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Letter of Recommendation for Scholarships [Download Template – 2023]

Letter of Recommendation

Letter of Recommendation for Scholarships. When you are applying to international colleges and universities you have to submit a letter of recommendation. When applicants are applying for US, Korean, Chinese, Turkish, and Saudi educational institutions and scholarships then they ask about the recommendation letter with your application form for the scholarship. A recommendation letter plays an important role in the accomplishment of your scholarship application.

A letter of recommendation is a document that is given to the applicants from the previous institute by the authorities of the college or university for endorsement of the applicant for a job. In this letter, they explain your attitude towards education, your behavior in the school, and your qualities as a student. It will explain why the companies have to hire the applicant.

What is a Recommendation Letter?

When you are applying for the scholarship then you must be recommended by the professor, mentor, or any other from the higher authority of the institute you have your last degree. This letter of recommendation will be attached to your application for the scholarship. So it’s also known as a letter of recommendation.

Why is a Recommendation Letter Required?

The institute that has announced the scholarship must have knowledge of applicants who are applying for scholarships. So the applicants have to write a purpose of the statement, motivation letter, or letter of intent. But if you are not writing any of these then you must have the letter of recommendation allotted to you by the higher authority of your educational institute. The recommendation letter will help the institute to know about you and provide you with a scholarship.

What to Write in a Recommendation Letter?

When you are writing a recommendation letter you have to write the following points to make it more impressive and attractive for the committee.

  • Student-Teacher PR

In the first paragraph, you have to provide the teacher-student relationship. In this your behavior with your teachers and how much respect you are for them. In this, the teacher will provide some of your qualities and you’re focusing on the studies and your passion for the study. This will help the committee to know about you more clearly.

  • An investigation of your academic career

In the second paragraph, your teacher will give remarks about your academic activities and your attitude towards the educational activities. If you are a bright student or not. Are you eligible to study in the best institute and need a scholarship or not? The teacher will also mention some of the flaws that the institute had to overcome and resolve these issues as a mentor of yours. The teacher provides remarks on your overall performance for the whole year.

  • A brief note on your accomplishments

In this paragraph, the teacher will provide the detail about your goals and accomplishment. You can add more diplomas and certificates to your accomplishments.

  • The final comments

This is the final paragraph of your recommendation letter. In the last paragraph, you can make a summary of your achievement. You can make a statement that you are perfect for the scholarship and your teacher recommended you the scholarship and why you need this scholarship.

Letter of Recommendation Template

[Inset Name of the Receiver],
[Inset designation & other details of Receiver],
[Inset Address of Receiver].

[Inset Name of the Sender],
[Inset name & other details of Sender],
[Inset Address of Sender].

Subject: [Inset Topic line of Recommendation Letter] Date: [Inset Date].

To whom it may concern,

I was the [counselor/lecturer/tutor] of [Student name here] for [years]. I am attentive to [Student name here] application for admission and scholarship in your [didactic establishment name here]. I like to endorse [Student name here] for admittance and studentship because of [His/Her] aptitudes, and speculative capability. It is my valuation and scheme that [Student name here] will be an advantage to your establishment for certain. [Student name here] accomplished all the coursework that I appeal in an appropriate method with brilliant excellence principles and I have faith in [Student name here] will preserve responsibility for the same excellent work in the prospect. [Student name here] Owns high self-esteem, respectable flora and established to be an energetic individual, and has the aptitude to manage unanticipated challenges. Consequently, I would resemble to endorse [Student name here] for higher studies at your organization.

If you pursue any additional evidence or essential to know everything about [him/her], then you can contact me for more information.


[Professor Name Here],
[Professor Email & contact number Here],
[Professor Sign Here],
Professor Stamp with a date here].

What NOT to Write in a Recommendation Letter?

    • Many students fail because they provide a letter that is not acceptable to the committee. It doesn’t matter that you have a perfect format for your recommendation letter.
    • If you are not good in English and you don’t have a vocabulary so it is difficult for you to make an impressive recommendation letter.
    • When you are writing the recommendation letter you have to enter all the correct information relevant to the topic.

Some helpful Tips for Letter of Recommendation Write-up:


  • You have to write the specific expression. If your computer science professor provides you with a letter of recommendation then the language should be relevant to the writer.
  • Ask the teacher to make a recommendation letter for multiple types as you can use it for multiple applications.
  • The letter must have the positive points of your personality.
  • The letter is available on the website you can download the sample letter from the website for your ease.

You can follow the following procedure when you are writing the recommendation letter. The applicants fill in the data correctly so their application will be accepted and they can achieve the goals for which they are applying.

For more visit the website and write your letter.




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