International Students Apply Now

Islamic Development Bank Scholarships 2024

Hi everyone! I hope you are doing well. Today I’m here with another interesting scholarship article. Students who want to study abroad and are looking for the newly announced scholarships then they have to apply for Islamic Development Bank Scholarships 2024. All international students are eligible to submit the application for Islamic Development Bank Scholarships 2024. Let’s read the article and apply now if you are interested. In this article, we will give you complete information about the scholarship such as eligibility criteria, the last date for the submission of the application, and the procedure to apply for a scholarship. Read the article and join now.

Islamic Development Bank Scholarships 2024
Islamic Development Bank Scholarships 2024

The Islamic Development Bank Scholarships 2024 is available for the bachelor, master, Ph.D., and vocational training programs. The program is announced for students from Muslim countries and they can apply for scholarships and start their education at any of the universities. If you have any plans for further education in the top universities then don’t worry and apply for the scholarship and start your education in the world’s best universities.

The Islamic development bank has connected with the world’s best-recognized universities such as McGill University, Cambridge University, Oxford University, and many others. So if you apply for admission to any of the universities you will be eligible for the scholarship. Read the article and apply now for the best-announced scholarships and grab the opportunity.

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Islamic Development Bank Scholarships 2024 Details:

  • Country: Home country/or member country
  • Host Universities: Home country institute/or member country institute.
  • Degree level: Bachelor/Masters/Ph.D./vocational training
  • Type: Fully Funded
  • Category: Scholarships
  • Deadline: 15th May 2023

IsDB Scholarships Benefits

Some of the available benefits under the Islamic Development Bank Scholarship 2024 are as follows:

  • The students will get a complete tuition fee under the program
  • The scholarship will provide a monthly stipend to the students
  • The application fee is free
  • The traveling allowance will be given to the selected students
  • The medical allowance will be issued to the students
  • The students will get a chance to attend the conference and they will give conference allowance
  • The students will be able to prepare their thesis or scientific paper.
  • The students can apply for interest-free loans.

Types of Islamic Development Bank Scholarships 

  1. IsDB Scholarship Programme for Muslim Communities in Non-Member Countries (SPMC)
  2. IsDB-ISFD Scholarship Programme
  3. IsDB Master’s Scholarship Program 2023-2024
  4. IsDB Merit Scholarship Programme for High Technology (MSP)

Eligible Countries:

  1. Afghanistan
31. Maldives
  1. Albania
32. Mali
  1. Algeria
33. Mauritania
  1. Azerbaijan
34. Morocco
  1. Bahrain
35. Mozambique
  1. Bangladesh
36. Niger
  1. Benin
37. Nigeria
  1. Brunei Darussalam
38. Oman
  1. Burkina Faso
39. Pakistan
  1. Cameroon
40. Palestine
  1. Chad
41. Qatar
  1. Comoros
42. Saudi Arabia
  1. Cote d’Ivoire
43. Senegal
  1. Djibouti
44. Sierra Leone
  1. Egypt
45. Somalia
  1. Gabon
46. Sudan
  1. Gambia
47. Suriname
  1. Guinea
48. Syria
  1. Guinea Bissau
49. Tajikistan
  1. Guyana
50. Togo
  1. Indonesia
51. Tunisia
  1. Iran
52. Turkey
  1. Iraq
53. Turkmenistan
  1. Jordan
54. Uganda
  1. Kazakhstan
55. United Arab Emirates
  1. Kuwait
56. Uzbekistan
  1. Kyrghyz
57. Yemen
  1. Lebanon
  1. Libya
  1. Malaysia

ISDB Scholarship Benefits

  • Full Tuition Fees
  • No Application Fees
  • Monthly allowance to fulfill living expenses
  • Opportunity to Study abroad free of cost
  • Medical Treatment cost
  • Return Air ticket

The students will get different benefits as they vary from department to department so check the benefits before applying for the scholarship for your course.

Undergraduate Courses:

  • Mechanical Manufacturing Methods;
  • Mechatronics;
  • Air Conditioning;
  • Arts and Crafts;
  • Automation and Industrial Instrumentation;
  • Automotive Maintenance and Repair;
  • Biomedical Equipment Maintenance;
  • Buildings and Public Works;
  • Business and IT;
  • Business Management;
  • Civil Engineering Technician;
  • Clothing Industries Production;
  • Design and Innovation in the Apparel Industry;
  • Design and Manufacture of Moulds and Tools;
  • Design Techniques for the Electronic Industry;
  • Development of Smart and Informative Industrial Systems;
  • Diagnostics and Embedded Electronics;
  • Digital Infrastructure Development;
  • Early Childhood Educator;
  • Electricity and Electronics;
  • Electromechanics of Automated Systems;
  • Food Industry;
  • Furniture Study and Design;
  • General Mechanics;
  • Hygiene and Quality;
  • Industrial Maintenance;
  • Infrastructure and Networks;
  • International Trade;
  • Leather and Footwear;
  • Logistics Operations;
  • Maintenance of Equipment for the Plastics Industry;
  • Marketing and Multimedia;
  • Mechanism and Industrial Media;
  • Mechatronics Maintenance;
  • Media and Communication;
  • Metal Construction;
  • Miscellaneous Services and Industries;
  • Office Design;
  • Plastic Industry;
  • Production Technologies for the Electronic Industry;
  • Quality Control in the Food Industry;
  • Quality in the Garment Industry;
  • Topographical Survey;
  • Technician in Commerce;
  • Textiles and Clothing;
  • Tourism and Hospitality;
  • Transport Operations;
  • Vehicle transport and Maintenance.

Post-Graduate Courses:

  1. Laser and Fibre Optics
  2. Conductors/Semiconductors
  3. Polymer Science
  4. Genetic Engineering/Biotechnology
  5. Nuclear Science/Engineering
  6. Electronics/Micro Electronics/Telecommunication
  7. Computer Science (including CAD/CAM)
  8. Renewable Energy/Fuel Technology
  9. Hydrology/Water Resources
  10. Metallurgy
  11. Chemical Engineering/Material Sciences
  12. Medicine/Pharmaceutical
  13. Agriculture/Food Technology
  14. System Engineering
  15. Space Science/Technology
  16. Environmental Preservation Technology
  17. Technology Management and Innovation (For post-doctoral research only).

Eligibility Criteria 

The students who apply for the scholarship have to follow the following eligibility criteria then they can apply for the scholarship:

  • Students who are from Muslim countries can apply
  • The non-muslim states’ citizens are eligible to apply.
  • The students must be Muslim
  • Must have a high school diploma
  • The students must apply for the master’s degree program
  • They must have 70% or above marks in the last degree
  • The students who have to apply for the post-graduate degree must have 2 years of experience
  • The students must apply for only Islamic Development Bank Scholarships 2024.

How to Apply for Islamic Development Bank Scholarships 2024?

The students who want to apply for the scholarship have to follow the given procedure:

  • Visit the official website from the link given below.
  • First, you have to create your account on the website
  • There will be no application fee for the admission
  • Fill out the application form carefully and submit your application
  • attach all the documents that are required for the application.
  • After completing the application now you can submit your application.
  • Must apply to any of the top universities in your own country.

So this is all about the Islamic Development Bank Scholarships 2024. If you are interested in the scholarship make sure you submit your application before the last date. Share the article with others so they can also apply.

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