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Searching for the best opportunity to get work experience in a comfortable environment as an intern in the United States?? Do you want to get an informative and exceptional work experience as an initiative in the calming environment in the United States ?? Don`t worry we have gathered all of the basic information that will cover all of your queries.
Congratulations, we have good news for you. According to some recent updates, there is an excellent opportunity for all international interested candidates!! Actually, The LPI invites all foreign students openly to get a fortuity for their summer program which is already starting in 2023. Applications for LPI Summer Internship 2023 in USA are now open for all international students.
Yes, all international students are openly invited by the organization to apply for this internship program around the world. The best thing about this internship program is that The Lunar and Planetary Internship program is a 10-week planned and structured program that will be sponsored in the USA.
  • Don`t Hesitate!! All students from any nationality are able to apply for this program. This internship program will be offered with many coverages and benefits.

The major benefit of this internship program is There is no requirement for any Language Proficiency Test or LPT just Feel free to apply for this opportunity without IELTS and GRE.

Aspirants will learn and groom their educational career with a new culture and experience a different work environment of the organization.

Important to be noted: The official announcement for selected and qualified candidates will be in March 2023.

Coverages Provided by LPI Internship 2023:

Applicants will be provided the full financed coverage and he/she will be fine with the funds for the internship as it is a Fully Funded Internship program that encloses multiple expenses like

  • accommodation allowance
  • Airfare Tickets expenses
  • Meals allowance
  • Monthly Stipends
  • Visa sponsorship.

All qualified and skilled Students will be preferred. who are currently studying in the major fields of:

  1. Physics or Natural science,
  2. computer science,
  3. mathematics,
  4. or engineering

NOTE: Furthermore, there are some limited seats for other academic students as well so, you can apply from any academic background and wait for the approval of the authority. 

This internship program will allow all applicants to work and research at the same time with the qualified, intellectual, certified, and capable scientists of NASA and LPI.

Notification: It is located near the NASA Johnson Space Centre in Houston, Texas. The program will last from June 5- August 11, 2023. Applications for LPI Summer Internship (2023) in USA are now open for all international students.

For further information regarding the LPI Summer internship in the USA, check the details below and apply.

LPI Summer Internship in USA 2023 Details

  • Host Country: USA
  • Internship Duration: 10-week
  • Scholarship Funding: Fully Funded
  • Application Deadline: Feb 2023

Financial Benefits of LPI Internship;

It is a Fully Funded Internship program and covers the following expenses;

  • All selected participants will receive Air Tickets to and from the USA
  • You will receive Travel expenses which can be up to $500 
  • Participants will receive Housing and Living Allowance
  • Monthly Stipends of up to $7,720 for the internship program are also available.
  • Students who will get distinction in the LPI science conference as 1st are awarded an excellence allowance of $1000 (for domestic participants) and $1,500 (for international participants).
  • Travel opportunities within the USA

Study Fields accepted in LPI Internship 2023;

  1. Natural Science
  2. Physics
  3. Computer science.
  4. Engineering
  5. Mathematics

Eligibility Requirements;

  • Students from any country around the world are eligible for these scholarships
  • All international and USA citizens are equally eligible for this scholarship program.
  • Students who are currently studying in any undergraduate degree program are eligible to apply.
  • Applicants who are studying in any field relevant to the LPI program are eligible.
  • Applicant must complete a 10-week Internship program in the USA.
  • No IELTS/TOEFL Test is required for LPI Summer Internship Program.
  • All international students from any nationality can now apply for the LPI Internship Program.

Application Deadline for LPI Internship Program;

Students must know that the deadline for the application for the LPI Summer Internship in the United States 2023 is February 2023. You must submit the online application form before the official Due Date. The officials will not accept any applications after the due date.

How to Apply for LPI Summer Internship Program?

  • The application process for Summer Internship Program 2023 is online.
  • Not a single application on paper is accepted.
  • Applicants must confirm their application through their email addresses.
  • Next, link your account to view and attach your reference letters.
  • Applicants must submit at least two reference letters
  • Attach all the official transcripts with the application form.
  • Enter all the required information within the application form.
  • Submit the application form and finish the application submission.

Students can visit the link given below for LPI Sumer Internship Program:



The applications for a Fully Funded Summer internship in the USA (LPI Internship) for all international students are now open. Students must apply for these Internship scholarships in the USA.

Visit our Homepage for more info. Good Luck!

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