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University of Dublin Scholarships 2023| Global Excellence Scholarship

University of Dublin Scholarships 2023

Hi everyone! I hope you are doing well. Today I’m here with another fascinating scholarship for all international students. Candidates who are looking for international fully funded scholarships have a chance to apply for University of Dublin Scholarships 2023. The students who are looking for scholarships in Ireland have to apply now. In this article, we will give you a piece of complete information about the University of Dublin Scholarships 2023 such as eligibility criteria, the last date for the submission of the application, and the procedure to complete the application form. Make sure you follow each and every step when you are filling out the application form.

University of Dublin Scholarships 2023
University of Dublin Scholarships 2023

The University of Dublin Scholarships 2023 is available for all international students who have to apply for undergraduate, graduate degree programs. The major aim of the university is to provide education to all the students and those who are looking for opportunities for their Ph.D. degree program will get a chance to complete their research from the university under the scholarship program.

University is established in 1590 and is among the oldest universities in the world. Students can apply for undergraduate, graduate, master’s, and online courses. The university is among the top listed universities in the world. Avail the opportunity and become a part of the world’s largest university.

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Summary of the University of Dublin Scholarships 2023: 

  • Scholarship Host Country: Ireland
  • University: Trinity College Dublin
  • Course Level: Postgraduate taught
  • Scholarship Value: Up to 5000 euro
  • Access Mode: Online
  • Who is eligible?: International students

Eligible Countries

Bhutan India Maldives
Canada USA American Samoa
Guam Bangladesh Afghanistan
Mauritius Nepal Sri Lanka
Northern Mariana Islands Puerto Rico U.S. Virgin Islands
Pakistan Reunion Seychelles

Banned Programmes

  • Online programs
  • Part-time programs
  • Clinical programs
  • Off-shore campus programs

Benefits of Scholarships:

The candidates who apply for the scholarship will have a chance to get 5000 euros per year to pay their educational expenses. The scholarship is available on a merit base. The students will get 100% or 50% tuition fee.

