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The University of Northern Iowa is a public university in Cedar Falls, Iowa, United States. UNI offers more than 90 majors across five colleges. The fall 2023 total enrollment was 9,021 students.

Major Feilds and Courses: 

Accounting (MAcc)
Accounting (Online/Des Moines)
Adapted Physical Education
Addictions Treatment
Advanced Leadership Techniques
Advanced Studies Certificate in Educational Leadership – Principalship (ASC)
Advanced Studies Certificate in Superintendency
Advertising and Digital Media
Air Quality
Allied Health, Recreation and Community Services (EdD)
Allied Health, Recreation and Community Services (EdD) Online
Applied Business Concepts
Art Education
Art Education (MA)
Art History
Art Studio: Ceramics
Art Studio: Drawing
Art Studio: Painting
Art Studio: Performance Art
Art Studio: Photography
Art Studio: Printmaking
Art Studio: Sculpture
Athletic Training (MATR)
Athletic Training and Rehabilitation Studies
Automation Engineering Technology
Biology (B.A. or B.S.)
Biology (MS)
Biology Honors Research Emphasis
Biology Teaching
Biology: Biomedical
Business Administration
Business Administration: Management Online
Business Analytics
Business Communication
Business Management
Business of Healthcare
Business Teaching
Career & Technical Education
Chemistry Teaching
Child Welfare
Chinese Studies
Chiropractic 3+1
Clinic Mental Health Counseling (MA)
Clinical Mental Health Counseling (ASC)
Communication & Media (MA)
Communication-Theatre Teaching
Community Health and Recreation (MA)
Community Nutrition
Composition/Theory (B.M.)
Comprehensive Secondary Science Teaching
Computer Science
Computer Science (K-12 )
Computer Science Education
Construction Management
Corporate Fitness
Creative Writing
Crime Mapping and Analysis
Criminal Justice (Online)
Criminology & Criminal Justice
Criminology & Criminal Justice (Online)
Curriculum & Instruction (EdD) Online
Curriculum and Instruction (EdD)
Data Science
Digital Journalism
Digital Media Journalism
Digital Media Leadership
Digital Media Production
Early Childhood Education – Teaching
Early Childhood Education (MAE)
Early Childhood Special Education – Teaching
Earth Science
Earth Science Teaching
Ecology Evolution and Organismal Biology
Educational Leadership / Principalship (EdD) Online
Educational Leadership / Special Education Director (EdD)
Educational Leadership / Superintendency (EdD) Online
Educational Studies
Electrical and Electronics Technology
Electrical Engineering Technology
Elementary Education – Teaching
Elementary Education (2+2 Transfer Program)
Elementary Education (MAE)
Elementary Education (Purple Pathway for Paraeducators)
Elementary Science – Teaching
English as a Second Language (ESL) Endorsement
English Teaching
Environmental Assessment
Environmental Earth Science
Environmental Health
Environmental Resource Management
Environmental Science
Exercise Science for Health Professionals
Family Services
Family Studies
Financial and Real Estate Sales
French 2+2
French Language Studies
General Business Concepts
General Studies
Geographic Information Science
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Cartography
Geography (MA)
Global Health and Humanitarian Assistance
Graphic Design
Graphic Technology
Health & Social Services
Hispanic Cultures
History – Teaching
History (MA)
Human Resources
Individual Studies
Individual Studies: Human Services
Individual Studies: Sports Administration
Interactive Digital Studies
Interdisciplinary French Studies
Interdisciplinary Studies MAIS (MA)
Interior Design
International Affairs
International Business
International Business Culture and Language
International Commerce
International Peace and Security
Iowa Computer Science Endorsement
Iowa Reading K-8
Iowa Secondary School Health
Jazz Studies
Kinesiology and Exercise Science
Kinesiology and Sports Performance (MA)
Learning Technologies & Instructional Design (MA)
Legal Studies
Liberal Studies
Linguistic Studies
Literacy Education – Teaching
Literacy Education (MAE)
Literary Publishing
Management Information Systems
Managing Business & Organizations
