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Poland Work Visa Process 2023 (Explained)

Poland Work Visa Process 2023

Poland works visa process 2023: are you ready to start your career in Poland? Read this article, we will give you complete details about the work visa. How you can apply for a work visa, what is the requirement to apply for a visa? Who are eligible to apply for the jobs in Poland?

If you are interested to travel to Poland you need a visa that allows you that you can work in the country. The Poland work visa also known as the Polish National visa permits residents of non-EU to start their jobs in Poland. EA/EEU or Swiss residents did not need a Polish passport to work in Poland.

But if you are not a resident of EA/EEU then you can stay for three months in the country but if you want to start a job you need a work visa. You had to visit the registration office and apply for a work permit so you can start your work.

If are you ready to apply for a work visa permit then read the article carefully.

Poland Work Visa Process 2023 complete description

  • Country: Poland
  • Type: Polish National visa
  • Category: Work Visa Process
  • Visafee: €11.05 to €44.19.
  • DeadlineOngoing

Types of Poland Work Visa 2023

There are different types of work visas depending on the job you have applied for. So in this article, we have compiled a list of work visas for you. Choose any of the visas and apply for the work permit according to your job.

Work Permit A: for work permit A you need a legal resident in Poland then you are eligible to apply for the permit.

Work Permit B – if you are a member of the board for more than six months and have a job offer in Poland then you can apply for the work permit B.

Work Permit C: if you join the country as a traveler for 30 days and now you want to start your job then you had to apply for the work permit C to start your job in Poland.

Work Permit D:  you need work permit D if you join the country as an export service provider.

Work Permit S: if you want to start a job in Poland in agriculture, hunting, and for fishing activities then you need a work permit S for the job.

Documents required for Poland Work Visa

Poland work visas require the following documents from the candidates when they apply for a work permit in Poland.

  • A valid passport
  • A visa application form
  • Colored photographs (should fulfill the Schengen visa photo guidelines)
  • Proof of flight ticket to Poland
  • Proof of travel health insurance of around €30,000
  • Proof of housing in Poland
  • A copy and the original version of your work permit.
  • A service letter to show your job settlement in Poland
  • CV or work understanding certificate
  • Proof of your vibrant and sparkling criminal background.

The Poland registration office may demand some more documents depending upon the conditions.

How to Apply for Poland Work Visa?

  • First, you had to submit an application for a work visa.
  • When you get the work permit then apply for the work visa.’
  • After getting a work permit and work visa you are eligible to start your job in Poland.

How to Apply for Poland Work Permit?

Your visa agent is responsible for the work permit. And in how much time your employer takes for the work permit. To apply for the work visa you need the following documents.

  • The application form
  • A proof of viewing remunerated application fees.
  • Proof of permitted status of proprietor allotted from National Court Register (NCR).
  • The company must succumb to the records of its financial activity.
  • Submit a copy of the worker’s passport.
  • Submit proof of the operative’s health insurance.
  • Endeavor for the company.
  • Proof of income profits and losses made by the corporation or employer.
  • Submit proof of agreement or a copy of the contract.

Work visa process Duration.

When you get your job letter from the management at least two months before you had to apply for the work permit. A work visa will be given to you in 6 weeks.

Fees of Poland work Visa. 

  • Work Visa for less than three months – €11.05 
  • Work Visa for more than three months – €22.10 
  • Work type D Permit – €44.19.

Validity of Polish National Visa

The Polish national visa is valid for three months after the three months you had to apply for a permanent resident visa.

Validity of Polish Work Permit

The polish work permit depends upon the job you have selected and how much time you have selected. The last time period of a work permit is for two years.

Extension of Poland Work Visa

You can apply for an extension of the Poland work visa 30 days before the expiration of your work permit.

Poland Seasonal Work Visa

A Poland Seasonal Work Permit is provided to members who didn’t want to work in the country for more than nine months. It is offered to the candidates mostly in summer. Employees had to apply for temporary residency in the country.  You will be given a momentary house license under the following conditions;

  • If you start your work on seasonal happenings.
  • If you start with a regular and stable salary.
  • If you have healthiness assurance.
  • If you have legal proof of housing.

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