UCD Colleges & Eligible Programmes

  • College of Arts and Humanities
    • BAU5 BA Joint Honours
    • BAU4 BA Modern Languages
    • CCS1 BA Celtic Studies, Art History & History
    • Z041 MA Cultural Policy & Arts Management
    • Z344 MA Art History, Collections & Curating
    • Z043 MA American Studies
    • Z137 MA Media & International Conflict
    • Z234 MA American Politics & Foreign Policy
    • CAS1 BA/BSc Classics Art History & Archaeology
    • Z044 MA Classics
    • ENS5 BA English Literature
    • ENS6 BA English with Creative Writing
    • ENS7 BA English Drama & Film
    • Z012 MA Creative Writing
    • Z014 MA Drama & Performance Studies
    • Z032 MA Film Studies
    • Z162 MA Gender Sexuality & Culture
    • Z197 MFA Creative Writing
    • Z243 MA Theatre Practice
    • Z251 MA Literature & Culture
    • Z349 MA Irish Literature & Culture
    • CAS2 BA Classics English & History
    • HPS1 BA History & Politics
    • HSS3 BA History (BA Humanities)
    • HSS5 BA Global Studies
    • HSS6 BA European Studies
    • Z020 MA Archives & Records Management
    • Z182 MA Medieval Studies
    • Z240 MA History Welfare & Medicine in Society
    • Z247 MA Public History
    • Z264 MA Irish History
    • Z347 MA Global History
    • ISS1 BA Irish Studies
    • Z029 MA sa Nua-Ghaeilge
    • Z030 MA Scríobh & Cumarsáid na Gaeilge
    • Z195 MA Irish Studies
    • Z253 MA Irish Folklore & Ethnology
    • AYS1 BA Languages, Linguistics & Cultures
    • Z202 MA Modern Languages
    • Z360 MA Linguistics & Applied Linguistics
    • MCS4 BA Music Film & Drama
    • Z357 MMus Music & Culture
  • College of Business
    • B722 BSc Business
    • BSJ4 BBL Business & Law
    • BSS1 BComm Commerce
    • BSS2 BSc Economics & Finance
    • BSW1 BComm Commerce International
    • B154 MSc Business Analytics
    • B158 MSc Quantitative Finance
    • B253 MSc Supply Chain Management
    • B257 MSc Project Management
    • B259 MSc Marketing
    • B261 MSc Management Consultancy
    • B263 MSc International Business
    • B265 MSc Human Resources
    • B269 MSc Finance
    • B647 MSc Renewable Energy & Environmental Finance
    • B658 MSc Marketing & Retail Innovation
    • B424 MSc Digital Marketing
    • B429 MSc Management
    • B531 MSc Aviation Finance
    • B551 MSc Digital Innovation
    • D042 MSc Food Business Strategy
    • B714 MSc Accounting and Financial Management
    • B715 MSc Strategic Management
    • B746 MSc Financial Data Science
  • College of Engineering and Architecture
    • NUS1 BSc/BE Engineering
    • ATS4 BArchSc Architecture
    • LDS2 BSc Landscape Architecture
    • RCS1 BSc City Planning & Environmental Policy
    • T273 Master of Architecture
    • T296 MArchSc Landscape Studies
    • T339 MSc Architecture, Urban & Climate Action
    • W032 MRUP Regional & Urban Planning
    • W269 MSc Environmental Policy
    • W332 MSc Urban Design & Planning
    • X051 MLA Landscape Architecture
    • T299 ME Biosystems & Food Engineering
    • X082 MEngSc Food Engineering
    • X413 MSc Sustainable Energy & Green Technology
    • X565 MSc Environmental Technology
    • T070 MEngSc Biopharmaceutical Engineering
    • T218 MEngSc Chemical Engineering
    • T293 MSc Environmental Technology
    • T277 MEngSc Water Waste & Environmental Engineering
    • T279 MEngSc Structural Engineering
    • T298 ME Civil Structural Environmental Engineering
    • T160 ME Biomedical Engineering
    • T163 ME Electronic & Computer Engineering
    • T257 MEngSc Electronic & Computer Engineering
    • T319 ME Optical Engineering
    • T335 ME Electrical Power Engineering
    • T164 ME Energy Systems Engineering
    • T165 ME Mechanical Engineering
    • T166 ME Engineering w/ Business
    • T275 ME Materials Science & Engineering
    • T286 MEngSc Materials Science & Engineering
    • T288 MEngSc Engineering Management
  • College of Health and Agricultural Sciences
    • ANS1 BAgrSc Animal Science
    • CPS1 BAgrSc Animal & Crop Production
    • CPS3 BAgrSc Crop Science
    • D027 MSc Wildlife Conservation & Management
    • D049 MAgrSc Agricultural Extension & Innovation
    • D064 MSc Horticulture
    • DBS1 BAgrSc Dairy Business
    • EQS1 BAgrSc Animal Science – Equine
    • ESS1 BAgrSc Agri-Environmental Sciences
    • ETS2 BAgrSc Agricultural Systems Technology
    • FAS1 BAgrSc Food & Agribusiness Management
    • FAW1 BAgrSc Food Business
    • FOS1 BAgrSc Forestry
    • FSS2 BSc Food Science
    • HMS1 BSc Human Nutrition
    • UAS1 BAgrSc Agricultural Science
    • X089 MSc(Agr) Environmental Resource Management
    • X376 MSc(Agr) Sustainable Agriculture & Rural Development
    • BHS1 Biomedical Health & Life Sciences
    • X075 MSc Computed Tomography
    • X076 MSc Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI
    • X523 MSc Healthcare Informatics
    • MDS8 BSc Health & Performance Science
    • SMS2 BSc Sport & Exercise Management
    • X762 MSc Sport Management
    • X772 MSc Coaching Science in Sport
  • College of Science
    • SCU1 BSc Science
    • STS1 BSc Sustainability
    • F038 MSc Global Change: Ecological Systems & Policy
    • F080 MSc Plant Biology & Biotechnology
    • F104 MSc Biology & Biomolecular Science (Negotiated Learning)
    • X062 MSc Environmental Science
    • F102 MSc Biotherapeutics
    • F103 MSc Biotherapeutics & Business
    • X439 MSc Biotechnology
    • X447 MSc Biotechnology & Business
    • F042 MSc Chemistry (Negotiated Learning)