Manufacturing Engineering Technology
Manufacturing Technology Design
Marketing Management
Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Cedar Falls
Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Hometown
Master of Business Administration (MBA) – International
Mathematics (K-8 )
Mathematics (MA)
Mathematics Teaching
Mathematics Teaching: Community College Emphasis (MA)
Mathematics Teaching: Elementary & Middle Grades (K-8) (MA)
Mathematics Teaching: Secondary Emphasis (MA)
Medical Laboratory Sciences 3+1
Mental Health
Middle Level Education – Dual
Middle Level Science Education
Military Psychology
Museum Studies
Music Composition/Theory
Music Education
Music Performance
Music Studio (B.F.A)
Music Studio: Brass
Music Studio: Keyboard
Music Studio: Percussion
Music Studio: Strings
Music Studio: Voice
Music Studio: Woodwinds
Music: Conducting (M.M.)
Music: Jazz
Music: Music History
Music: Performing Arts Management
Music: Piano Performance & Pedagogy (M.M.)
Music: Technology
Networking and Systems Administration
Nonprofit management
Nursing (BSN)
Nursing 3+1
Nursing 3+1: Health Sciences
Organizational Communication & Inclusive Leadership
Organizational Leadership
Outdoor Recreation
Philanthropy & Nonprofit Development (MA)
Physical Education – Pedagogy (MA)
Physical Education Teaching
Physics (B.S.)
Physics and Engineering 3+2 Dual Degree
Physics Coursework for Iowa 5-12 Physics & All Science
Physics Custom Degree (B.A.)
Physics Data Science (B.A.)
Physics Teaching
Political Communication
Political Science
Politics and Law
Post-Colonial and Multicultural Literary Studies
Postsecondary Education / Student Affairs (MA)
Postsecondary Education / Student Affairs (MA) Online
Postsecondary Education / Student Affairs (EdD) Online
Postsecondary Education: Student Affairs (EdD)
Pre-Occupational Therapy
Pre-Physical Therapy
Pre-Speech Language Pathology
Principalship (MAE/ASC)
Professional Writing
Psychology (MA)
Public Administration
Public Health
Public Health: Community Health
Public Health: Environmental Health Science
Public History
Public Personnel and Human Resources
Public Policy (MPP)
Public Relations
Reading/Literacy 5-12
Real Estate
Recreation, Tourism and Nonprofit Leadership
Religion, Study of
Sales Management
School Counseling (MA)
School Health Education – Teaching
School Library Studies (MA)
School Psychology (EdS)
School Psychology (MAE)
Science Education – Information (MA)
Science Education – Online (MA)
Sexuality, Women and Gender Studies
Social Science – Teaching
Social Science (MA) Online
Social Studies Elementary Teaching
Social Welfare
Social Work
Social Work (MSW)
Social Work: Advanced Standing (MSW)
Social Work: Foundation (MSW)
Sociology of Family and Life Course
Sociology of Gender and Culture
Sociology of Health and Development
Sociology of Inequality and Inclusion
Sociology of Race/Ethnicity and Immigration
Spanish (5-12)
Spanish Language Studies
Spanish Teaching
Spanish/English Translation
Special Education – Endorsement/Minor—Instructional Strategist
Special Education – Teaching
Special Education: Consultant Emphasis (MAE)
Special Education: Instructional Emphasis (MAE)
Speech-Language Pathology (MA)


The students who are enrolled in the univeristy are eligible to get access to the campus portal or access the student center. The faculty is not able to get access to the student portal or they have to access the faculty portal. The outage is hoped to last up to twenty-four hours.

List of Scholarships available for You:

The Univeristy Of Northern Lowa announces scholarships for deserving students every year. The candidate can apply for this scholarship by fulfilling the merit or achievements.

You can apply for any of the below scholarships and you have to follow the eligibility criteria for the scholarship. There are hundreds of scholarships that are available for you and they can be given to you using your admission information.

Academic Colleges

The univeristy is known as People univeristy. The number of campuses and colleges of the Northern Lowa are as follows. You can apply for any of these.

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