The Scholarship Jacket

The story is about a young girl in a small town in the American State of Texas. The lead character of the story is a 14-year-old girl named Marta. She is a brilliant student and has a passion for doing something. Till now she has shown brilliant results in the class and class topper all her life.

She always wants to achieve something in her life. Her main goal is to get the scholarship jacket that the school awards to only those students who are performing best in thier last 8 years of school education. Now Marta is in eighth class and she is expecting to achieve the scholarship jacket as in the part her sister Rosie did.

As about the life of Marta, is living a tough life as she stays with her grandparents as her father does not have a good job and is unable to feed her with his low income. She has gone through many ups and downs in her life. His grandfather is a farmer and he is doing his best to educate her. Marta is not very beautiful and athletic. So her brilliance in education is the only thing that she has.

Something Goes Wrong

Marta has to face a lot of problems in her life. One day she hears some of the teachers discussing in the kocer room. Her world turns upside down when she hears. The teachers are discussing the scholarship jacket as they mention that they have to give the jacket to Joan who stands second to Marts. Joan’s father was a rich man and she also belonged to Caucasians and Marta belonged to Mexico.

The next day Marta was called by the principal of the school. The principal announced that they had made some changings in the school policy. From now the students have to pay a 15 dollars for the scholarship jacket. 

Marta is Heartbroken

The girl came home and discussed the whole matter with her grandfather. The grandfather is not ready to give her the money for the jacket.

He believes that scholarship jackets are given to students who are on merit and you should have to earn the jacket on merit. As Marta has no money she had to relays her decision to decline the jacket.

On the day of the announcement, she mentioned that she didn’t have any money to give for the scholarship jacket and offered it to the next student in line Joan. But after hearing her speech the school principal heart melt. So once again he changed the policies and offered the scholarship jacket to one of the most deserving students of the school who is also on merit. On that day she came back to the farm of her grandparents and shared the story with her grandparents. 

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