Yenching Global Symposium Conference 2023 in China

Fully Funded Conference in China 2023

Applications for Yenching Global Symposium Conference 2023 in China are now open. All candidates who wanted to attend an International conference must know that this is your chance. Participants from all around the world can now apply for the Yenching Global Symposium Conference 2023 in China. This is one of the most amazing opportunities for foreign students from around the globe who can now visit china on a fully funded conference program. You can now enjoy the experience of a combination of different cultures at the Yenching Global Symposium conference because a number of candidates will participate in it from all around the globe.

Global partnerships and innovation in Hainan, China are now providing a week of the fully funded conference for all international participants. The Government of China and the hosting agency will cover all your expenses. This is a Fully Funded conference and applications are also open.

You are informed that The Yenching Global Symposium conference 2023 in China will take place on April 14 2023 and will go to the date of 18 April 2023. YGS will be held in Hainan, China for the year 2023.

The applications are now open for all international students who can now apply from any nationality. Applicants who studied Bachelor, Master, or Ph.D., or applicants from any study field are now invited to apply for the opportunity. There is no requirement for IELTS or TOEFL Test for it.

China is calling! What are you waiting for? Join leading minds from around the globe today, in an exclusive platform. More details about the Fully funded Yenching Global Symposium conference 2023 in China are given below.

Details about Yenching Global Symposium Conference 2023 in China;

  • Host Country: People’s Republic of China
  • Host Location: Yancheng Academy, Peking University
  • Official Duration: 4 Days
  • Duration Dates:14-18, 2023
  • Conference Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Application Deadline: 31st January 2023

What is Yenching Global Symposium 2023 in China?

This conference is mainly held to discuss issues that are related to the Chinese Economy and Growth. For that Yanching Academy and Peking University are now inviting applications from more than 60 countries around the globe. The recipient will get a chance to learn in a very productive environment at International Level.

YGS Conference 2023 Thread;

The Fully funded Yenching Global Symposium conference 2023 in China basically focuses on the issues and threats related to China’s Economy and Culture in the modern era.

  • Humanity Cartographies of Collaboration.
  • Geographical Affinity
  • Cultural Affinity
  • Human Affinity

Financial Coverage for YGS Conference;

The YGS 2023 is a Fully Funded Conference platform that is now open to all international students. It will cover all the expenses for the candidate such as.

Airfare Tickets: Yenching Academy will provide you with the to and from flight tickets for the conference.

Complete Accommodation: Full accommodation is provided for all the candidates for a whole week.

Meals Credit: All the attendants will receive complete meal facilities during their stay in China.

Country Tours: Conference Attendants will get a chance for the tours in China under the Symposium organizers.

Eligibility Requirements;

  1. Applicants from all around the globe are eligible for the YGS Conference 2023 in China.
  2. Candidates having strong leadership capabilities are preferred for this conference program.
  3. Aspirants can submit their English Proficiency Language Proof.
  4. There is no requirement for IELTS/TOEFL Test for YGS 2023.
  5. The maximum age allowed is 28. Students who are above 28 years old are NOT eligible.
  6. Applicant must hold a Bachelor’s degree in any study discipline.
  7. Aspirants must be proficient in English for YGS 2023.

Important points for the YGS 2023 in China;

  • Students must fill out an online application form.
  • Remember to save your application if it is not completed
  • The essay response should be a maximum of 300 words while applying for YGS 2023 in China.
  • Applications with partial documentation and late applications are not accepted.
  • Applicants must visit the link for Frequently asked questions to clear their queries
  • All applicants can now directly contact the symposium organizers here

Application Process for YGS 2023;

As I stated above, The Yenching Global Symposium Conference 2023 in China is now receiving applications in Online mode. You can learn more from the official website for Symposium Organizers through the link that is given below.


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