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WHO online courses 2023 are available now. The world health organization announced the courses for all international students. The students can join the courses from their homes they don’t have to travel across the world for their favorite courses. The students can apply for any of the courses. Students from any field are eligible to apply for these online courses.

The world health organization is in the United States and they are working specifically for the health of the world. The organization is established in 1948 and working for the betterment of the world since that day.


The major aim of the WHO is to promote health, keep the world safe, and serve the vulnerable. In the whole world when any country needs help and support to fight against any disasters the WHO helps the country.

Who are the members of the WHO?

The following are the member of the WHO such as:

  • CHINA (2022-2025) Ms. Yang Zhang. Director-General, Department of International Cooperation, National Health Commission
  • MICRONESIA (2022-2025) Mr. Marcus Samo
  • JAPAN (2021-2024) Dr. Yasuhiro Suzuki.
  • MALAYSIA (2021-2024) Dr Zaliha Mustafa.
  • REPUBLIC OF KOREA (2020-2023) Mr. Kim Ganglip.

The students who need support so they get the course online from one of the best organizations then have to submit the application to the department and then they will accept your registration and you can start your course online from your home. The students can select any of the times for the course according to ease.

Both males and females are eligible to apply for the courses. Students who are not from an English language background don’t have to apply for the IELTS and another English proficiency test as these tests are not mandatory for the application. As students have not come to the country and that’s why they didn’t need the English language test?

To get more information about the course the applicants have to read the article and apply now from the link given below:

WHO Online Courses 2023 Details

The world health organization has announced the courses for international students. The students have to apply for the online free courses and students can apply at any time of the year as it will available for the students for the whole year and you can join the live session according your ease.

Course Duration

The course duration depends upon the type of course that you have selected and as you know the courses are online and that is available on the website WHO you can complete the course within one week or maybe you take more time to complete it is all up to you.

Benefits of WHO Courses:

The students who join the WHO courses will receive the following benefits:

  • Students from all over the world can take benefits from the course
  • There are no age restrictions
  • No specific educational background needed
  • The students will get the course free of cost
  • The WHO course is online so you don’t travel anywhere
  • Certificates will be given to the students

What is the procedure to Apply for the WHO courses?

The students who are free these days and want to work on their skills have to apply for the WHO online courses. The students are eligible to apply to any of the courses according to their needs. Students can apply for more than one course at a time. The students who want to apply for the course have to follow the following procedure:

  • Visit the official website of the organization
  • Find the available courses
  • Check the best course for yourself and apply now
  • Fill out the application form and submit the documents
  • Wait for the approval message and now you can start your course now.
  • WHO Online Courses 2023

So this is all about the WHO courses applying now and improving yourself in the field you want. You will get lectures about different topics from the website and you can join any of the courses. Best of luck to all the students who join the course.


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