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List of Scholarship Application Documents – Admission Application Document Package

List of Scholarship Application Documents

List of Scholarship Application Documents. To apply for the scholarship documents are the most necessary for the applicants to submit. If they don’t have any of the documents their application for the scholarship may be rejected. So in this article, we will give you the detail about the list of scholarship documents and much more.

Getting a scholarship is a great opportunity for candidates who want to study at international universities and don’t have any resources. So the applicant waits for months to apply for the scholarship and they have to apply for the scholarship but didn’t know much about the scholarship application. In this article, we will give you detailed information about the documents and other necessary information about the scholarship.

Read the article below and complete your documents for the application.


Scholarship Application Document Attachment List

The applicants have to submit the following documents. Lists of documents that are mentioned below are necessary for the applicants to complete their application.

  1. Complete Application Form

The most important step for the application submission is to complete your application for the scholarship. Enter all of your detail in the application form and check your information must be correct and that there is no mistake in your data.

  1. Passport or National ID

A legal passport copy (at least six months validity) or a National ID copy (as per requirement) is the most important document that the applicant must have. You have to submit the passport id on the first page of your application.

  1. Attested Copies of Educational Documents

In the next phase, you have to submit your documents which are degrees, diplomas, or transcripts. Attested copies of the document must be submitted (preferably in sequential order) in your application. All of your transcripts must have a stamp from your college and authority.

The application must have your entire document and the most important document is your proficiency language certificate. Usually, this is an English language proficiency exam that is asked by the universities developments are available in English, and different countries ask for different English language tests. Some of the English language tests are as follows:

  • English Language Proficiency Exams: IELTS, TOFEL, or Cambridge
  • Spanish Language Proficiency Exam: DELE
  • French Language Proficiency Exams: DELF or DALF
  • German Language Proficiency Exams: DSH, Test DAF, OSD, or telco
  1. Statement of Purpose (SOP)

The next most important document is the statement of purpose. This is also known as the motivational letter. The letter must be 400 words. In this explain why you need this scholarship and your aims after getting the scholarship.

  1. Recommendation Letters

A recommendation letter illustrates your skills and explains to the authority that is providing the scholarship. The applicant has to write a concise letter of recommendation. The recommendation letter will be attached to your scholarship application. You have to write a letter according to the demands of the university to which you are applying. Usually, one of the recommendation letters is enough to explain your demands but some of the universities ask for more.  You may ask the university about the required recommendation letters and you may ask your supervisor. In the letter, you have to provide detail about your education and the progress that you have made in your entire educational career.

  1. Curriculum Vitae or Resume

If you want to make your application perfect then you have to attach a CV with your application. This will provide you the information about your jobs and experience and your areas of interest in any field and much more. You can explain your complete information in your CV, Your personal information your previous academic achievement, and your hobbies. If you don’t have any experience then don’t worry because you are making a CV for your scholarship and they didn’t ask for the experience.

  1. Standardized Test Scores Document

Regular tests like SAT, ACT and GRE are always mandatory for scholarship programs. Universities and colleges announce the test and you have to appear in these tests. The applicants who are the top scorer on the test will be preferred. When they are providing the scholarships they will ask for the minute documents and you have to keep all of your documents with yourself as they will check your documents.

  1. Research proposal or Study Plan

Applicants who have a research proposal must have to submit the proposal and their plans for the master’s degree. They have to submit other research if they have done it.

Requirement of Additional Documents

Some Universities and Colleges ask you about some extra documents and you must have additional documents. Some of the documents are as follows:

  1. Lettering a scholarship essay on the topic of scholarship and you must have to write about your academic achievements you have to write a concise essay.
  2. Portfolio for Arts, Designs, and associated programs as it demonstrates your GPA in your studies.
  3. A financial statement including the Tax Return of your family will be demanded from you to check whether you are eligible for the scholarship or not.
  4. Medical certificates issued by the government of your country by the health department. You must be fit and healthy and have no fatal disease. The medical report must be written in the language for which you are applying. The applicant has to submit two documents of medical certificates.

You have to check your application twice. If you find any mistake then remove it on time before submitting the application. You have to cross-check your attach documents with the list of documents provided by the institutes.



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