Sweden Work Visa Process 2023 | Application Requirements (Explained)

Sweden Work Visa Process 2023

Sweden work visa process 2023 is given in this article. It’s a great opportunity for you if you are looking for a Sweden work visa as the government of Sweden has announced the criteria and other requirements to apply for the visa. You must have to apply for a work visa if you want to start a job in Sweden. The work visa is the most important document you need when you want to apply for a job internationally available job.

If you get a job offer from the company you still need a visa for work. Some companies provide visas to their employees and are mostly contract basis. If you find a job independently then you had to apply for a work visa. In this article, we will provide complete information about how you apply for a Sweden work visa.

Read the article and apply now for a work permit in Sweden.

Sweden Work Visa Process 2023 Details

  • Country: Sweden
  • Eligible Countries: Foreigners
  • Category: Work Visa

Who needs Swedish Work Visa?

The member of the European Union didn’t need a work visa when they apply for a job in Sweden. All international candidates need a Swedish work visa.

The applicants who fulfilled the following conditions didn’t need work visas.

  • If you are living permanently and have a residence permit.
  • If you acquire a residence permit for tenacities.
  • If you have a special residence permit for Investigation resolves.
  • If you are a shelter searcher and have an AT-UND.
  • If you are a member of a European Union country.

Sweden Work Visa Requirements

When you are preparing the application for the visa you must take in think the following documents that are necessary for the visa these are;

  • A valid passport
  • A job offer from a Sweden company
  • Agreement letter from Sweden’s company
  • Evidence of presented income in agreement with the Swedish shared contract
  • Evidence of job offers that accomplish your living expenditures and are eligible to provide the aid to you in Sweden, with at least€1,220 (SEK 13,000) per month.
  • Evidence of health assurance analysis, life, service, and annuity coverage by the employer.

Swedish Work Visa Process 2023

You can apply for a Sweden Work visa through the following methods;

  1. Online application
  2. Or apply from the consulate-general or Sweden embassy.

 Online application:

Submission of the application from the website is the easiest way to fill out your application. You had to attach the documents with your application form and submit the form so the higher authority will check the documents.

  • GET A JOB OFFER –you have to apply for the job before applying for the work visa. You can apply for jobs from the official website and get job offers from different companies.
  • ACQUIRE A WORK PERMIT – Your visa agent will help you to apply for a work permit. Send all your personal information to the company, including; name, DOB, education, nationality, Email, etc.
  • EMAIL –After the implementation of a job offer you will get an email from the company that consists of all the information about the work permit.
  • ATTACH DOCUMENTS –submit all the documents with your application form and attach a reference letter with your application form.
  • APPLICATION FEES –submit the application fee, and they will send you a confirmation of the application submission email.
  • PROCESS TIME –the application will process in a few days if your application contains all the recommended information and provide the data correctly. The Swedish Migration Agency will check your application.
  • RESIDENCE PERMITS CARD –a residence permit card will be given to the applicants for 90 days to stay in Sweden.

Embassy Application:

Follow the following steps when you are applying for Sweden’s embassy or consulate;

  • APPOINTMENT – Applicants had to reserve an appointment with the delegation or embassy.
  • APPLICATION FORM –after the appointment they will give you the application form.  You had to fill out your application form with all the instructions given to you by the department.
  • REQUIRED DOCUMENTS –Applicants must submit all the mentioned documents, counting; passport pages, a letter of job contract, or an offer from the employer.
  • SUBMITS THE FORM – submit your application to the legation or consulate-general.
  • ANSWER – after completing your application you will receive a confirmation message from the embassy.

Sweden Work Visa Processing time

Sweden works visa processing time depends upon the company and type of visa you are applying for. Most visa takes 2 to 12 months of processing time.

Sweden Work Visa Fees

The fee of work visa fee depends upon the type of job you are applying for. The normal fee for a work visa is 190 euros.

How to acquire a residence permit for Sweden?

To get a residence permit in Sweden you have to follow the following criteria:

  • If you are living in Sweden for more than 4 years then you are eligible for permanent residence.
  • If you have started a business and have enough resources that you can support yourself then you are eligible to apply for permanent residence.
  • If you are working from the start in the same occupation.

Validity of a Sweden Work Visa

The work visa is valid for two years until your job contract didn’t expire.


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