New Zealand Study Visa 2023 | Step By Step Guide (Explained)

New Zealand Study Visa 2023

New Zealand study visa 2023. In this article, we will give you information about New Zealand. You have a chance to travel abroad and continue your studies. Different countries provide study scholarships but you need a study visa. The students are eligible to start their education when they have a student visa. All international candidates are eligible to apply for a study visa. Read the article and apply for a study visa.

The students who have a residency visa or military visa didn’t need to apply for the study visa. But the students who didn’t acquire the following visa had to apply for the study visa so they can continue their education legally in the country. So in this article, we have compiled a list of information about the study visa, what is the cost of a visa, how to apply for a visa, and much more.

To apply for the visa read the article and apply now for the visa.

New Zealand Study Visa 2023 summary

  • Host Country: New Zealand
  • Eligible Countries: Foreigners
  • Post Category: Student Visa

 New Zealand Study Visa Benefits

  • You have more probabilities of approval and fewer refusal chances.
  • You can easily and quickly apply for a New Zealand visa.
  • You can study as well as work part-time.
  • You didn’t need many credentials.
  • You can select a program as a list of programs is given.
  • You have a chance to apply for the scholarship for your education if you are an international student.

Types of Student Visa New Zealand

New Zealand provides four different kinds of visas to applicants. You can choose any of the visas from the list according to your education type;

  • Fee-Paying Study Visa – in this visa type you are eligible to apply for a four-year degree program and provide a facility for a part-time job.
  • Exchange Study Visa – in this visa you are allowed to stay in the country for 4 years under an exchange program and provide the facilities to the applicants.
  • Government Support Study Visa – in this visa you will get permission for 4 years of study and the government will provide you with a loan and scholarship for your education.
  • Pathway Study Visa – in this visa you are eligible to stay in the country for 5 years and take part in 3 consecutive courses and with that, you are eligible for a part-time job.

Eligibility Criteria for New Zealand Study Visa

If you want that you will select the New Zealand study visa you had to follow the following eligibility criteria. For instance;

  • Candidates get authorized by the Ministry of Education or New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) so they get admission to the university of New Zealand.
  • All candidates had to provide evidence of educational expenses and funds given to them by the government.
  • All candidates had to show evidence of language expertise.
  • All candidates must have a return ticket so they leave the country before the expiration of their visa.

Student Visa New Zealand necessities

All international applicants who are applying for the student visa had to submit the following documents;

  • Admission authorization letter from any institute/University in New Zealand.
  • Evidence of financial funds to cover your Living Expenses in NZ.
  • Passport size photographs
  • Valid passport
  • Clean criminal background or police certificate
  • Medical certificate
  • Medical insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • English language Proficiency certificates
  • Payment receipts of application fee.
  • Evidence of return tickets to your home country.

For further if you need more documents you had to consult the embassy of country.

Student Visa New Zealand Cost

The fee for the study visa in New Zealand depends upon the country you belong. The fee for a visa is different for students. So three Band systems are as follows;

Band A – Students in New Zealand.

  • Hard copy: NZ $260
  • Online: NZ $233
  • Visa through education provider: NZ $100.
  • Immigration Charge: NZ $17

 Band B – students who belong to Pacific nations.

  • Hard copy: NZ $205
  • Online: NZ $178
  • Visa through education provider: NA
  • Immigration Charges: NZ $17

 Band C – students from other nationalities.

  • Hard Copy: NZ $280
  • Online: NZ $253
  • Visa through education provider: NA
  • Immigration charges: NZ $17

Student Visa New Zealand Processing Time

The visa for the students will process in 12 days. And some of the visas take time. The maximum that the students had to wait for the visa is 3 months.

Top Universities in New Zealand:

  1. Auckland University of Technology
  2. The University of Auckland
  3. University of Canterbury
  4. Manukau Institute of Technology
  5. Victoria University of Wellington
  6. Unitec Institute of Technology
  7. Otago Institution
  8. University of Otago
  9. Lincoln University
  10. Massey University

For more visit the official website to get more information about the visa.



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