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University Of South Wales Scholarships 2023

University Of South Wales

Hello everyone! I hope you are well. Today I’m here with another blog. In this blog, we will discuss all the newly announced the University Of South Wales scholarships 2023. So if you are looking for new scholarships at the University of South Wales then you have to read the article and apply now for any of the announced significant scholarships.

University Of South Wales Scholarships 2023
University Of South Wales Scholarships 2023

University of south wales announced a number of fully funded scholarships for international students who are enrolled in different degree programs at the university. The students who join the university and are from other countries are automatically eligible for the scholarship. Students don’t have to submit a separate application for the scholarship.

The scholarships are available for the complete degree programs the students who joined the University for the Courses are not eligible to apply for any of these scholarships. So in this article, we will give you detailed information about the scholarships so you can check the eligibility criteria and apply for different scholarships.

University Of South Wales Scholarships 2023

International Office Scholarships

International office scholarship is given to students who are self-funding their education and they will get a scholarship worth 2000 euros. The students don’t have to apply separately they will be considered for the scholarship when the university receives their application for admission in the university.

Undergraduate (including top-ups): up to £1,500

Postgraduate: up to £2,000

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Chancellors International Development Scholarships

Chancellor’s international development scholarships are available for students who are from the announced countries

  • Africa*
  • Latin America
  • South Asia
  • South East Asia
  • Central Asia and Turkey
  • Caribbean
  • Lebanon
  • Norway

The students must apply for admission in the undergraduate and postgraduate courses then they are eligible for the scholarship amount of 2500 euros for their complete degree program.

To check the eligibility criteria for the scholarship then visit the Chancellors International Development Scholarship page

Higher National Diploma students and Foundation Degree students are not capable to apply for the chancellor’s international development scholarship.

The students who are from Nigeria and Ghana are eligible for an extra 2800 euros scholarship.

How it works

The students do have not to submit the extra scholarship application the students of the university will get a scholarship confirmation from the university itself. The students who are eligible must have to confirm the scholarship from the office.

The students who are joined a placement year or English language programs are not eligible for the scholarships and discounts in the university.

If the students didn’t follow the terms and conditions of the university then their scholarship will be rejected.

EU Scholarships

The students who join the university for the academic year 2023-24 for the undergraduate and graduate programs are eligible to apply for the EU scholarship scheme.

All the students who are from the European Union countries are eligible to apply for the scholarship. The students will receive a complete tuition fee and other expenses but the expenses given to the students will be equal to the home students.

USW international students progressing to Masters

The students who are paying their educational expenses for their postgraduate degree and have already completed their undergraduate degree program at least for one year from the university are eligible to get a scholarship and discount of 6000 euros from the total fee.

The students will automatically be considered for USW bachelor awards when the students enrolled in any degree program and submit their application. The students will get information about the scholarships and available discounts that are given to the students in the offer letter.

The students who want scholarships must have to submit a few amounts of fees that are written on the offer letter so you can secure their scholarship. The students have to submit the fee before the last date.

If you want to get an announced discount then you must have to submit your application before the next intake of the award for graduation. The openings for the scholarships start in September or February.

The candidates who get sponsored by a government, company, or any third-party organization are not capable to apply for any type of discount announced by the university.

The Early Bird Discount will not be given to the students in acceptance of the progression fee discounts and the discount will be shifted to the standard international scholarship.

The students who apply for the scholarships have to follow all the conditions otherwise their scholarships will be canceled for the students and they will never get them again.

So this is all about the university of south wales scholarship for undergraduate students. So if you are eligible to apply for any of the scholarships then visit the official website of the university where you will get more scholarships for the masters and post-graduate degree programs. If you are eligible to apply then you have you fill out the application form. University will announce the selected students for the scholarship on their website.

If you like the article please share it with others so they also take advantage of the announced scholarship. If you have any issues or questions comment below.


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