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US Study Visa Process 2023 | Application Process

US Study Visa Process 2023

 The US study visa process 2023 is given below. The united states have announced a lot of internships and scholarships for the people if you are willing to apply for them you need a study permit when you receive a study permit you are allowed to stay and study in the country. After applying for a visa you are eligible for different types of courses in different institutes. So if you are ready then you need to submit the visa application after getting the scholarship or internship offer from any of the companies.

In this article, we will provide you with complete detail about the study visa available for students who want to start work along with their studies part-time. So if you are interested read the article and find the US study visa process 2023 and apply now if you are eligible.

The students have to apply for a study visa before they leave the country. Follow the given procedure and fill out your application.

Complete information about US Study Visa Process 2023

  • Country: United States of America
  • Qualified Countries: Foreigners
  • Article for: S. Student Visa

Summary of US Study Visa Application Process

  1. Write why you want to travel toward the US and leave the country.
  2. You have to choose the type of visa according to your plans.
  3. Complete the non-resident visa application form number DS-160.
  4. Submit the application charges.
  5. Ready yourself for a visa interview.
  6. Collect all your essential documents.
  7. Have to attend the interview call.
  8. After completing the whole procedure you have to wait for the application processing.

Different Types of U.S. Study Visa 2022-2023.

The government of the US provides the following type of visa to the applicants you can choose any of the visas and apply now:

1.   F-1 visa

The f-1 visa is the most common use type of visa that most students choose to apply for study purposes. For applicants from all over the world who are willing to apply to study at schools recognized by the student and exchange program in the united states S.E.V.P., this visa is available for all nonresident candidates. The visa is available for the applicants according to the type of program they have chosen.

2.   M-1 visa

This visa is also available for non-immigrants who want to stay in the USA if they are going not the educational purposes. With this visa, you are eligible for the nonacademic training program. The US department of state will give you an M-1 visa if you get an offer from the vocational institutes or junior college for 12 semesters or at least a quarter-hour.

Application Process

Follow these steps to apply for the study visa;

  • STEP-1 –you have to submit the application six months before S.E.V.P.-approved school.
  • STEP-2 –submit the application fee for the S.E.V.P. form.
  • STEP-3 –attach the U.S. student visa application beside fresh photographs.
  • STEP-4 –pay the fee for the U.S. Study Visa cost.
  • STEP-5 – then they have to wait for the interview call.

S.E.V.P. School Application

All candidates from all over the world who want to apply to the universities have to apply for S.E.V.P. approval. You have to arrange the form-filling required for the U.S. Study Visa application process by the University /college. All applicant who gets approved is eligible to apply to the S.E.V.I.S.

S.E.V.I.S. fees:

The applicants have to submit the fee for the application three days before submitting the application.

  • The charges of the I-901 are $200 for F/M visa holders.
  • The charges of the I-901 are $180 for J visa holders.

After submitting the fee take a hard copy of the fee receipt as you have to show it in different places when you apply for the study visa.

DS-160 Online visa application:

Candidates from all over the world have to submit the DS-160 form online. When you are filling out your application you have to submit it.

  • O.B. with name.
  • Contact, email, and address details.
  • If you are in the US or came to the US anytime you have to submit the detail of your last trip to the US.
  • Passport information page copy
  • Point of Contact in the U.S.A.
  • Details of the family profession and school details.
  • Details on security background, medical Health Insurance, etc.
  • The application form needs your current photographs. Attach the pictures of yours in the required place.

Required Documents

You have to submit all the following documents when you apply for the student study visa.

  • Non-resident visa electronic application form (DS-160)
  • A passport with a legitimacy of more than six months.
  • A fresh photograph of size 2″ x2″ (5cmx5cm).
  • Acceptance of non-immigrant application form fee payment.
  • 10-year travel records.
  • A form of I-20 from your accepted university/college.
  • Names of family members/children.

Preparation for U.S. Study Visa 

This is the last step for your study visa. You have to prepare yourself for the following the embassy will call you for an interview and you have to prepare yourself for an interview if they reject you in an interview you have to apply for the visa again.

·     You must have a passport with six months’ availability.

  • SEVIS form I-20 and DS-160.
  • V. fee payment validation acceptance
  • V.I.S. fee receipt.
  • DS-160 application validation document with a barcode or scan code.
  • You must have a copy of the interview call letter from the embassy.

So this is all about the US study visa. You can apply for any of the visas.

For more visit the official website.

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