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Letter of Motivation Sample for Masters and PhD Students 2023

For Master’s and Ph.D. students, this post includes key points in writing a Letter of Motivation, as well as excellent Letter of Motivation Samples. Thousands of students study and research abroad every year. In order to reach their dream destination, they have to overcome many challenges and show patience while focusing on the end goal. Applying for admission to foreign universities is the first and most important step. Documents such as Curriculum Vitaes, Letters of Motivation, Transcripts, Passports, and Experience Letters are required. Many students have trouble writing motivation letters for Masters, Ph.D., internships, etc., so we decided to help them.

Letter of Motivation Sample for Masters and PhD Students 2023
Letter of Motivation Sample 2023

Letter of Motivation Sample 2023:

To expand my knowledge and expertise as well as to build skills in the domain of Computer Science, especially Software Engineering, is my objective in pursuing a master’s degree in the research domain. My ultimate goal is to utilize the knowledge acquired during my research period to pursue a career in teaching, so that I can contribute to the development of Pakistani education. You provide courses on research areas that are well aligned with my interests.

IQRA University, Karachi, Pakistan, offered me the opportunity to complete my Bachelor of Computer Science degree (4 years) in Software Engineering with a deep passion and motivation. I have also gained professional and research experience. Previously, I worked as a Software Engineer developing iOS applications. Despite my consistent struggle and never giving up on my interest, I was ranked among the top five students out of 75 students in our class with a CGPA of 3.53/4.00. During my bachelor’s degree, I also received the MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award twice for my contribution to the society. I believe that knowledge should be implemented for the purpose of research and development in addition to the theoretical lessons I learned during my bachelor’s degree course.

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“Software Modeling”, “Software Project Management” and “Software Configuration Management” are areas of deep interest to me. I also did some research on these topics, and I tried to innovate something based on my deep interest in these topics. I worked with some software management tools during my graduation, such as JIRA and MS Project.

  I focused mainly on programming and analysis during my professional career. As a company, we focus on the “Agile Model” to maintain good relationships with our clients. When a project was complex and needed critical analysis with a tight deadline, it was alarming. Several times, I failed to meet my project deadline, resulting in demotivation and decreased performance. In order to overcome my shortcomings, I attended a workshop related to Software Engineering methodologies and deadline-driven project development. Software development has changed my perception and approach as a result of this workshop. After analyzing the project requirements and also considering the research perspective, I learned that programming is not the most important part, but rather planning and execution are. After working on developing two prominent skills, I decided to use them in a proper way to make proper plans and implement them.

Having gained the skills required for planning and analysis in software development, I undertook the challenge again by asking our team lead to give me a new project with a tight deadline. By using “MS Project”, I was able to identify all the requirements and the topics that required research. After demonstrating our work to the Project Manager and explaining our approach to him in an effective manner, he was very impressed with my new method and he decided to show it to the client since we were able to complete the project before the deadline. As a result of our project delivery, our client was extremely satisfied. After realizing the importance of Software Engineering, I decided to further my studies in this field to gain more knowledge and skills.

Based on my experience in the software industry, I am interested in this field of study. As a result of my experience in the software industry, I am more inclined to pursue further studies in this particular field. Since I have been exposed to the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) during my professional career, I am familiar with the various processes, models, and technologies used to develop projects in real-time. In my professional life, I had an exhilarating three-year journey that motivated me to pursue a master’s degree in Software Engineering and pursue my desire for research there. I would like to study this field in greater depth and conduct more research in it. Having research experience aligns well with Software Engineering, which I already have. During my graduation, I published a research paper.

During my studies in “Master in Software Engineering by Research”, I intend to carry out more research works. I am interested in developing efficient methods and techniques that will enhance the current software development scenario. As a result of my educational background, research, and professional experience in Software Engineering, I have gained a deeper understanding of this field and a stronger determination to pursue a career in it. By earning a Master’s degree from Cambridge, I will not only be able to pursue my interest, but I will also be able to gain the necessary resources and expand my knowledge base in this field so that I can learn, implement, and contribute more. I found the Masters program to be ideal and suitable for my current goals because of the distinguished faculty and excellent facilities. I am looking forward to becoming an active member of your esteemed University and contributing to my field of study. For your reference, I have enclosed my CV and other necessary documents.

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