Norman Topping Scholarship: Achieving Academic Excellence

Norman Topping Scholarship

If you are looking for a fully funded scholarship then apply now for Norman Topping Scholarship. A lot of scholarship opportunities for international students are available in the different colleges and universities in the US. All you have to read the article and collect all the necessary information about the scholarship so you can apply for the Norman Topping Scholarship and avail yourself of the opportunity. In this article, we will compile a list of scholarships that are available for the students and provide information such as how you can apply, what are the basic criteria that you have to follow when you have to submit the application, and much more.

The topping scholarship is announced by the Norman Topping Students Aid Fund at the University of Southern California. The students who are enrolled in the university can avail the opportunity that is available to the current students.

The main objective of the scholarship is to provide support in high financial need who can explain an extraordinary level of community awareness when they are enrolled in the university for their higher education. First-generation college students and local area candidates are eligible to apply for the scholarship and they will get a consideration when they apply in the selection process. The scholarship is available in large numbers so these are not limited to these populations.

Norman Topping Scholarship Details:

type: Scholarship
Award amount : $4,000 (Minimum: $200 ~ Maximum: $4,000)
School specific: Yes, Southern California, University of
Est. Deadline: December 1

12/01/2023 (34 days left)
Application received :
Total granted: 30
Renewable : No
Need to repay : No
Required enrollment : College freshman
A separate Application is required : Yes

Eligibility Checklist:

There are some of the questions that you have to answer when you have to apply for the Topping scholarship application. The questions are given below. Read the questions and answer them carefully.

1.  Are you applying for USC admission for Fall as a full-time, on-campus freshman, transfer, or graduate student, or are you a new Spring/Summer admit?
2.  Do you have high financial need as identified by USC Financial Aid and will submit a FAFSA or Dream Act application?
3.  Do you demonstrate a strong community awareness and contribute to the betterment of a community through volunteer efforts or other service?

Renewal Requirements

The topping scholarship is available for the students for their complete degree program when they are enrolled in the university for their higher education. To get the scholarship for the next year it is important for the students to follow the eligibility criteria for the next year. The students have to maintain their GPA and have an average GPA of 2.5 for undergraduate degrees and 3.0 for graduate degree programs, graduate Fellows, continual full-time enrollment, full attendance at all NTSAF required events, and completion of 20 hours of community service per semester.

Application Instructions For Norman Topping Scholarship:

When you have to apply for the Norman Topping Scholarship follow the following instructions:

Dear USC Topping Scholarship Applicant:

Thank you for choosing the Norman topping student aid fund at the University of Southern California. Please read the instructions given below and submit your application online.

  • The scholarship application has an online application, one letter of recommendation, and a series of autobiography questions. Incomplete and/or late applications will NOT be reviewed. The students make sure that they submit their application for scholarships before the last date as late applications will not be accepted.
  • In your personal detail information section that shows a description and explanation of your experience in your selection criteria, financial need, community awareness, first-generation college student status, volunteer efforts, and extraordinary circumstances that can be used when they have to call for the interview.

Please address these topics in detail (500 words max each):

  • Provide a Summary of your personal background and circumstances.
  • Explanation of your community awareness and your commitment to community involvement.
  • Depiction of your current financial situation and how it will affect your educational experience at USC.
  • You have to write a letter of recommendation for the scholarship. You have to contact any of your tutors who will help you in this situation. Then you have to enter your personal information such as your name, organization, email, and phone number. You must have to complete your application and then you have to create an account on the website where you have to submit your application.
  • The candidates will be informed through email after the submission of a letter of recommendation. If you didn’t get an email confirmation after the deadline then you have to contact someone from the office and you have to find the details.
  • You can make changes to your scholarship application whenever you want and save and update your application. But after the submission of the application with an electric signature on the application you are not able to make changes. So before submitting your application, it is important for you to check your details and submit it.

To apply click on the link given below:

Norman Topping Scholarship

If at any time you have any questions regarding our online application process, please contact the NTSAF at (213) 740-7575 or

So that’s all about the Norman Topping Scholarship. Share it with your fellows.

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