Qatar Work Visa Process 2023 | Application Procedure (Explained)

Qatar Work Visa Process 2023

Qatar work visa process 2023– after the FIFA world cup in Qatar, the country has announced jobs also in different fields. It’s a great opportunity for you if you are looking for a job and want to know how you can apply for a working visa in Qatar. In this article, we will explain the process and other beneficial information for visa processing in Qatar. After FIFA Qatar is attracting people toward the country.

Qatar is one of the most attractive countries for international candidates for business and for investors. Every year a lot of people from the whole world came to apply for different jobs and to invest in small businesses in Qatar. If you are also interested in moving abroad then you had to choose Qatar for your professional career. Read this article to get beneficial information about the job visa in Qatar and applying procedure for a Qatar visa.

Qatar is considered one of the top-ranked countries in the world on an economic basis. Qatar offers highly paid jobs to applicants who have degrees in specific fields. Apply now for the job if you find any of the jobs best for you.

Facts About Qatar Work Visa Process 2023

  • Country: Qatar
  • Eligible Countries: Foreigners
  • Post Type: Work Visa

In this article, we will explain to you the complete information about the work visa process and who is eligible to apply for the particular type of visa. In this article, we will provide you with the answers to some of your question that confuses most people.

What is Qatar Work Visa?

As in other countries they provide you a visa or pass Qatar also provides you the document in which they provide you the permission to enter the country and apply for any jobs and start your business in the country. The government of Qatar provides visas to all international candidates who are in the country for work purposes and to start their jobs in the country.

How to Apply for Qatar Work Visa?

All international candidates have to submit their application through the company to apply for a work visa.  The further procedure will be handled by your company. You have to follow the following procedure to submit your documents for a work visa.

  • Companies must authorize by the Ministry of Interior of the Immigration Department.
  • Complete your application and attach the entire document with your application form.
  • A representative card or Immigration Card will be issued to you after completing the registration process.
  • On this document, you are eligible to apply for any of the jobs in the country.
  • The documents must be succumbed in Arabic covering information about the nationality and post of the worker.
  • The Ministry of Labour will check your application and approve it after that you are eligible to apply for a work permit in the country.
  • When you reach the country your visa agent or company had to submit an application for the residency of the candidate in the country.

With the Qatar work visa, you are eligible to apply for specific jobs and you will get the visa in a week.

Types of Qatar Visas 2023

The following types of visas are given to employers when they apply for visas. You can choose any of the visas according to your job type.

  1. QATAR Work Visa
  2. QATAR Vacation Visa
  3. QATAR Family visa
  4. QATAR GCC Visa
  5. QATAR Business Visa

Documents required for QATAR Work Visa

Some of the documents that applicants need when they apply for a work visa In Qatar. Complete your file before applying for the visa.

  • Agreement of Employment
  • Finalized application form from the Ministry of Labor.
  • Medical documentation of good health
  • Passport copy
  • Two passport photographs
  • Relevant educational certificates
  • Immigration Card of employer or company
  • Employment visa
  • Biometrics data

Documents necessary for a Residence permit:

  • Valid passport
  • Two passport-sized photographs of the employee
  • Employment visa
  • Commercial Registration copy
  • Company’s or business’s immigration card copy
  • Medical certificate of the employee.

Age limit of Qatar Work Visa

The applicant must have an age below 60 years. You are eligible for a work visa or private job there is no description of age for the retirement.

Validity of Qatar Work Visa

The visa is valid for one to three months that include your work permit along with the residence permit. After the completion of the visa, you have to leave the country or apply for a work visa.

Qatar Work Visa Cost

The visa fee is different for different types of visas. You have to submit the following fee when you apply for the visa.

  • QATAR entry visa cost – QAR 200.
  • Residence permits fee – QAR 500.

Status Check

All the international candidates who have applied for the work visa can check the status from the official website of the Ministry of Interior through the following steps;

  • Visit the official website of the Ministry of Interior Qatar
  • Click on ‘visa services
  • Choice ‘visa inquiry and printing.’
  • Check with your passport number or visa number
  • Select Nationality
  • Fill in your verification code
  • Click “submit,” and you will be directed to your visa status.

The people from the following countries are eligible to check their visa status from the official website (QVC). These ethnic groups include;

  • Nepal
  • Sri Lanka
  • Bangladesh
  • Pakistan
  • India
  • Philippines

If you are ready apply now for the visa.

Visit the official website to apply for a visa.

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