Malta Work Visa Types 2023 | Application Process (Explained)

Malta Work Visa Types 2023

Malta work visa types 2023 are given in this this post, the complete information about the Malta work visa is described. If you have any of queries about the visa then read the article and clear your doubts about the procedure. You can apply for any of the visas announced by the government according to your eligibility criteria.

Malta is a small country situated in Europe and the people of Malta are modern and live a unique lifestyle. If you are interested in visiting the country and want to enjoy the market and economy of Malta then you have to apply for a visa. And it’s a great opportunity for you if you apply for a work visa as you got a visa and have a chance to travel in the country.  The Malta Work Visa and Work Permit provide you permission to enter the country and you are able to enjoy the services of the country. The residents of the country have different opportunities and you are eligible for all.

If you want to know more about the Malta visa then read the article and fill out your application form for a visa.

Do I need a Work Visa for Malta?

The candidates who didn’t belong to the EEA/EU countries didn’t come to the country without work visas. They have to apply for a visa then they are eligible to start work in Malta country.

And the member of EEA/EU countries didn’t need a work permit to work in Malta. They are eligible to apply for any job without a work permit. You have to apply for registration from the Department of Citizenship and Expatriate Affairs after three months when you came to Malta.

Malta Work Visa Types 2023

Malta announced different types of visas for the applicants. Some of the visas are as given below;

  • Single Permit
  • Key Employment Initiative
  • EU Blue Card

The government provides the following visas.

1. Key Employee initiative

This is a new type of visa launched by the government of Malta. This visa is given to applicants who are highly professional and are looking for jobs in Malta. They have to follow the following eligibility criteria when they apply for the visa.

  • You must be professional and hardworking then you are eligible for a visa.
  • Your annual income must be over 30,000 euros.
  • You have an experience letter from your previous company.

Your visa will process in 3-5 days.

2. Single Permit

For this visa, the applicant must have a job letter from any of the companies. The visa will be given to the candidates for a long period of time. You have to submit an application and your agent or company will precede the application next if you are living abroad. The applicant will notify us if they will select the visa.

3. EU Blue Card

This visa is available to candidates who are highly professional and have a passion for working. The applicant can apply for the visa and are eligible to earn 1.5 times more than the other applicant in the country.

You have to follow the following requirements to apply for a visa.

  • Legal passport
  • Work Visa application form.
  • A passport-sized photograph
  • A work agreement
  • Updated CV
  • Medical insurance
  • Proof of Air flight tickets
  • Evidence of accommodation

If any other document is required you can consult the embassy.

Application Process for Malta Work 2023

The applicant had to follow the following process to apply for the visa.

  • You must have all the documents mentioned above.
  • From the embassy of Malta, you can apply for a visa.
  • The embassy will give you a receipt including your information.
  • Now you have to submit your fee for the visa processing.
  • Now your employer will check the further processing and inform you after getting the work permit.
  • When you get a work permit you can apply for residence in the country.

Application Process Time

Your application for the Malta Work Visa will process in 5 to 15 working days.

Application Fees for Malta Work Visa

The application fee for Malta Work Visas is given below;

  • Single Permit – €280.50
  • Employment License – €150
  • Application for employment license – €50
  • EU Blue Card –€140
  • Type D (National visa) – €100


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