    • F105 MSc Synthetic Chemical Pharmacy & Fine Chemical Industries
    • F106 MSc Nanomaterials Chemistry
    • CSSA BSc Computer Science
    • T150 MSc Computer Science (Negotiated Learning)
    • T195 MSc Computer Science (Conversion)
    • F181 MSc Subsurface Characterisation & Geomodelling
    • BSS3 BAFS Actuarial & Financial Studies
    • F034 MSc Actuarial Science
    • F043 MA Statistics
    • T017 MSc Mathematical Science
    • T020 MSc Statistics
    • T306 MSc Data & Computational Science
    • F012 MSc Physics (Negotiated Learning)
    • F060 MSc Space Science & Technology
    • F120 MSc Computational Physics (Negotiated Learning)
    • F122 MSc Nanotechnology (Negotiated Learning)
    • F124 MSc Applied Maths & Theoretical Physics (Negotiated Learning)
    • T149 MSc NanoBiological Science
    • T342 MSc Medical Physics
  • College of Social Sciences and Law
    • COS1 BSc Philosophy, Politics & Economics
    • EMS1 BSc Economics, Maths & Statistics
    • LBS1 Liberal Arts & Sciences
    • SBU2 BSocSc Social Policy & Sociology
    • SBU3 BSc Social Sciences
    • SCS1 BSc Computational Social Science
    • F098 MSc World Heritage Management & Conservation
    • W349 MSc Experimental Archaeology & Material Culture
    • W491 MSc Archaeology
    • W495 MSc European Prehistories: Deep-Time Social Perspectives
    • W501 MSc Hunter-Gatherer Archaeology
    • ECS4 BSc Economics
    • W352 MSc Quantitative Economics
    • W369 MSc in Applied Economics
    • W376 MSc Behavioural Economics
    • W027 MA Education
    • W480 MSc Educating Children & Youth Studies
    • W051 MA Geography
    • W262 MA Geopolitics & the Global Economics
    • W341 MSc Urban Environment
    • W445 MSc Development & The Global South
    • W462 MSc Critical Geographies
    • W464 MSc Risk Resilience & Sustainability
    • W477 MSc Geospatial Data Analysis
    • W006 MLIS Library & Information Studies
    • W267 MSc Information Systems
    • W403 MSc Digital Information Management
    • W440 MSc Communication & Media
    • B209 MCL Common Law
    • B220 MSc Criminology & Criminal Justice
    • B292 LLM Criminology & Criminal Justice
    • B294 LLM General
    • B296 LLM Intellectual Property and IT
    • B300 LLM European Law & Public Affairs
    • B438 MSc International Law & Business
    • B440 LLM International Human Rights
    • B453 LLM International Commercial Law
    • LWS2 Law with French Law
    • LWS6 Law
    • LWW1 Law with Philosophy
    • LWW2 Law with History
    • LWW3 Law with Politics
    • LWW4 Law with Economics
    • LWW9 Law with Social Justice
    • LWWC Law with Chinese
    • W021 MA Philosophy
    • W179 MA Philosophy & Literature
    • W182 MA Philosophy & Public Affairs
    • W309 MA Consciousness & Embodiment
    • W358 MSc Cognitive Science
    • W398 MA Ethics: Theory & Practice
    • W456 MA Contemporary European Philosophy
    • W023 MA Politics
    • W035 MSc Human Rights
    • W036 MSc International Relations FT
    • W216 MEconSc European Public Affairs & Law
    • W233 MSc Politics
    • W235 MA International Relations
    • W239 MA Nationalism & Ethnic Conflict
    • W277 MA Political Theory
    • W290 MA International Political Economy
    • W293 MSc International Political Economy
    • W301 MA International Development
    • W303 MSc International Development
    • W344 MSc European Politics & Policy
    • W346 MA European Politics & Policy
    • W393 MA Middle East Politics
    • W408 MSc Peace and Conflict
    • W410 MA Peace and Conflict
    • W458 MA Gender, Politics & International Relations
    • W473 MSc Politics & Data Science
    • PCS2 BSc Psychology
    • W241 MPsychSc Psychological Science
    • W461 MSc Behavioural Neuroscience
    • W105 MSc Equality Studies
    • W354 MSocSc Social Work Welfare & Justice
    • W383 MA Gender Studies
    • W279 MPP Public Policy
    • W412 MPA Development Practice
    • W482 MSc Spatial Demography
    • W390 MSc Social Data Analytics
    • W430 MA Race Migration & Decolonial Studies
    • W436 MSc Sociology
    • W438 MA Sociology

Required Documents:

Some of the important documents that students need when they have to submit the application are as follows:

  • Updated resume/CV
  • Offer Letter
  • A scanned copy of passport and Scanned copies of academic transcripts.
  • 200-word statement in either Microsoft Word or PDF file format.
  • CV/Resume


The students have to submit the application before the last date. The last date for the submission of an application for the University of Dublin Scholarships 2023 is 15th June 2023.

How To Apply for the University of Dublin Scholarships 2023:

The students have to submit the application according to the announced procedure:

  •  The students have to visit the official website of the university.
  • Search the latest announced scholarships.
  • Open the application form by clicking on the Apply Now button.
  • Fill out the application form and attach all the information that is mandatory for the scholarship.
  • Attach all the documents that are mandatory and submit your application.

To apply click on the link given below:

So this is all about the University of Dublin Scholarships 2023. If you are interested in the scholarship you have to submit the read the article and submit the application before the last date. Share the article with others so they can also apply for the University of Dublin Scholarships 2023.

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