Rana Naidu Season 1 Updates | Release Date, Cast, Episodes

Rana Naidu Season 1

Rana Naidu Season 1 Updates- Hi Everyone! I hope you are all doing great. Welcome back to a new blog. Are you excited to watch the Season 1 of Rana Naidu? Or are you looking for some details regarding the grand Indian Drama Series Rana Naidu? Then, you don’t need to worry as you are surely on the right platform now. So, please don’t go anywhere else and stay connected with me for all the updates regarding this Indian Drama Series.

Rana Naidu Season 1
Rana Naidu Season 1

Rana Naidu is an Indian Hindi-language Action-Crime Drama television series streaming on Netflix. Rana Naidu is the main leading character and go-to problem-solver in this series. When his father is released from prison, Rana struggles with his family secrets and personal conflict. After doing all this, he realizes that the only problem he can’t fix is his own.

The Indian Drama Series Rana Naidu is one of those Indian series that has rapidly gained fame among the audience not only in India but worldwide. So, if you want to have something in your free time for enjoyment and want to see the action series, then it is highly recommended. I hope you will enjoy watching it a lot, dear series-lover readers. In this blog, I will provide all the details about Season 1 of the Grand Drama Series Rana Naidu. So, please read this blog completely to get complete information about this series.

Overview of Rana Naidu Season 1:

  • Series Name: Rana Naidu
  • Season: Season 1
  • Series Based on: Ray Donovan
  • Story Written By: Ananya Mody
  • language: Hindi
  • Genre: Action-Crime Indian Drama
  • Producer of the Series: Aaron Sunder
  • Directors: Karan Anshuman and Suparn Verma
  • Production Team: Locomotive Global Inc.

Release Date of Rana Naidu Season 1:

Rana Naidu is a 2023 Indian Action-Crime Indian drama television series that is going on Netflix. The language of this Indian Drama Series is Hindi. Karan Anshuman and Suparn Verma have created and directed this grand Indian Series Rana Naidu. If we talk about the Producers of this series, Sunder Aaron has produced this series under the banner Locomotive Global Inc.

As far as the Release Date of Rana Naidu is concerned, the first 10 episodes of this series have been released on the 10th of March, 2023. These episodes of Rana Naidu have crossed millions of views and they are being loved by all people worldwide. To watch the upcoming episodes of this Grand Indian Series, you have to keep in touch with Netflix.

This Action-Crime Series is the official adaptation of the 2013 popular American TV series Ray Donovan. The real-life nephew and uncle duo of that series can be seen in this series as well in the character of Rana Naidu and Venkatesh Daggubati, a Mumbai fixer, and his ex-con father respectively.

On one Social Media platform, Rana Daggubati (named Rana Naidu in the Series) said: “ I always wanted to share the screen with my uncle the VICTORY V and my dream is finally coming true. As much as I love him off-screen, in ‘Rana Naidu’ we are going to be at each other’s throats”.

Cast of Rana Naidu Season 1:

Rana Naidu Season 1
Rana Naidu Season 1

The cast of the Indian Drama Series Rana Naidu Season 1 is provided below. Moreover, I have also mentioned their roles as well:

  • Venkatesh Daggubati as Naga Naidu; Rana, Tej, Jaffa, and Arjun Naidu’s father
  • Rana Daggubati as Rana Naidu, Naga’s son
  • Surveen Chawla as Naina Naidu, Rana’s wife
  • Sushant Singh as Tej Naidu, Rana, and Jaffa’s older brother
  • Abhishek Banerjee as Pawan ‘Jaffa’ Naidu, Rana and Tej’s younger brother
  • Suchitra Pillai as Tara, Naga’s love interest
  • Rajesh Jais as OB Mahajan, Rana’s boss, and politician
  • Gaurav Chopra as Prince Reddy, a Bollywood actor; OB and Rana’s associate
  • Rajni Basumatary as Nyla, Naga’s former love interest and  mother of Arjun
  • Adithya Menon as Srini, Rana’s right-hand man
  • Supriya Aysola as Padma Naidu, Surya’s wife
  • Saurav Khurana as Cricketer Zayed Mirza
  • Milind Pathak as Vijayawada Maharaja
  • Abhishek Bhalerao as Inspector Malvade
  • Anuj Khurana as Aman / Prince Vithal
  • Janu Kumar as Pamma
  • Flora Saini as Kavya, OB’s sister-in-law, and mistress
  • Priya Banerjee as Mandira, a Bollywood actress, and girlfriend of Farzad
  • Ashwin Mushran as Farzad Soonawala, Prince Reddy’s producer; OB and Rana’s associate
  • Tenzin Dalha as Arjun Naidu, Rana, Tej, and Jaffa’s half-brother
  • Afrah Sayed as Nitya Naidu, daughter of Rana Naidu and Naina; Naga’s grand-daughter
  • Lauren Robinson as Laura, Rana’s investigative assistant
  • Zessica Harison
  • Ashish Vidyarthi as Surya Rao Naidu/Surya Mohammed Khan, Naga’s older brother and former boss; Tej, Rana, and Jaffa’s uncle

