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Scholarships Deadline in February 2023

Scholarships Deadline in February 2023–Hey Everyone! Hope you are all doing well. Welcome back to another post. Are you all ready to study abroad? Or are you looking for scholarships? so, today I am here to tell you about the list of scholarships having a deadline in February 2023. Read this post carefully to get information about all the details related to scholarships for the academic year 2023.

In this article, you come across all the fully funded scholarships offered for students who want to get scholarship programs, exchange programs, internship programs, and conferences. These opportunities are available for all international candidates.

Must submit your application almost 7 days before the deadline, because the applications that are submitted 1 or 2 days before the deadline are automatically transferred to the trash. As, the competition is high and a lot of students are interested to study through a scholarship in another country, make yourself enough capable to be selected for these scholarships.

So, if you want to grab any scholarship offered in the year 2023, then read this article thoroughly and gather all the details regarding these scholarships.

Scholarships Deadline in February 2023 Short Details

  • Eligible Countries: International Students
  • Programs offered: Scholarships, Internships & Conferences
  • Type: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: February 2023

List of Programs Offered

Numerous programs are offered in these scholarships. these scholarships are given below;

  • Summits
  • Conferences
  • Exchange Programs
  • Internships
  • Scholarships

List of Scholarships Deadline in February 2023

A lot of scholarships are offered in the year 2023. Some of these scholarships are discussed below;

  1. University of Alberta Scholarships 2023
  2. Global Peace Summit Kenya 2023
  3. Russian Government Scholarships 2023
  4. ETH Summer Internship in Switzerland 2023
  5. The University of Tokyo ADB Scholarship 2023

1: University of Alberta Scholarships 2023

if you want to continue your graduate-level degree, you have the opportunity to choose this scholarship offered by the University of Alberta. This is the most prestigious university in the world. This scholarship is for all international candidates that are interested to study abroad. This is a fully funded scholarship; it means you don’t have to pay any tuition fees and you don’t need to submit your IELTS scores. You only have to submit your application online on the official website to apply for the scholarship. To find more about this scholarship, visit the official website; the University of Alberta Official link

2: Global Peace Summit Kenya 2023.

This conference is a fully funded program offered by Global Peace Kenya which covers all the expenses related to the conference. The duration of this conference is almost 7 days. There is no requirement to submit an IELTS score for this summit in Kenya. This summit is offered for the 150+ positions in the conference. Don’t miss this opportunity to attend this beneficial conference. To book your position in this conference, submit your application online on the official website;  Global Peace Summit Kenya 2023

3: Russian Government Scholarships 2023

These scholarships are offered by the Government of Russia for the top universities of Russia. These scholarships give you the opportunity to complete your degree in graduate and postgraduate degree programs. Almost 15,000 scholarships are offered in top universities of Russia for all international students the Government of Russia. You don’t need to submit IELTS scores in the application. You only apply for this application through the official website portal of these scholarships;  Russian Government Scholarships 2023

4: ETH Summer Internship in Switzerland 2023

The ETH Summer Internship program is offered by the Government of Switzerland. This internship program is offered for all the fields of your relevant programs. you must have to apply for this internship program. These programs are funded. All the expenses included in the program are covered by the Swiss Government. The duration of this internship program is almost 2 months. This internship program starts on 1st July and ends on 31ST August 2023. If you are interested to apply for this ETH Summer Internship in Switzerland, then submit your online application on the official link; ETH Summer Internship program 2023

5: The University of Tokyo ADB Scholarship 2023

Asian Development Bank offers almost 300 scholarships every year to all international candidates. ADB offers this scholarship to the University of Tokyo, the top university in Japan. If you want to continue your Graduate degree program then you have to apply for these Asian Development Bank Scholarships at the University of Tokyo. The time period of this ADB scholarship is almost 2 years. If you are ready to fly towards Japan to study then submit your application online for this ADB scholarship through the given link of the official website; ADB scholarship 2023

Final Words

Let us take a quick review of the above-discussed article, in which we discussed the list of the fully funded scholarships that application deadline is going to be over in February 2023. These scholarships, internships, and summits are offered by the relevant Government of those countries. So, if you want to complete your higher education from outside your country then, apply for these scholarships. so, visit the official websites of these scholarships and submit your application now. Best of Luck!

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