Spain Digital Nomad Visa 2023 | Visa for Remote Worker (Announced)

Spain Digital Nomad Visa 2023

Spain digital nomad visa 2023 is announced for all digital creators. This is a new type of visa that is announced by the Spain government for those who work online and are away from their country. The Digital Nomads include freelancers, YouTubers, Self-employed individuals, photographers, social media influencers, etc. if you belong to any of these professions you have to apply for the Digital Nomad visa 2023.

As different countries provide these types of visa to people who are working in media fields, Spain also take initiative and launch a visa for these types of people who belong to the digital world. When people from different countries came to Spain and visit they will make videos on the culture and traditions of the country. And this will help tourist who wants to travel to different countries.

So in this article, we will give you complete information about the Digital Nomad visa 2023.  Read the article and apply now for the visa if you are eligible for the visa.

Who are eligible for a Spain Digital Nomad Visa 2023?

The following group of people is eligible to apply for a digital nomad visa in 2023.

  • Member of a non-EEA resident who wants to start work in Spain distantly, you are eligible to apply for Spain Digital Nomad Visa.
  • If the applicants have an EU passport, then the government of Spain already provides them the authority to start their work in Spain.

Who is Eligible to apply for Spain Digital Nomad Visa?

The eligibility criteria for the Non-EU residents for the Spain Digital Nomad Visa are as follows;

  • The candidates must have evidence of a job from any other non-Spanish company.
  • All candidates have workers outside Spain.
  • All candidates have 20% of their income earned from the Spanish company.
  • The candidates who are applying for the visa must have a five-year residency plan in Spain.
  • All candidates must have two years of experience.
  • All candidates have clear criminal records.
  • All candidates must have residency proof.

Requirements of Digital Nomad Visa

Spain’s digital nomad visa has the same requirement as other different visas allotted by the government to the people. The applicants can apply for a visa for 6 months to 2 years. After the expiry of the visa, they can get another new visa to stay in the country. The applicants who are applying must have to follow the following requirements.

  • The candidate must be independent.
  • The candidates have to pay the 20% of their business amount to the employer in Spain.
  • All candidates have to complete the pay requirements provided by the government of Spain.
  • All candidates must have a maximum of twice the earnings of the national minimum income of Spain.
  • This time the earning of the worker is €1,050, so the digital Nomads have to provide evidence that their salary is €2,000, if not €3,000.
  • In New Year 2023, there will be some changes in the requirements of visas well-defined by the government of Spain.
  • All candidates must have income proof for more than three months.
  • All candidates have to show that they have worked independently.
  • All candidates have to apply for a residency visa within 20 days of getting a work permit.

How you can apply for Digital Nomad Spain Visa?

The government of Spain didn’t release the complete information about the Digital Nomad Spain visa. But some of the steps are common to apply for a visa. Follow the given steps and apply now for the visa.

  • You have to consult the employer or agent for your work visa.
  • The embassy will provide you with a work visa.
  • After that, you are allowed to move with freedom in the country.

For how much time Digital Nomad Visa is Valid?

Most visa is given to the workers for one year. If you show good progress and are beneficial to the country they will provide you a chance to make an extension on your work visa.  They will allow you to stay in the country for more than five years.

After getting the work visa you are eligible to apply for the residency visa.


So this is all about the Nomad visa. If you have any questions related to a work visa you can ask in the comment section.



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