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OECD Internships

Hi everyone! You are doing well. Today I’m here with another article. Are you searching for an internship program that provides you with experience and pays you for your work? OECD internships 2023 are announced for international candidates. Let’s read the article and find out more about the internship program.

OECD Internships 2023
OECD Internships 2023

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development is an international organization with 38 member countries, established in 1961 to encourage economic development and world trade. The OECD internship program is organized to take highly motivated and capable students from different backgrounds into the organization so they work on projects that are connected to the Strategic Orientations of the Secretary-General and they will help the corporate function of the organization.

DESCRIPTION Of OECD Internships 2023:

The OECD has announced the internship program and applications are open for the students. The main objective of the program is to collect all the young eligible and passionate students at a place who came from different backgrounds and can start their work on projects that are connected to the Strategic Orientations of the Secretary-General and they will help the corporate function of the organization. The objective of the organization is to provide an opportunity for talented students so they can improve their analytical and technical skills in an international environment. The students may get internships in Paris and France.

The internship program is available on an ongoing basis. Applicants must join the fully accredited degree program (Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D.) when they apply for the internship and they can apply from the official website in online mode.

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Eligibility Criteria for OECD Internships 2023

The applicants must fulfill the eligibility criteria when they apply for the internship:

  • The students must join a full-time degree program during the internship program in a field or discipline relevant to the position they got at OECD.
  • The applicants must join the internship for at least one month.
  • The applicants must understand the two official languages of the OECD English and French and have knowledge of the work and passion to learn new about the work. Applicants who have knowledge of another language will be preferred.
  • Have solid assessable and IT skills;
  • Establish excellent recruiting and communication skills;
  • Able to accomplish working in multiethnic and worldwide team environments.

List of OECD Member countries

At the beginning of the organization 20 countries connected with them. But now more than 35 countries become members of the organization.

The complete list of all the countries and their joining date is given below:

Country Date
AUSTRALIA 7 June 1971
AUSTRIA 29 September 1961
BELGIUM 13 September 1961
CANADA 10 April 1961
CHILE 7 May 2010
COLOMBIA 28 April 2020
COSTA RICA 25 May 2021
CZECH REPUBLIC 21 December 1995
DENMARK 30 May 1961
ESTONIA 9 December 2010
FINLAND 28 January 1969
FRANCE 7 August 1961
GERMANY 27 September 1961
GREECE 27 September 1961
HUNGARY 7 May 1996
ICELAND 5 June 1961
IRELAND 17 August 1961
ISRAEL 7 September 2010
ITALY 29 March 1962
JAPAN 28 April 1964
KOREA 12 December 1996
LATVIA 1 July 2016
LITHUANIA 5 July 2018
LUXEMBOURG 7 December 1961
MEXICO 18 May 1994
NETHERLANDS 13 November 1961
NEW ZEALAND 29 May 1973
NORWAY 4 July 1961
POLAND 22 November 1996
PORTUGAL 4 August 1961
SLOVAK REPUBLIC 14 December 2000
SLOVENIA 21 July 2010
SPAIN 3 August 1961
SWEDEN 28 September 1961
SWITZERLAND 28 September 1961
TÜRKIYE 2 August 1961
UNITED STATES 12 April 1961

Policy research, analysis, and advice

•      Artificial Intelligence

•      Bribery and corruption

•      Climate

•      Competition

•      Corporate Governance

•      Development

•      Digitalization

•      Economy

•      Education and Skills

•      Employment

•      Energy

•      Finance

•      Gender and Diversity

•      Health

•      Inclusive Growth

•      Industry, Innovation and

·      Entrepreneurship

•      Insurance and Pensions

•      International Migration

•      Investment

•      Public Governance

•      Regional Development

•      Regulatory Reform

•      Science and Technology

•      Statistics

•      Tax

•      Tourism

•      Trade and Agriculture

•      Transport

What interns work on OECD Internships 2023:

  • Statistics
  • Trade and Agriculture
  • Energy
  • Public Governance and Territorial
  • Development
  • Budget and Finance
  • Communications & PR
  • Information Technology
  • Economics (Macro and Microeconomics)
  • Tax Policy and Administration
  • Development Co-operation
  • Environment
  • Science, Technology, and Industry
  • Financial and Enterprise Affairs
  • Employment, Labour, and Social Affairs
  • Education
  • Human Resources

Benefits available at OECD Internships 2023

The students who apply for the internship will get the following benefits. They have to join the internship program for one to six months. The application for the internship will be renewed and you can start your program for the next 6 to 12 months as a full-time (40 hours/week). The OECD allows the workers to stay there for six months so they can gain a lot of experience at the OECD. The applicants will get an amount of 700 euros for their living every month.

When can I apply for an OECD Internships 2023?

The department hires interns on an ongoing basis and the students are eligible to submit their applications for the whole year. To apply for the internship visit the link given below:

online application platform.

The applicants have to submit their application and the OECD will announce the dates for the internship when they are available for the internship. You must have to provide your schedule on your application so they can set your schedule for the internship according to your demands.

HOW TO APPLY OECD Internships 2023?

The applicants have to submit their applications online. To apply for the internship visit the official website.

If you need more information about the OECD internship program you have to click on the links given below:

frequently asked questions or contact us.

Location for OECD Internships 2023:

Internships are located in Paris. Some internships may proceed in our regional offices: Berlin, Germany; Mexico City, Mexico; Tokyo, Japan; Washington DC, USA.

So this is all about the internship program. If you are eligible then read the article and apply now from the link given in the article.

Share the article with others and best of luck to all who apply for the internship.


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