NIG Internship Program 2023 With No IELTS Requirements:


Are you here in the search of getting a golden opportunity to work and gain informative experience in Japan?? Do you want to get an exceptional chance at a fully paid internship??

Don’t Hesitate My Dears!! You are in the right place. In this article, we added all of the factual and recent official updates to satisfy all of your queries and anxieties regarding your career.

Actually, NIG Internship Program 2023 is providing a golden chance to work in Japan as an internee with an informative experience. So, today this article is all about the information related to the Internship program in Japan.

All participants who are seeking work opportunities in Japan are now informed that they have an excellent fortune to apply for NIG internship program in Japan. The program will initiate in this continuous year, 2023.

All students and interested candidates no matter if they are undergraduate or postgraduate alarmed be ready to apply for this exceptional chance. You can now apply for NIG Internship Program 2023 today.

NOTE: NIG is an organization of Genetics named as National Institute of Genetics. As the name informs, it is an official research organization that performs the life sciences.

Now, All the qualified and skilled interns can research in Japan’s dominant and nominated laboratories. Candidates will work under the supervision and instruction of qualified, professional, adequate, certified, capable, and talented mentors and supervisors at NIG. The NIG Internship Program 2023 openly invites and motivates students from every section of the universe.

  • The benefit of this NIG Internship Program 2023 is they don’t inquire about any certificate of IELTS or TOEFL scores.

All applicants will be rewarded with a valid certificate at the end of the session. The interns at NIG will get knowledge related to scientific communication, research, and laboratories.

  •  It is informed that all participants are compulsory to present and show their experience at NIG Internship Program.

Experiencing Activities Foe Interns In NIG Internship Program 2023:

The NIG internship program (2023) comprises experiencing different activities, including:

  1. journal clubs,
  2. lectures, and
  3. seminars.

For further details about this brilliant opportunity, just visit the official website and keep reading the post till the end for your own better understanding.

Important Details for NIG Internship without IELTS (2023):

  • The country which provides this internship program in Japan
  • Institute that sponsors this internship program is NIG (National Institute of Genetics)
  • Type of this article is Fully Funded
  • The category of this article is Internship
  • The duration of this internship is 40 days
  • The deadline for the application for this internship program is 6th January 2023.

Coverages provided by NIG Internship Program (2023):

The NIG internship program (2023) has many coverages and benefits as This program is responsible for almost all the expenses of interns, including;

 it is a Fully Funded Internship program.

  • Accommodation at the guesthouse of NIG.
  • You will get knowledge about life sciences and genetics and more related fields.
  •  Grow your career.
  • Airfare Tickets Costs
  • Transportation allowance
  • Transportation from the airport to the official internship location.
  • All other expenses will have to be covered by the internship funding bodies.

Eligibility Criteria for NIG Internship Program 2023:

If you are a student in your undergraduate final year or postgraduate in the field of life sciences then all participants should consider these terms and conditions before applying for this internship program:

  • All participants must be undergraduate final-year students.
  • 1st and 2nd-year students of the Master’s program are also eligible for NIG Internship Program. ( limited seats )
  • All participants must assign their efforts to the NIG internship program.
  • All participants are mandatory to participate in a full-time internship.
  • All participants must be able to give viva-voce or oral presentations.
  • All aspirants must submit the questionnaire and essay after the completion of the NIG internship program.

Documents Required for NIG Internship Program (2023):

  • Reliable CV/RESUME
  • Attested Motivation letter (at least 500 words in English)
  • Approved Academic transcripts (scanned)
  • Valid and attested Recommendation letter from your Professors and teachers (2)
  • A valid passport of the candidate.

Terms and Conditions for NIG Internship Program (2023):

As the applications are now open so, you can now apply for NIG Internship Program 2023 today. All interns are obligated to follow these rules and regulations of the organization:

  • must have to work on scheduled days.
  • must listen to their supervisors.
  • must comply with the rules and regulations of the NIG.
  • must be liable for the confidentiality of the institution.
  • must complete all required and asked projects, tasks, and assignments on time.
  • If any of the interns do not follow the rules and conditions of the organization, NIG will have the right to abolish or terminate the candidate.
  • All expenses are allotted for a limited time only.

Application Deadline for NIG Internship Program (2023):

The last date to register yourself for the NIGINTERN 2023 is 6th January 2023.

Application Criteria for NIG Internship Program (2023):

  • The application process is all online.
  • All applicants must assign to the terms and conditions before applying for the NIGINTERN 2023.
  • provide the names of the teachers and professors who favored or referred you.
  • Before applying, confirm you have all the details about the laboratory hosting you. ( if not just research it)
  • Make sure to take your attested recommendation letter ready with you
  • After application, you will receive an email that will contain:
  1. your password
  2. application number.
  • All asked documents must be submitted online, otherwise will be not approved by the authority
  • The Official Results will be announced might be in March 2023.

Resolution Or Inference:

Thank You For Visiting this post. Students who are looking for an internship program in Japan are now encouraged to consciously read the full article for their own better understanding and apply for the NIGINTERN.

We suggest you quickly apply for this opportunity and submit your application before the due date. 

Official Website

You can also visit our Homepage for more information. Good Luck!

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