Episodes List of Rana Naidu Season 1:

I have provided below the list of the ten episodes of Rana Naidu Season 1 along with their titles and brief descriptions. Dear readers, you will have to watch all the episodes to get detailed information about this hit Indian Drama Series. I must say you will love watching it if you are an action-crime series lover.

1. He’s Back:

Rana Naidu is a fixer who at once makes the disappear problems of Mumbai’s elite class at the snap of his fingers. His life takes a dramatic turn when his father, Naga Naidu, releases from prison five years early.

While solving the scandals for cricketers and starlets, Rana Naidu gets involved in a fight over his father’s sudden release from jail. This illicit encounter annoys Naina, the heroine of the series.

2. Teen Karod:

Naga Naidu, the father of Rana Naidu, tries to remake his bond with his family. While Rana Naidu is handling Prince’s latest problem. Moreover, in this episode, a temporary friendship forms between Nitya and her neighbor, Rehaan.

3. Koi Mar Gaya Kya?

Naga Naidu takes Jaffa and Arjun on a trip to re-establish their old connection while Rana Naidu is making a plan to kill two birds with one stone. Moreover, OB hosts a Diwali party but his crimes come up in front of him, and

he falls prey to a car accident. He is in a vulnerable condition now. The unexpected meeting leads Naga to the chilling truth about his son, Raan Naidu.

4. Baap Bete Ke Rishte:

Rana Naidu helps Toofan in getting custody of Rehaan but soon finds himself in a tough position when things turn out to be worse. Meanwhile, Naga Naidu shows up at Prince’s screening.

5. Kitna Gurda, Kitna Goo:

Rana Naidu, the hero of the series, tries to close the investigation of the CBI. OB is prepared for risky surgery of his own. Meanwhile, Jaffa hosts a housewarming party but it goes out of control.

6. Bheje Ku Light, Gote Ku Tight:

Rana Naidu has gone to Hyderabad to strike a deal with a ghost from the past. Meanwhile, the CBI put pressure on Naga Naidu.

7. Nitya:

Memories of their late sister on her birthday bring the brothers together. Rana, Tej, and Jaffa celebrate the birth anniversary of their sister but it is riddled with interruptions. Meanwhile, India’s most wanted man, Rana Naidu, takes a road trip to Mumbai.

8. Tu Kya Kiya?

Ani wants to go to an awards show with Prince. On the other hand, Rana Naidu’s plan with Surya is put into action. Moreover, Naga has a secret meeting.

9. Maharaj:

Rana Naidu is called out to handle an issue at Tej’s studio. While Srini is sent to keep an eye on Naina and the children. The police questioned Naga Naidu about a recent murder.

10. Game Over G****:

Rana Naidu and Srini go out for the hunt and Rana tries to flush out Surya but his plan backfires. As the news of Surya’s presence spreads in Mumbai, Rana Naidu faces pressure to help him escape there. It is a very thriller-action episode as bullets fly in a bloody confrontation and no one is safe there.


Concluding Words:

So this is all about the famous Indian Television Drama Series Rana Naidu Season 1 Updates. I have tried to provide all the details in this blog regarding its overview, Release Date, Cast, and Episode list. Go watch out the first ten episodes of Rana Naiudu. And, If you are waiting for the next episodes of this grand Crime-Action Series, keep checking the web portal for all of its release updates, dear readers.

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Thank you for reading my blog, dear readers!

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