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Hello Everyone! Have a good day with new hope. I am here to give you the information about the jobs in Switzerland.

Switzerland Caregiver jobs at Home: If someone wants to change his life and wants to gain a great opportunity and have wish to work in a wonderful country of the world. They can settle their work by applying there. This opportunity is for noneducators and unskilled people who have no skills to make a bright future. so This is a life-changing career opportunity for foreigners who want to gain a place in the most beautiful and peaceful country in the world. This unskilled job role is ideal for candidates who have much career experience but have no higher education. It is also for women and young job finders because of its slow-paced home settings and relaxed nature.

Currently, there is a private household located in the area of Switzerland, which is Lucerne. Switzerland is waiting for the caregiver who cares for the senior family members which are fully furnished and well settled and present in the center of the city just 700 meters far away. A caring good natured compassionate household woman is needed to handle the house chores like cooking laundry and taking care of the client’s medications.

Switzerland Caregiver jobs of Home
Switzerland Caregiver jobs at Home

In this article you can know all information about the  Homecare Giver / Au Pair Jobs in Switzerland 2023, the method to apply for work visa sponsorship for this job, job details and requirements, responsibilities, and everything you want to know. Need to know. Required:

Details about Home Caregiver Jobs In Switzerland 2023 For Foreigners:

  • The title of the job: Healthcare Giver, Live Care Assistant, Home Care, Au Pair, etc
  • Location of the job: Lucerne, Switzerland
  • Minimum knowledge: some necessary certifications and attestations
  • Minimum experience: Proven work experience of at least one year
  • Free food: Yes free food
  • Free Accommodation: Yes free accommodation
  • Free transport: Yes, if need and demanded
  • Free Medical: No free medical for a candidate
  • Health insurance: No health insurance
  • Expected Salary: about 1000 CHF
  • Sponsoring agency: Au
  • Working hours per week:15-20
  • The age group of elderly/seniors: between thirty-five to fifty

Requirements of Home Care Jobs

  • No formal and high education is required. A GCSES or High School Diploma will be needed.
  • Any three-month or six-month certification in personal assistance, home health care aide, or related discipline home health care aide or related discipline is plus point.
  • A driving license is an additional point. (For some workers, this is necessary).
  • There is required a First Aid Certificate/Crisis Prevention Certification.
  • For inexpert workers Swiss work visa requirements.

Responsibilities of Home Caregiver Jobs In Switzerland

If we talk about the responsibilities of a home caregiver in Switzerland As per the job advertisement, the main responsibilities of the job are as follows:

  • good conversation and Companionship with elderly/elderly family members.
  • With a fresh mood do outdoor activities like walking around of garden to see if all is right.
  • progressive work
  • Glossary and shopping for home needs.
  • work at a time
  • take care at night
  • Cooking master
  • services of laundry.
  • dressing and bathing every day.
  • Light housework
  • expert to deal with patients and how control the client in unhealthy conditions.

The standard Salary of a HomeCare in Switzerland

The standard Housekeeper / Au Pair’s salary based on many factors such as his skills to work and behavior with others and how sincere he or she is with his work his experience, his relevant qualifications like graduation degree should be, or total skills. However, according to the official website of the au pair is 500-800 CHF for thirty days.

How to Apply For Home Caregiver Jobs In Switzerland 2023 

More Info

  • Can foreigners get a job in Switzerland in 2023?

people ask who can work in Switzerland. The answer is this, the person who is qualified as a non-EU/EFTA citizen, like for example university students who have done graduation with several years of professional experience and have some skills to take care in Switzerland.Non-EFTA/EU citizens need a work permit for care, even for a short -term employment. The number of countenances issued is limited so if you are interested apply for this.

  • What is the standard Salary of a HomeCare in Switzerland in 2023?

The standard salary housekeeper /AU pair are based on many factors such as experience, expert-to-care-related qualifications, or total skills. However, according to the official website of the au pair is 500-800 CHF for thirty days.

This was all about the Switzerland jobs, hope you gain it so be passionate take steps and choose the way of your choice.



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