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University of Cambridge Acceptance Rate 2023

University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge Acceptance Rate 2023 is discussed in this article. The University of Cambridge is famous due to the graduates who get Nobel prizes. The University of Cambridge is known as one of the most famous universities in the UK. If the applicants want to apply for admission to the Cambridge university then it is not easy as most brilliant students from all over the world apply for admission and it is difficult to give admission to each and every student. The acceptance rate of the university is also very low in comparison to other universities. So if you want to apply for admission to the university you have to read the article and find the information related University of Cambridge acceptance rate, selection process, and more.

University of Cambridge Acceptance Rate 2023
The University of Cambridge Acceptance Rate 2023

University of Cambridge Acceptance Rate

Applicants who want to apply for admission are eagerly waiting for the announcement of the acceptance rate of the university. The university always wants to choose those students who are brilliant and have good marks in the last year of their degree and who provide the university with some benefits. The university selects those students who are good in education, social and extra-curricular activities. The acceptance rate of the university depends upon the type of department you have selected as each department has a different acceptance rate. So the applicant when applying for admission has to find the famous courses, departments, and their acceptance rate so they get admission to the university. To find the acceptance rate read the article and apply now.

The University of Cambridge Acceptance Rate for Undergraduate students

With the passage of time university has increased their acceptance rate in the last five years. The students who want to apply for the undergraduate degree program have to check the acceptance rate for the past five years from the list given below.

Year  Acceptances 
2016 16,750
2017 17,189
2018 18,378
2019 19,359
2020 20,422


So the acceptance rate for the undergraduate degree program also varies from department to department. The list of acceptance rates according to each department is given below.

Studies Applications received ApplicationsAccepted Rate (%)
Chemical Engineering via engineering 149 18 12.08
Computer science 1465 140 9.56
Economics 1364 187 13.71
Engineering 2364 396 16.75
English 729 246 33.74
Geography 350 131 37.43
Law 1537 287 18.67
Maths 1633 548 33.56
Medicine 1817 306 16.84

The University of Cambridge Acceptance Rate for Postgraduate students

The acceptance rate for the postgraduate degree program candidate is given as follows:

Studies  Applications received Applications Accepted Rate(%)
Arts and Humanities 2739 1116 40.74
Biological Sciences 1579 480 30.40
Clinical Medicine 2275 430 18.90
Humanities and Social Sciences 9665 3512 36.34
Physical Sciences 3137 1079 34.40
Technology 5634 1890 33.55


So the university has different department and each department have a different acceptance rate and is given as

Authority Applications received Applications Accepted Rate (%)
Faculty of Education 732 353 48.22
Graduate Admissions office 22449 7206 32.10
Institute of Continuing Education 1088 360 33.09
Judge Business School 1077 644 59.80

Cambridge Law School Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate for law school is very low only 18.67. Last year almost 1800 plus students apply for admission and only 270 students get admission. The law student provides admission to the university to undergraduate students.

University of Cambridge MBA Acceptance Rate

Most students apply for the MBA which is one of the most famous courses in the university. Last year almost 1007 applicants apply for admission and only 644 are accepted. The acceptance rate is 59%.

University of Cambridge: Selection Process

The university selects the candidates on a merit basis. The applicants have to submit the application form. The candidates try to make their application perfect for admission and the attached letter with your application form is the most important document that helps you in getting admission. The applicant tries to prove themselves as the most vigilant, brilliant, and skilled person who want admission to the university and wants to polish their skills. The candidate will be selected by the university authority and they make sure that they have selected the best students for admission to the university.

Admissions Requirements

The applicants who want to apply for admission have to follow some of the requirements. Some of the requirements are as follows:

  • Educational accomplishment with transcript
  • Statement of purpose
  • Two References
  • CV
  • English language proficiency test score
  • The applicant has to provide the following tests for certain courses GRE or GMAT scores (Post-graduate level)

Assessment of Applications at the University of Cambridge

The selection committee of the university will check the student’s application and shortlist the selected candidates. The candidates will be selected on the following basis:

  • Academic records and marks
  • School/ College reference
  • Personal statement or application
  • Written works and other certifications
  • Contextual data
  • Personal Interview

The candidates will be selected on a merit base. The applicants have to provide the latest records as they are more beneficial for admission. The candidates have to accept the terms and conditions of the university when they get admission to the university. If the candidates didn’t agree to any of the conditions then they are not eligible for admission.

Cambridge University Courses

Chemical Engineering Computer science Economics Engineering
English Geography Law Maths
Medicine Psychology Business & Management Anatomy & Physiology


So this is all about the University Of Cambridge Acceptance Rate 2023.  The applicant can apply for admission if they are eligible to apply.










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