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Letter of Intent (LOI) for Scholarship or Admissions Application

Letter of Intent

Letter of Intent (LOI) for Scholarship. If you are applying for the first time for the scholarship then you don’t know about the word letter of intent, motivational letter, and statement of purpose. In this article, we will provide you with complete detail about the letter of intent and the procedure to write a perfect letter of intent for your scholarship application.

Letter of intent or LOI:

The letter of intent is a document that is necessary for the applicants to submit because it provides information about the specific job post, scholarship, admission into a university, or a task. It also provides information about why you want to choose the university or needs the scholarship.

Write a Letter of Intent for Study, Scholarship, or admission:

The letter of intent provides the student’s aims or motivation for studying a specific field at a specific institution. The applicants have to write about their goals and passion for the field and what motivates them to start their higher education when they already graduated from a university.

You can also write about your experiences and your knowledge of the relevant field. And why you have an interest in studying at the university. If you have any of the research you can also explain your proposals in your intent letter. You have to mention your experiences when you are applying for the post-graduate degree. You can also mention how your academic career is related to the scholarship you are applying for.

Writing an Inspiring Letter of Intent (LOI) for all your requirements:

You have to follow the steps given below for writing an impressive intent letter.

The important section is a letter of intent

#1 The letterhead

In the first step, you have a letterhead in which you have to explain your address and the address of the institute that has announced the scholarship. You have to write your address on the top corner and the receiver’s address on the other side.

#2 The overview

In the second you have to introduce yourself briefly and your academic qualification.  And then explain your future plans in a few lines and why you are applying for the scholarship.

#3 The main section

The body consists of two paragraphs. In the first paragraph, you have to write about your education and your extracurricular activities. This will explain why you are interested in the scholarship. It shows the passion of the students for the study and the level of interest in the program and much more. You can write at least two paragraphs in which you have to convince the committee that you are the perfect one for the scholarship.

#4 The assumption

In the end, you have to write a concluding paragraph. In the end, you can make a little debate about the scholarship and your eligibility for the scholarship. And make it clear that you are the perfect one for the scholarship.

It simply brings the discussion to an appropriate end. In the concluding words, put emphasis on your merit and prove yourself worthy of the scholarship. Give arguments that make the reader think ‘you are a perfect fit for the scholarship.’

Take note of the following preceding Writing your Intent Letter

You have to remember the following points when you are writing your intent letter.

  • Mention a vibrant plan

Everyone who is applying for anything must have a plan in their mind. You must have a plan for your academic or professional career. You have to write clear thoughts about your future plans and didn’t write about irrelevant stuff.

  • Mellowness is the key

Write a letter in such a way that shows your maturity and as a grown-up and a responsible person. You have to write a sensible and professional words when you are writing your letter.

  • Generate a rough summary first

While writing an intent letter you have to make an outline and then you can write the letter by keeping each and every point in mind. Your letter must have clear words and explain your thought.

  • Do your investigation

You have to research the scholarship and criteria for the scholarship and what type of candidates are eligible for the scholarship so you can prepare yourself according to the criteria and then you have to write a letter in such a way that you present yourself as an ideal student.

  • Get it to reread

The student while writing makes a lot of mistakes but they didn’t pay attention to that mistakes. Most of the candidates think they are perfect in writing and didn’t revise their piece of writing so if you want your letter didn’t have mistaken then you have to recheck your letter after writing and then you can submit it.


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