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University of Delhi Scholarships 2023: Study for free in India

Today, the University of Delhi will open the application window for its fully-funded scholarships for the class of 2023.

Would you like to enroll at the University of Delhi?


Scholarship admission cannot be guaranteed simply because you have good grades at a top-notch Indian university, can it?

The University of Delhi requires an exceptional academic record, but that is not the only requirement! There will also be a cost associated with your higher education, regardless of where you choose to attend.


Among the many prestigious universities in the world that offer scholarships to students, the University of Delhi also offers several scholarships. If you are looking for information on scholarship opportunities at the University of Delhi, you have come to the right place. I will cover the various scholarships available to students admitted to or interested in getting admitted to the University of Delhi throughout this post!

Let’s get started.

The University of Delhi has an acceptance rate of 64%

The University of Delhi has consistently been ranked 4th in India based on its academic reputation. It should probably be your first thought that the university can only accept a limited number of students each year.

However, the reality is quite different. Every year, the University of Delhi accepts more than half of its applications. The University of Delhi’s current acceptance and rejection rates are listed below. The following statistics will Here are some indications of your chances of being admitted to this top-rated Indian university:


University of Delhi acceptance and rejection rates:

  • Acceptance rate: 64%
  • Rejection rate: 36%

How Many International Students are there at the University of Delhi?


The University of Delhi management is committed to making admission to the institute easier for international students. The number of foreign students at the University of Delhi has increased significantly in recent years. As a result, the university has relaxed its policies for assisting international students.

the University of Delhi has 261,196 students enrolled. There are 258.831 undergraduate students and 2,338 postgraduate students enrolled in undergraduate programs.

Scholarships Available at the University of Delhi:

Every year, the University of Delhi awards hundreds of merit- and need-based scholarships. The institute offers the following scholarships:


#1 Undergraduate Scholarships

These fixed-funded scholarships are available to undergraduate students in their first year of study. Scholarships may be renewed if the student maintains a good academic record.

  • Sardar Kartar Singh Grover Memorial Merit Scholarships

These scholarships are available to students enrolled in a Computer Science course, the BCA – B.Sc program. These awards are only available to students who earn the highest grade in their first year. There is a monthly award of Rs.350 for each award.

  • Delhi University Women Association Book Grant

The university offers three-year scholarships to female students. Each month, the scholarship is worth Rs.100.

  • Subodh Chander Amiya Banerjee Scholarships

The university management offers need-based and merit-based scholarships to undergraduate students during their first year of study. Scholarships are awarded for a minimum of three years. If students score highly on their exams, they can renew their scholarships each academic year.

#2 Postgraduate Scholarships

  •  Delhi University and All-India Postgraduate Scholarships

All-India Postgraduate Scholarships and Delhi University offer students enrolled in several postgraduate courses a monthly tuition fee waiver of Rs.300.

  • Pope Scholarships

Each month, the management waives the tuition fees for two students as part of this program. Postgraduate scholarships are offered by the management for a maximum of two years.

#3 Departmental Scholarships

  • Hamdard Educational Scholarships in Persian

Scholarships are available to students pursuing their Master’s degree in Persian at the university. Scholarships worth Rs.75 per month will be awarded by the university for their postgraduate degrees.


  • Postgraduate Scholarships in Commerce

Students pursuing Master’s degrees in Commerce are eligible to apply for the scholarship. The monthly fee is Rs.400. This program offers twelve scholarships.

  • Professor Naqvi Memorial Scholarships

These scholarships are offered for a minimum of ten months by the university. Moreover, the scholarships have an accumulated value of Rs.14,000, divided into 150 rupees a month.

  • JIS Scholarships in B.Lib.Science

B.Library students who achieve at least 60% in their first semester exams. Students enrolled in the Science course will be awarded scholarships worth Rs.260.

Each year, the University of Delhi offers hundreds of scholarships to its students. Among the most valuable scholarships are those listed above. What are the steps you will take to apply for these scholarships? 


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