Scholarships in Belarus Without IELTS 2023

Belarus is located in Eastern Europe. Belarus Scholarships are easy to obtain. Here are the Scholarships in Belarus Without IELTS 2023 for Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. programs. IELTS or TOEFL are not required for admission. The application process is simple. Each year, Belarus’ higher education institutions and universities welcome 6000 foreign students. Tuition fees are very low compared to other European countries. 

Students want to study in Belarus. This country, located east of Poland and west of Russia, values university education highly. There are a variety of Bachelor, Master, and diploma programs available. Education in Belarus is of high quality. Belarusian universities do not require TOEFL or IELTS. Belarus has 48 universities, some of which are world-class.

In this post, we have compiled a list of the best scholarships available in Belarus. There are also scholarship and job opportunities available. Education at Belarusian universities is very well known. If you’re looking for an affordable option in Europe, Belarus is a good choice. Please find below a complete list of scholarships in Belarus without IELTS and information about studying in Belarus without IELTS.

Details About Scholarships in Belarus Without IELTS 2023

  • Scholarship Country: Belarus
  • Degree Level: Bachelor, Master, Ph.D., Diploma
  • Financial Coverage: Funded

List of Belarus Universities Without IELTS 2023

The following universities accept international students without IELTS. In addition, they are among the most affordable universities in Belarus.

  1. Belarussian State Agricultural Academy
  2. Belarussian State Technological University
  3. Brest State Technical University
  4. Belarussian State University
  5. Brest State University
  6. Gomel State Medical Institute
  7. European Humanities University
  8. Grodno State Medical Institute
  9. Polatsk State University
  10. Minsk State Linguistic University
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List of Belarus Scholarships

These scholarships can be found on Google about Belarus for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. :

  1. DAAD – Bilateral Academic Exchange
  2. Erasmus Mundus:
  3. DAAD – Scholarship in Belarus
  4. Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno Scholarships
  5. International Research and Exchanges Board Fellowship in Belarus
  6. Fulbright Scholarships for Belarus
  7. Visegrad Scholarship Program
  8. Boren Awards

How to Study in Belarus Without IELTS

You can enroll in an English program in Germany without taking the IELTS exam.

You will need to submit an English Proficiency Certificate or Medium of Instruction (MOI) upon admission. Your previous institution can provide you with this certificate.

The Medium of Instruction Certificate (MOI)

Your previous educational institution can provide you with an MOI confirming that English was your medium of instruction. Most German universities accept this as proof of English proficiency.

All you need to do is submit the English Language Proficiency Certificate. Be sure to mention that you took English courses at your previous university.

You can demonstrate English language proficiency at a university that waives IELTS. IELTS scores are not required.

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