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Switzerland Work Visa Process 2023 | Application Requirements (Explained)

Switzerland Work Visa Process 2023

Switzerland work visa process 2023 is explained in this article. A visa is a document that provides you permission to enter any country. All international candidates acquire a visa permit to enter any other region. To start a business or job in any other country you have to apply for a work permit. The applicants belonging to the European Union have different procedures to apply for the work permit rather than non-European union members.

D-Visa is the work permit given to the applicants. This type of visa is for those who want to stay permanently or for a long period. If you are interested in the Swiss visa procedure then read the whole article and find the best visa for you to stay in Switzerland.

Switzerland Work Visa Process 2023 completes information:

  • Country: Switzerland
  • Eligible Counties: Foreigners
  • Category: Work Visa

 Switzerland Work Visa Eligibility Criteria

The member of the country and who belongs to other countries must have to follow the following eligibility criteria when they apply for the work visa.

  • You must have a university degree then you are eligible to apply for the visa.
  • Must have skills and expertise in your subject field then you can apply for the visa.
  • Those who are elected as managers/specialists are eligible to apply for visas.
  • The applicant from non-EU had to apply for a job in an international company and then you can apply for a Switzerland job visa.
  • You can apply for the quotas work visa permit.

So you had to follow the given eligibility criteria to apply for the work visa.

How to apply for a Switzerland work visa?

The applicants who want to apply for a work visa in Switzerland had to follow the given procedure:

  • First, you had to apply for a job in Switzerland.
  • Complete your documentation and submit your application.
  • After receiving a job letter you are eligible to apply for the work permit.
  • A residency permit is given to the applicants before the work permit.

First, you had to search for a job if you don’t have one. Through the website, a list of jobs appears you can apply for any of the jobs according to your education then you can apply for a work permit.

Switzerland Work Visa Requirements

Some of the documents are necessary for the applicants to submit when they apply for a work permit in Switzerland. These documents are important if you don’t have any of the documents maybe you had to face rejection of your work permit. Some of the documents are as follows:

  • Three sign-up and finalized application forms for a long-stay visa.
  • The applications are available online. You can download it online in any language, containing; English, German, French, Italian, or Spanish.
  • A valid passport comprises two blank pages. A visa must have three months validity after leaving Switzerland.
  • Three copies of passport pages comprising the 1-4 and the last page. The visa shows your expiry date and release date.
  • Copies of all previous visas.
  • Four passport-sized photographs (biometric)
  • Job contract and two copies of it.
  • You must prove your professional activity.
  • Copies of diplomas, certificates, etc.
  • Details of qualification and the dates you attended the college/university.
  • CV/Resume.

Documents other than French, German, Italian, and English language must be translated. If you need more documents then you have to contact the embassy.

Switzerland Work Visa Application Process

To apply for the visa you had to follow the following steps.

  • First apply for the resident visa your contractor for the visa is there for you to apply for the visa.
  • Then the higher authority will check your permit letter and recheck your documents and if they are valid then they will transfer it to the next steps.
  • In the procedure, you have to apply for the work permit so you get it after some time.
  • After the approval of your visa, you will receive the official notification from the embassy and then you are eligible to travel towards the country.

Who is let off from Switzerland Work Visa 2023?

There is free movement on which if you are a member of the EU then you are released from the work permit. Some of the countries are as follows:

  1. Schengen countries
  2. Future Schengen member countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, and Romania).
  3. Andorra
  4. Brunei
  5. Great Britain
  6. Ireland
  7. Japan
  8. New Zealand.
  9. San Marino
  10. Singapore
  11. Vatican City

If you are a member of the following countries you have the freedom to work in Switzerland and there will be no legal action taken against you.

Types of Residence Permits for Switzerland Work Visa

There are different residence permits in Switzerland. You can apply for any of the permits.

PERMIT L FOR SHORT-TERM RESIDENCE – if you apply for the L short-term residence you are allowed to stay for more than 12 months and you are not allowed to stay for 24 months.

PERMIT C FOR PERMANENT RESIDENCE- if you are a member of the Switzerland community and live for more than 10 years then you are allowed to apply for the permit C permanent residence visa.

There are 26 regions (a subdivision of a country established for political or administrative purposes) in Switzerland that have announced the authority to provide residence permits to international candidates. Check Here.

For more visit the official website where you can find more visa permits.



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