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Jobs in Sweden for Foreigners 2023

Jobs in Sweden

 Jobs in Sweden for foreigners 2023: Sweden offers many career opportunities with a lot of facilities for foreigners. It’s a wonderful country to live in and is considered one of the highest-earning European countries.

Sweden is offering many opportunities for foreign workers in different fields. An individual without experience is also valid to work Try to gain this opportunity and live in a beautiful country. To take help meet the labor needs.

Jobs in Sweden for Foreigners 2023
Jobs in Sweden for Foreigners 2023

There are many opportunities for foreigners nowadays. people from all over the world can apply for this. This article is all about all businesses in Sweden that offer opportunities for employment. you can also find the top ten positions to find visa sponsorship. How to apply and all the information is clear in this article so read it carefully and see the more info links to see all information to apply in different countries.

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Are There Foreigner Jobs in Sweden?

Sweden offers its top jobs list every year. These are specifically expert worker occupations in fields like education, engineering, and information technology.

If a foreigner wants to move to Sweden, they should review the list of jobs to see if their line of work is included and mentioned there. There is no need to speak Swedish fluently to apply for this job is not as high a demand that immigrants speak Swedish properly.

Some occupations are:

  • Doctors, nurses, and dentist
  • Senior High School Teacher
  • Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers
  • Chemist and pharmacist
  • Professional teachers
  • Software and system developers
  • lecturer
  • University professors

Finding a Swedish company willing to sponsor your visa

You need a willing employer who will sponsor your work visa so that you can apply and work in Sweden.

you can search for related jobs in this country if you gain job approval is needed from the government of Sweden before hiring.

After that, the employer will issue you a job offer, which is used to gain a visa and work permit, allowing you to enter work there and obtain permission from the government of Sweden. then you will allow staying there.

your qualification needed must be according to the Swedish government. This an informative site for finding openings at organizations that agree to sponsor your visa application for the overflow of jobs.

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Top 10 Swedish Positions for Visa Sponsorship

The most jobs in Sweden for visa sponsorship are mentioned below:

  • Computer Support Specialist.
  • Control specialist.
  • Technician for maintenance.
  • A project manager.
  • Service Desk Specialist.
  • Development Analyst.
  • Association of HR Operations
  • Analyst for customer support
  • Paralegal in business immigration.
  • Apprentice in Cyber Security.

Visa sponsorship jobs in Sweden for foreigners 2023


Ericsson’s mobile and technology are world-renowned industries. This Swedish corporation currently candidates around 100,000 people.

There are currently two hundred and thirty-nine jobs in Sweden. You can seek it if you have at least a bachelor’s degree. To apply for this job visit the following website.

More Info

Assa Abloy

Asa Abloy is the world’s largest waste solutions provider area. They provide services and equipment for automatic entrances, doors, locks, and gates. They have 49,000 employees spread across more than seventy countries. Click on the link to apply for sponsored jobs.

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H&M is a popular clothing company all over the world. It includes clothing for children, men, and women. One of the most popular Swedish brands, it employs more than five thousand people all over the world and sells economically priced accessories and clothing. Click on this  link to apply for this position;

Work areas

  • Design Development Branding
  • Commercial operations
  • Marketing\Finance\Logistics
  • IT management, leadership, and more.

More Info

EURES Job Portal

There are a lot of jobs available through the EURES job portal in Sweden and in other European countries.EURES is the best choice, If you need sponsorship to work in Sweden. You can apply from all over the world and gain full-time or part-time jobs at any level.

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Jobs at Google Sweden

Seats have become available at Google’s Sweden. you can apply for jobs from all over the world. It provides equal opportunities for employment.

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Sweden’s Apple Inc

Apple supports diversity and equal opportunity in Sweden. At Apple Enterprises worldwide, all foreign applicants are welcome.

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IKEA is a large manufacturer of home furniture and a well-known company. They make the best high-quality furniture. They have around four hundred and sixty stores spread across around fifty countries. just Click to apply.

Work offers

  • design.
  • Finance work
  • Property dealings
  • legal group.
  • supply chain.
  • Projects, people, and support
  • creation and innovation
  • Communication.
  • production.
  • Leadership.
  • Face and interact with customers.
  • Innovation and education.


All are access to Spotify on their phone, to listen to millions of tunes and share them quickly who are able to use them.

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There is some question that arises

  • Do Companies Sponsor visas for jobs in Sweden?

The visa sponsorship position is open to all foreign applicants. This is official information that is opened by the government of Sweden. And the more you can obtain a visa sponsorship in this country without a work visa, this visa is known as the new visa for job seekers.

  • What types of skilled workers are needed in Sweden in 2023?

    social worker
    medical professionals

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